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Brewer, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Brewer, Maine, in Penobscot County, in the 1820 Census.

Note: There are two lists of heads of households below. It appears that the enumerator erroneously marked Sheet 73 as Newburg when it was actually for Brewer.   The first list shows the heads of households living in sheets marked as Brewer. The second list is Sheet 73, marked as Newburg, but presumably Brewer.

The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  Refer to the original enumeration sheets for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

Note: Handwriting in the right margin of Sheet 104 indicates that a subsequent sheet is missing. In addition, the other sheets have areas of smearing, rendering many names illegible.

On a page with tallies for several towns in Penobscot County, Brewer's enumerated population was shown as 734, but it's not known whether or not this figure includes additional people, if any, tallied on the missing sheet.

The enumeration of Brewer consists of at least Sheets 102-104, with the presumption that more names were recorded on Sheet 105, along with an aggregate of the individual tallies of households.  Sheet 73 may be the missing piece.

Please look over the entire list when hunting for an ancestor, as many names are obscured and may have been deciphered incorrectly. If you notice errors or if you have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households - those that appear on Sheets 102-104 only - be aware there may have been additional households recorded on the missing sheet.  See the second list with names from Sheet 73, which may be the missing sheet.

Widow ?
Samuel or Lemuel ? - entry very faint; possible Stone
Joseph B? - surname mostly faint
To faint to decipher
Lemuel Adams
James Austin
Hollis Bond
Samuel Booden
Deodot Brasto - presumably Deodot Brastow
Cyrus Brewer - not sure of surname, partly faint
Frances Brewer or Francis Brewer
Josiah Brewer
John Brown
Crarles Burr - perhaps enumerator meant to write Charles
James Campbell
Jobe Chamberlen
Josiah Chamberlin - not sure of surname, partly faint
Nathan Clark
Isaac Clewley
Samuel Cobb
Josiah Crowford
David Day
Silas Farington
Samuel Gilmore or Samuel Gilman - surname partly faint
David Gilmore or David Gilman - surname partly faint
Benjamin Goodwin
Calvin Green - surname partly faint
Joshua Hathway
Jacob Heart
Jacob Heart Jr
Samuel K. Heart? - surname very faint - perhaps Samuel K. Hart (1793-1856)
Henery Henery
Abraham Hill
Joseph Hodsdon
Park Holand
Jacob Holyoke
John Holyoke
Amesy How - possibly Amasa Howe (1778-1846)
Assa Howard
Abraham Johnson - not sure of surname, partly faint
William Johnson
Thomas Jorge
Joshua Kenney - not sure of surname, partly faint
George Leonard
James Little
Joseph Little
David Mann
Jacob Mann
Richard McGrath - not sure of surname; partly faint
David Perham
Abijah Pond
Loring Pond
Charles Prue
Henry Read
Lot Rider
Alpheus Robinson
Daniel Robinson
John Rogers
Finson Row
Moses Saunders
Daniel Sergant - presumably variant of Sargent
Caleb Severance
Joseph Severance
Newel Shephard
Alfred Skinner
Elisha Skinner
Sylvester Skinner
Benjamin Snowe
Joseph S. Stephens
Samuel Ster? - entry very faint; could be Sterling or Strang or ?
Calvin Swett
Benjamin Tainter
Mordica Thayer
John Tibits
Nathaniel Tibits
Warren Tompson
Thomas Tredwell
Samuel Turner
Widow Mary Whit? - surname partly faint; possibly Whiting
Jonathan White
Thomas Williams
Benjamin Winchester - surname very faint
Silas Winchester - surname very faint
John Woodman

Calvin H? - very smeared, but possibly two syllables
Isaac Bates
Charles Blake
George Blake
John Blake, General
Solomon Blake
Billings Brasto - presumably Billings Brastow
Samuel Cobb
Joseph Copland - presumably a variant of Copeland
Samuel Copland - presumably a variant of Copeland
William Copland - presumably a variant of Copeland
David O. Donald
Benjamin Farington
Daniel Farington
John Farington, Jr.
Elias Field
James Hastings
Harlem Hodges
Luther Jones
Samuel Jones
Benjamin Kingsbury
Caleb Kingsbury
Willard Kingsbury
Daniel Pray
William Rider
John Robertson
Allen Rogers
? Rogers - possibly William or Wilborn
Daniel Shed - presumably a variant of Shedd or Shead
George Wiswell

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