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Northport, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; as of 1827 in Waldo County)

Northport, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; now in Waldo County)

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  See the original document, linked below, for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The enumerated population of Northport in 1820 was 939; see below for the names of heads of households.

The enumeration of Northport consists of Sheets 558-565; use the arrow at top left of the page to arrow forward and back.

Note: Some of the handwriting is smeared or difficult to interpret.  If you notice errors, or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
Elijah ? - possibly Elijah Currier
Joseph Terrell or Tenell or Ferrill or Fenell or ?
? ?, possibly Dorsey Kiser or Hiser or Hersey Kiser or Hersey Hiser or ??
James McGunn ?
Robert Battie - perhaps a variant of Beatty
Jonathan Battie - perhaps a variant of Beatty
Miles Gunier or Gunier - two men by this name ?
Patrick McGurn ?
? ?, possibly Dorsey Kiser or Hiser or Hersey Kiser or Hersey Hiser or ??
William ? - possibly Nagin or Negin or Nagie or ?
David Adams
David Alden
Andrew Allison
Joseph S. Baldwin
Thomas Barrows
Jonathan Battie - perhaps a variant of Beatty
Robert Battie - perhaps a variant of Beatty
Hezekiah Bean
Silas Bennett
Ephraim Bickford
Phineas Billings
Reuben Branard - presumably Reuben Brainard
Benjamin Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Harry Brown or Henry Brown
George Buckman
Thomas Buckman
Samuel Bullock
Joseph Bushy
Jonathan Carter
Benjamin Carver
James Clark
Eliphalet Clark
Ichabod Clark
Isaac Clark
Isaac Clark
Jacob Clark
John Clark
Joseph Collier
Rollin Collier
Jonathan Collins
Joshua Cotterell
Josiah Cross
Aaron Crowell
Elijah ? - possibly Currier
Phineas Davis
Reuben Davis
Salmond Davis
Jonathan Dickey
Mary Dickey
Robert Dickey
James Doyle
Thomas Doyle
Amy Drinkwater
James Drinkwater
Josiah Drinkwater
Lucinda Drinkwater
Micajah Drinkwater
Micajah Drinkwater
West Drinkwater
Zenas Drinkwater
John Duncan
Samuel Duncan
William Duncan
John Dunham
Alban Elwell
Jonathan Elwell
Lewis Elwell
Thomas Elwell
Hezekiah Flanders
William Flanders
Amos Frye
Ebenezer Frye
Ebenezer Frye
Jonathan Frye
Benjamin Gardner
Daniel Gardner
Nathaniel Getchell
Rosanna Getchell
James Gordon
Miles Gunier ?
Miles Gunier or Ganier
Cornelius Hale
Alexander Herrick
Andrew Herrick
George Herrick
Joseph Herrick
Samuel Herrick ?
Shadrach Herrick
Hannah Hodgdon
John Hodgdon
Jesse Holbrook
Jonathan Holbrook
Sally Holbrook
Patrick M. Jourdan
James Kirkpatrick
George Knight
Nathaniel Knight
Nathaniel Knight, Jr.
David Knowles
Jonathan Knowles
Simon Knowles
George Knowlton
Jeremiah Knowlton
Stephen Knowlton
Thomas Knowlton
Humphrey Lancaster
Richard Lean
Patrick Mahony
James McGunn ?
Patrick McGurn ?
Agatha McIntire
Ebenezer Meder - presumably Ebenezer Meader
David Miller
Noah Miller
Thomas Miller
Joseph Palmer
Abigal Patterson
Adam Patterson
John Patterson
Samuel Patterson
Amos Pendleton
David Pendleton
Henry Pendleton
Joshua Pendleton
Joshua Pendleton, Jr.
Luther Pendleton
Nathaniel Pendleton
William Pendleton
Jonathan Perry, Jr.
John Perry
Joseph Philbrook
Read Philbrook
Nathan Pilsbury
George Pitcher
Lewis Pitcher
Lewis Pitcher, Jr.
Joel Prescott
Cornelius Rhoades
Jacob Rhoades
Jacob S. Rhoades
James Rhoades
Thomas Rhoades
Abigail Robbins
Benjamin Rollison
Benjamin Shaw
Jones Shaw
Henry Sherman
John Smith
Moses Snell
James Spaulding
Benjamin Stevens
Nathaniel Sylvester
Joseph Terrell or Tenell or Ferrill or Fenell or ?
Tilden Thomas
William Thompson
John Trim
Jonathan Wadlin
Simon Watson
Daniel Welch
John Welsh
Mark Welsh
Thomas Westerly
Richard Whitney
Daniel Whitten
Jonas Woodbury
Sarah Woodward

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