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Bucksport, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Bucksport, Maine, in Hancock County, in the 1820 Census.

An overview of Maine in the 1820 Census, with links to the 9 counties then existing and from there to the towns then existing, appears here.

Note: The 1820 Census lists names of heads of households only.  To see a tally of the age range and gender of people in the household, see the original documents, Sheets 700-709; use the arrow at the top left to move to the following sheet.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people mentioned below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
A James Airey
Joseph Airey
Stowers Airey
Theophilus Airey
Ebenezer Alley
Benjamin Atwood
Daniel Atwood
David Atwood
Ebenezer Atwood
Eldad Atwood
Henry Atwood
Henry Atwood, Jr.
Nathan Atwood
Nathan Atwood, Jr.
B Bayse Ballad
Benjamin Ballad
William Ballad
Simeon Bass
Nehemiah Bassett
Samuel Bassett
John Bassick
John Benson
Randall G. Berrill
Robert Blasdell
William Blasdell
Bliss Blodgett
Daniel Blood
Jonas Blood
Mighill Blood
Joseph Bradly
William Briant
Henry Brockman
Shubael Brown
Daniel Buck
Ebenezer Buck
Jonathan Buck
Joseph Buck
C Nancy Capron
Benjamin Carr
Edmund C. Carr
Lydia Carr
Samuel Carter
Henry Cartland
Stephen Chipman
Venus Chitman
Abner Clements
Jonathan Cobb
Thomas Colby
John Cole
Joseph Cole
Solomon Collins
Solomon Collins, Jr.
Daniel Colson
James Colson
Jeremiah Colson
John Colson
Josiah Colson
Josiah Colson, Jr.
Clark Cottle
Ezra Cottle
Ezra Cottle
James Couillard
Joshua Couillard
Joshua Couillard, Jr.
Kenny Couillard
Ebenezer Crocker
Abner Curtis
Asa Curtis
Seth Curtis
D Eliakim Darling
Henry Darling
Jesse Davis
James Dean
David Dodge
Bangs Dow
Noah Dow
Jesse Dyer
Rhoda Dyer
E John Eames
Joseph Eames
Phinehus Eames
Ebenezer Eldridge
Ebenezer Eldridge, Jr.
Elisha Eldridge
James Eldridge
John Eldridge
Joseph Eldridge
Sophia Eldridge
Ephraim Emerson
Phinehas Emerson
Joseph Emerton
F Jonathan Farnham
Samuel Farnham
David Farnhum
Joseph R. Folsom
Reuben Freeman
Osgood Frye
G Aaron C. Gerry
John Gibson
Joshua Ginn
William R. Ginn
James Goodale
Thomas Goodale
Asa Goodenow
Calvin Goodenow
Charles Grant
Benjamin Groze - Gross ?
John B. Groze - Gross ?
Samuel Groze - Gross ?
H Caleb B. Hall or ?
Elnathan Handy
Ezekiel Harding
Manly Hardy
Phinhus Haywood
Charles Henry
Robert Herbert
Asa Herriman
Daniel Herriman
John Herriman
John Herriman
Jonathan Herriman
Samuel Herriman
Thomas Herriman
Luther Higgins
Elisha Higgins
James Higgins
James L. Higgins
Jeremiah Higgins
Sabrina Higgins
Aaron Hill
Seth Hinkley
Elisha Hinks
Jesse Hinks
Winslow Hinks
William Homer
William Homer, Jr.
John Hopkins
John Housetown
Samuel Housetown
Isaac Howe
Joshua Howes
Margaret Howes
Solomon L. Howes
Theophilus Howes
Theophilus Howes, Jr.
J John Jackson
Elisha G. Johnson
Daniel Jourdan
K Levi Kent
David Kilburne
Thomas Kilburne
David Kilby
Jesse Kilby
Abner Kimball
John Kinne
L Thomas Ladd
Sewall Lake
Abner Lamphier
Anson Lamphier
Anson Lamphier, Jr.
Samuel Lamphier
William Lawrence
Joseph Lee
Betsey Lewis
Elisha Lewis
John Lewis
Larthly Lewis
William Lewis
Henry Little
Samuel Little
Abner Lowell
Anson Lowell
Benjamin Lowell
Benjamin Lowell, Jr.
James Lowell
Jeremiah Lowell
Nathaniel Lowell
Robert Lowell
Samuel Lowell
Asa Lufkin
Moody Lunt
M Thomas Martin
Jeremiah McDaniel
Timothy McDaniel
James Moore
Jotham Moulton
Rufus Moulton
William Mudgett
N James Nichols
Joshua Nickerson
Nehemiah Nickerson
Joshua Nye
O Ephraim Orcutt
P Burley Page
Daniel Page
Enoch Page
Moses Page
Paul Page
Ara Parker
Dudley Parker
Eliphalet Parker
Free G. Parker
Thomas Parker
John Patten
Hannah Patterson
Samuel M. Pond
Seth Pratt
Seth Pratt, Jr.
R Burnham Rand
Elizabeth Reed
John Reed
Littleton Reed
Benjamin Rich
Isaiah Rich
Joshua Rich
Sylvanus Rich
Sylvanus Rich, Jr.
Thomas Rich
Joshua Rider
Stephen Rider
William Russell
S Nathaniel Saunders
William Saunders
Solomon Skinner
Isaac Small
Azoeth Smith
Ebenezer Smith
Hugh Smith
James Smith
Nathaniel Smith
Seth Smith
Henry Snow
Reuben Snow
Reuben Snow, Jr.
Thomas Snow
Noah Sparhawk
Daniel Spofford
John B. Stearns
Moses Stubbs
Reuben Stubbs
Reuben Stubbs
Samuel Stubbs
John Swasey
Thomas Swasey
Trueworthy Swasey
T Stephen Tarbox
Hannah Tavenar
John Tillick
Betsey Towns
Phillip Tracey
James Turner
U Elias Upton
W Francis Warren
James Webb
Micajah Whiting
Reuben Wiley
Thomas Wiley
Reuben Williams
John Woodbridge

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