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Mount Desert, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Mount Desert, Maine, in the 1820 Census

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only, with the total number of people in the household tallied by age range and gender.

Mount Desert is enumerated on Sheets 622-629; use the arrow at upper left of each image to page forward.

If you notice errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
A James Alley
Benjamin Atherton
Benjamin Atherton, Jr.
Thomas Atherton
B Ebenezer Babson
David Barter
Christopher Bartlet
David Bartlet
Elias Bartlet
James Bartlet
Benjamin Benson
John Billings
Samuel Bowden
Twisten Bowden
Charles Branscombe
John Bray
John Brown
John Brown, Jr.
Jonathan Brown
William Brown
Benaiah Bunker
David Bunker
Joseph Bunker
Joseph Bunker, Jr.
Thomas Bunker
Betsey Burnham
George Butler
C John Caldwell
Richard Carpenter
John Clark
Nathan Clark
John Clement
D Jonathan Davis
William Davis
Moses Day
Thomas Day
Eunice Dicks
Ezra Dodge
Peter Dolliver
Peter Dolliver, Jr.
Jonathan Dorr, Jr.
Samuel Dow
Lawrence Durgain
E Ebenezer Eaton
F Ferrington Ferrill
John Ferrill
James Fly
William Fly
George Freeman
Reuben Freeman
Tobias Furnald
G Benjamin Gilley
John Gilley
Polly Gilley
William Gilley
William Gilley
Samuel Gilpatrick
Benjamin Gott
Daniel Gott
Eliab Gott
Isaac Gott
Joseph Gott
Nathaniel Gott
Nathaniel Gott 2nd
Peter Gott
William Gott
Francis Grindel
H Elijah Hadlock
Samuel Hadlock
Samuel Hadlock, Jr.
Daniel Hamblin
George Harmon
Thomas Harper
William Harper
Thomas Heath
William Heath
William Heath, Jr.
Alexander Hodgdon
Elisha Hodgdon
Samuel Hodgdon or Lemuel Hodgdon
Leonard Holmes
Spencer Holmes
Allen Hopkins
James C. Hopkins
J Melatiah Jordon
Richard Jordon
K James Kelly
Samuel Kenniston
Wentworth Kenniston
Benjamin Kent
Kendal Kitteredge
L Joseph Lancaster
Earle Lane
Philip Langley
Nathaniel Leach
John Lear
Joseph Legro - perhaps Joseph Legrow
Samuel Lopas - perhaps Samuel Lopes
Abner Lunt
Amos C. Lunt
Isaac Lurvey
Jacob Lurvey
Samuel Lurvey
M Eliza Manchester
John Manchester
John Manchester, Jr.
Stephen Manchester
Thomas Manchester, 3rd
John McKensie
William McMullen
George Mercer
Samuel Milliken
Samuel Milliken, Jr.
Simeon Milliken
Charles Mitchel
Jeremiah Moore
Joseph Moore
Samuel Moore
Sarah Moore
N Jonathan Newman
Thomas Newman
Anna Norwood
Benjamin Norwood
Benjamin Norwood
Johnathan Norwood
Stephen Norwood
Alexander Nutter
William Nutter
William Nutter, Jr.
O Daniel Obear
Isaac Obear
Joseph M. Obear
P Thomas Paine
Daniel B. Pepper
Thomas Pierce
Ephraim Pray
Ephraim Pray, Jr.
Flenestus Pung
Thomas Pung
Henry Putnam
R James Reed
James Reed, Jr.
Samuel Reed
William Reed
William Reed, 2nd
Thomas Rice
John Rich
Jonathan Rich
Jonathan Rich, Jr
Willliam Rich
Abraham Richardson
Benjamin Richardson
Cornelius Richardson
David Richardson
George Richardson
Hugh Richardson
Isaac Richardson
John Richardson
Nathaniel Richardson
Richard Richardson
Stephen Richardson
Stephen Richardson, Jr.
Thomas Richardson
David Robbins
Smith Robbinson
William Roberts
Benjamin Robinson
John Robinson
Augustus Rufnell
S Jabez Salisbury
John Savage
Peter Savage
Aaron Sawyer
Jonathan Sawyer
John Seavey
Joseph Sinclair
Timothy Smellage
Timothy Smellage, Jr.
John Smith
Abraham Somes
Daniel Somes
James Somes
John C. Somes
John Somes
Thomas Somes
Abraham Southwood
Stephen Southwood
Benjamin Spurling
Enoch Spurling
Robert Spurling
Thomas Spurling
William Spurling
John Stanley
John Stanley, 4th
John Stanley, Jr.
Peter Stanley
Samuel Stanley - not sure of given name
Samuel Stanley, Jr. - not sure of given name
Thomas Stanley
Thomas Stanley, Jr.
Samuel Staples
Cushing Stewart
T William Thomas
James Tinker
Jonathan Tinker
James Truefry
Lydia B Truefry
Jemina Tucker
Nicholas Tucker
W Thomas Walls or Watts
Benjamin Ward
Benjamin Ward, Jr.
Asa Wasgatt
Davis Wasgatt
Davis Wasgatt, Jr.
Rufus Wasgatt
Enoch Wentworth
James Whittemore
Joseph Wormal
Y Elisha Young

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