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Sedgwick, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Sedgwick, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only.  See the original document for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Sedgwick consists Sheets 639-647; use the arrows at the top left of each image to arrow forward or back.

If you notice errors or have information to share on any of the people mentioned below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
Amos Allen
Elisha Allen
John Allen
Jonathan Allen
Nathaniel Allen
Nathaniel Allen, Jr.
Richard Allen
Stephen Allen
Thomas Allen
Susannah Babrick
Abraham Babson
Abraham Babson, Jr.
James Babson
John Babson
David G Barker
Joseph P Batchelder
Edmund Bickford
Abel Billings
Benjamin Billings
Benjamin Billings, Jr.
Enoch Billings
Nathan Billings
Samuel Billings
Timothy Billings
David Black
Edward Black
James Black
Joab Black
John Black
Moses Black
Samuel Black
Shadrack Black
Daniel Bridges
Daniel Bridges
Ephraim Bridges
John Bridges
Jonathan Bridges
Moses Bridges
Ruth Bridges
Thankfull Bridges
Enoch Briggs
Edward Brown
James Brown
Isaac S. Bunker or Isaac Bunker, Sr.
George Butler
James Byard
John Byard
Robert Byard
Mary Calf
David Carleton
Rowland Carleton
Joseph Carter
Asa Carter
Dennis Carter
Isaac Carter
Isaac Carter
John Carter
John Carter, Jr.
John Chase
Josiah Closson
Josiah Closson Jr
Benjamin Clough
Moody Clough
Benjamin Cole
Susanna Cole
Thomas Cole
John Cousins
John Cousins, Jr.
Samuel Cousins
Thomas Cousins
Thomas Cousins, Jr.
James Cunningham
John Cunningham
Richard Currier
John Doar
Abner Dodge, Jr,
Abraham Dodge
Benjamin Dodge
Daniel Dodge
Hezekiah Dodge
Jonah Dodge
Mark Dodge
Peter Dodge
John Dougherty
Isaac Douglas
John Douglas
Robert Douglas
Joseph M Durgaine
Amos Eaton
Benjamin Eaton
James Eaton
James Eaton, Jr.
John Eaton
Jonathan Eaton
Moses Eaton
Moses Eaton, Jr.
Theophilus Eaton
Bartholomew Flowers
Bartholomew Flowers, Jr.
Abraham Fly
John Fly
Levi Frank
James Freethy
Job Freethy
Joseph Freethy
Jotham Freethy
Jotham J. Freethy
Elisha Friend
John Friend
Samuel Friend
Abner Gray
Abner Gray, Jr.
Adam Gray
Amos E Gray
Andrew Gray
Benjamin Gray
Joab Gray
John Grant
John Gray
John Gray, Jr.
Joseph Gray
Joshua Gray
Joshua Gray, Jr.
Kimball Gray
Nathaniel Gray
Reuben Gray
Reuben Gray, 3rd
Samuel Gray, 2rd [or 3rd]
Solomon Gray
Thomas Gray
William Gray
Andrew Grindel
Barnabas Grindel
Charles Grindel
Daniel Grindel
Ebenezer Grindel
Eliphalet Grindel
Eliphalet Grindle, Jr.
James Grindel
John Grindel, Jr.
John Grindle
Josiah Grindel
Enoch Hale
Samuel Hale
David Harden
Isaac Harden
James Harden
Josiah Harden
Amos Herrick
Daniel Herrick
Eben Herrick, Jr.
Ebenezer Herrick
Edmond Herrick
Huldah Herrick
Humphrey Herrick
John Herrick
John Herrick
Joseph Herrick
Joseph Herrick, Jr.
Samuel Herrick
Samuel Herrick, 2nd
Samuel Herrick, 3rd
William Herrick
William Herrick, Jr.
Peter Herriman
Asa Hooper
David Hooper
John Hooper
Samuel Hooper
William Hooper
William Hooper, 3rd
James Hutchinson
John Hutchinson
William Hutchinson
William Jackson
Samuel Jordon
Nathaniel Kenniston
William Kitfield
Nathaniel Knowles
Samuel Knowles
Benjamin Lufkin
Samuel Lufkin
Joseph H Marks
Daniel McKenzie
Reuben McKenzie
John Means
Christopher Merrill
Daniel Merrill
John Millet
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan, Jr.
Edward Morgan
William Nevels
William Norris
Nicholas Obear
Samuel Obear
Nathan Osgood
Bartholomew Parrot
John Philbrook
Ebenezer Pinkham
Abraham Reed
Amaziah Roberts
Robert Robinson
Benjamin C. Sargent
James Seavey
James Seavey, Jr.
John Sellers
John Smith
Lemuel Smith
Barnabas Snow
George Snow
Joshua Snow
John Stanley
John Staples
Charles Stewart
David Thurston
Enoch Trussel
Samuel Watson
Ezekiel Webber
Stephen Webber
John L. Wells
Polly Wells
Aaron Whiting
Robert Wilson
Solomon York

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