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Blue Hill, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Blue Hill, Maine, in Hancock County, in the 1820 Census.

An overview of Maine in the 1820 Census, with links to the 9 counties then existing and from there to the towns then existing, appears here.

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Note: The 1820 Census lists heads of households only - to see a tally of the people in the household by age range and gender, see the original document, link below.

The enumeration of Blue Hill, done by Richard Hawes, is comprised of Sheets 579-585 - use the arrow at the top left of each page to page forward.  Of the 7 sheets listed for Blue Hill, only 4 of them contain names of heads of households.

Heads of Households

Moses Abbot
Amos Allen

Samuel Brown
Aaron Burnham

Samuel Cain
Azor Candage
Hannah Candage
John Candage
Joseph Candage, Jr.
Samuel Candage
Sands Candage
Ebenezer Carleton
Leonard Carleton
Moses Carleton
Moses Carleton, Jr.
William Carlton
David Carter
Isaac Carter
James Carter
John Carter
John P. Carter
Joseph Carter
Phoebe Carter
Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter
Joseph Chase
Benjamin Clay
George Clay
John Clay
Jonathan Clay
Jonathan Clay, Jr.
Robert Clay
Asa Clough
Daniel Clough
Samuel Coggins
Samuel O. Coggins
Asa Conra
Stephen Conra
Jonathan Crabb
Levi Crockett
Thomas Cross
Nathaniel Cushing

David Dyer
Jedediah Darling
Jonathan Darling
Jonathan Darling, Jr.
Ebenezer Day
James Day
James Day, Jr.
Allen Doar
John Dodge
Lydia Dodge
Reuben Dodge
Henry Dougherty
Nathaniel Dresser

Jeremiah Eaton
Nathan Ellis

Daniel Faulkner
Jonathan Fisher
Susannah Floyd
Benjamin Friend
Daniel Friend

Joseph Gott
Francis Grant
Robert Grant
David Green
John Green
Lewis H. Green
Elisha Guptell

Freeman Hardin
Nehemiah Henckley - Hinckley ?
Benjamin Herrick
Seth Hewins
Eben Hinckley
Ebenezer Hinckley, Jr.
Isaiah Hinckley
Nehemiah Hinckley, Jr.
Wallace Hinckley
Jedediah Holt
Jedediah Holt, Jr.
Jeremiah F. Holt
Jonah Holt
Nicholas Holt
Samuel Holt
Stephen Holt
Jeremiah Hooper
John Horton
Joshua Horton
Joshua Horton, Jr.
Hezekiah G. Hubbard

Isaac Ingals
Jacob Ingals

Joseph W. Johnson
Obediah Johnson
Robert Johnson
Samuel Johnson
William Johnson

Seth Kimball

Joel Long

Mary Mather
Peter McFarland
Jeremiah McIntire
Robert Means
Caleb Merrill
James Morse
Samuel Morse
Samuel Morse, Jr.

Stephen Norton

Joshua Oakes
Daniel Osgood
David Osgood
Isaac Osgood
Jacob Osgood
John Osgood
Jonathan Osgood
Joseph Osgood
Joseph Osgood, Jr.
Judith Osgood
Lemuel S. Osgood
Phineas Osgood
Phineas Osgood, Jr.

Frederick Parker
Marble Parker
Peter Parker
Peter Parker, Jr.
Samuel Parker
Simeon Parker
Daniel Peters
John Peters
John Peters, Jr.
Moses Pilsbury
George Pine

Matthew Rea
Israel Robinson
John Roundy
Walter Roundy

Oliver Sargent
James Savage
Edward Sinclair
Samuel Stetson
Benjamin Stevens
Farnham Stevens
George O. Stevens
Jeremiah Stover

Nathan Tenny
Joseph Teworgy
Spencer Teworgy

William Warren
Andrew Witham
Andrew Wood
John Wood
Joseph Wood
Joseph Wood, Jr.
Phoebe Wood
Robert H. Wood
Samuel Wood
George R. Wright

Blue Hill, Maine, in 2019 - part was annexed from Sedgwick in 1831, and part was set off to Penobscot in 1845

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