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Prospect, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; as of 1827 in Waldo County)

Prospect, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Hancock County; as of 1827 in Waldo County)

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only. See the original document for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

The enumerated population of Prospect in 1820 was 1771.

The enumeration of Prospect consists of sheets 529-541; use the arrows at the top left of each image to arrow forward or back.

Note: Some of the handwriting is smeared or difficult to interpret.  If you notice errors, or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
A Isaac Abbot
Joseph Ames
W. Ames
Henry Ames
James Anthony
Charles Atherton
Abel W. Atherton
B John Barry or Bessey or ?
John Barry - ?
Jonathan Barry
Isaac Barry
Henry Black
John Black
James Black
Alexander Black, Jr.
Alexander Black
James Blanchard
Thomas Blanchard
Joseph Boyd
C William Campbell
Benjamin Carr
Samuel Carter
James Carter
Asa Carter
Joseph Casey - ?
Nathan Chase
John Clifford
Jacob Clifford
Jacob Clifford, Jr.
Joseph Cluly
Joseph Cluly
William Cluly
Charles Colcord
David Colcord, Jr.
Benjamin Colcord
David Colcord
John Colcord
Mary Colcord
Jacob Colson
John Cousins
Nathaniel Cousins
Isaac Cowen or Corvin
Thomas Crocker
Richard Crocker
John Crocker
Ephraim Crocket
Thomas Crocket
John Crocket
Ephraim Crocket
Thomas Cummings
Alexander Cummings
D John Dickey
William Dickey
Andrew Dickey
William J. Dodge
John Douglass
Jonathan Dow
Barzillai Dwelly
E James Eaton
James Eaton, Jr.
William Ellis
Staunton Ellis
Levi Ellis, Jr.
Stephen Ellis
Baruck Ellis - ?
Jacob Ellis
Levi Ellis
Staunton Ellis
Levi Ellis
Joseph Ellis
Noah Ellis
Joseph Elwell
Jacob Eustis
F James Field
Stephen Field
Simeon Fletcher
Harry Fletcher
John Fletcher
Simeon Fletcher
Miles Fowler
William French
Ephraim French
Zitham French
Zitham French, Jr.
Joel French
Samuel French
Daniel French or David French
William French
G Jacob George
Stephen George
John Giles
Hannah Gin
David Goodale or Daniel Goodale
Sears Goodale
William Goodale
Samuel Grant
Joseph Grant
Andrew Grant
John Grant
Ephraim Grant
Ebenezer Griffin
Peleg Griffin
John Griffin
Nathan Griffin
H Archibald Harding
Archibald Harding, Jr.
Samuel Harding
John Haynes
Benjamin Herriman, Jr.
Eliza Herriman
Asa Herriman
Benjamin Herriman
Joshua Herriman
Daniel Herriman
Harry Hitchborn
Paul Hitchborn
Thomas Hogen
John Hogen
Daniel Holbrook
John Hort - ?
Joel Howe
J Thomas Jourdan
K Nathaniel Kidder
L Simeon Lackey
Daniel Lancaster
Nathan Lancaster
Josiah Lane
John Lanpher
Stephen Larrabee
Christopher Lauton
Jonathan Lavery ?
John Lawrence
James Lawyer or Sawyer
Andrew Leach
Augustus Lenfest
Elisha Lenfest
Agatha Lenfest
James Look
M Benjamin Marston
Joseph P Martin
Peter Mashene - ?
John Mason
? Mathews - possibly Lemuel, abbreviated
Benjamin Mathews
Joseph Mathews
Samuel Mathews, Jr.
Walter Mathews
Robert McGilvery
William Merithew
William Merithew, Jr.
Thomas Merrill
Benjamin Merrithew
Nathaniel Monsey
David Moody
John Moore
Jonathan Morse
John Morse
Nahum Mosman
Mary Mosman
Jeremiah Mudget
John Mudget, Jr.
Jonathan Mudget, Jr.
N Edward Neland
Mehitable Nickerson
Bela Nickols
James Nickols
Alexander Nickols
Samuel Nickols
Anna Nickols
James Nickols, Jr.
David Nickols or Leavitt Nickols
Samuel Nickols
P Samuel Park - ?
Benjamin Park
Thomas Park
Greer Park or Green Park
Sally Park
Joseph Park
John Park
Edward C. Partridge
Thomas Partridge
Sally Partridge
Benjamin Partridge
John Paul
Phineas Pendleton
William Pendleton
Green Pendleton
Simeon Pendleton
Peter Perkins
Enoch Perkins
William Philbrook
Mary Pierce
John Pierce
Robert Pike
Robert Porter
Timothy Porter - looks like Perter
Ephraim Porter - looks like Peter
Rosanna Porter
David Putnam
R Asa Ralph
John Randall
James Randall
William Randall
Thomas Rennel - ?
James Riddle
James Riddle, Jr.
Ambrose Riddle
David Ridley
James Rollison
S James Sawyer or Lawyer
Giles Scott
George Sherburn
Samuel Shute
Samuel Shute
Polly Shute
John Shute
Benjamin Shute
Job Small
Ephraim T. Smart
Jacob Smart
Jonathan Smart
Richard Smart, Jr.
Daniel Smart
Nehemiah Smart
Richard Smart
Mary Smith
Moses Smith
Elisha Smith
Levi Spencer
Staley - ?
James Staples
Ruth Staples
William Staples
Alexander Staples
Henry Staples
Jotham Staples
Jotham Staples, Jr.
Miles Staples
John Staples
William Staples
William Staples, Jr.
Henry Staples
Alexander Staples
Samuel Stephens
Jeremiah Stimpson
Samuel Stowers
James Stowers
Jeremiah Switcher
T William Thomas
Josiah Toll
William Treat
Lydia Treat
Robert Treat
Amos Treat
Samuel Trent or Samuel Treat
Benjamin Trip
John Trueworthy
W Jesse Webber
James Weeks - ?
James Wetherton - ?
Samuel Woodbury

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