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Plantation 9 (Trescott Township, Maine, area) in the 1820 Census

Note: the 1820 Census lists heads of households only, with a tally of everyone in the household by age range and gender.  See an alphabetical list of heads of households farther below.

Total enumerated population of Plantation 9 in Washington County: 264

The enumeration of Plantation 9 appears on Sheets 276-278.  Use the arrow key at top left of the image to page forward.

Enumerator: George S. Smith

The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings; be prepared to check over the entire list for the person you're researching, as different spellings may have affected alphabetization.  If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; all on sheets 276-278
Theodore Barzley
David Boomer
James Branden
Benjamin Brawn
John Bretrong
Isaac Bridges
John Colson
Edward Craigin
John Delong
Moses Delong
James Densmore
William Densmore
Beniah Door
Moses Gerrish
John Goodan or Gordon - faint
Elijah Holmes
Benjamin Huckings
Manuel Joaquim
Benjamin Kelly
William Kelly
James Kenney
Larkin Lawrence
Clement Leighton
Elijah Leighton
William Lindsay
Jesse London
Joseph May
James McLellan
Frederick Morong
Gilbert Morong
Hugh Murvee - ?
George Nash
James Nutter
Matthias Nutter, Jr.
James Owen
John Owen
Jonathan M. Owen
William Owen
Isaac Parker
Alexander Robinson
Samuel Runnells, Jr.
Stephen Saunders
Stephen Sumner ?
Samuel I. Sylvester - or Samuel J. Sylvester
John Sylvier
Benjamin Thomas
Samuel Wheeler
Mark Wiggin

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