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Penobscot, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Penobscot, Maine, in Hancock County, in the 1820 Census

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Note: The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only, plus a tally of the number of people in the household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Penobscot is on Sheets 634-639 - use the arrow button to page forward.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Household - see the original document to see the tally of household residents
A John Alley
Ambrose Atkins
B Abigail Beals
Ebenezer Booden
Joseph Booden
Paul Booden
Rufus Booden
Theodore Booden
Ebenezer Bridges
Henry Bridges
Isaac Bridges
Jesse Bridges
Fayette Buker
C Stephen Carlisle
Wilson Carpenter
John Clark
Daniel Clement
John Condon
John Conner
William Conner
Nathaniel Curtis
D Joseph Devereux
Raph Devereux; presumably Ralph Devereux (1739-1824)
Henry Doar
John Doar
Joseph Doar
David Dunbar
David Dunbar Jr
Jairus Dunbar
F Jeremiah Farnham
Jonathan Farnham
Joseph Farnham
Matthew Farnham
Nathaniel Farnham
Samuel Farnham
Nathaniel Feasie (perhaps Nathaniel Veasie)
G Josiah Grant
Aaron Gray
Adam Gray
Alexander Gray
Samuel Gray
Daniel Grindel
Giles Grindel
James Grindel
John Grindel
Joseph Grindel
Joseph Grindel, 2nd
Reuben Grindel
Richard Grindel
Stephen Grindel
William Grindel
H Edward Haney
Robert Hanson
Isaac Heath
Josiah Heath
Merrill Heath
Oliver Heath
Samuel Herrick
Ebenezer Hill
John Hunterman
Charles Hutchings
Charles Hutchings, Jr.
Ebenezer Hutchings
Eliakim Hutchings
Jane Hutchings
William Hutchings
William Hutchings, Jr.
J Mary Jenkins
Giles Johnson
L John Lawrence, Sr. or John S. Lawrence
Ebenezer Leach
James Leach
James Leach, Jr.
John Leach
John Leach, Jr.
Joseph Leach
Joseph Leach, Jr.
Nathaniel Leach
Obadiah Leach
Pelatiah Leach
Richard Leach
Samuel Leach
Elijah Littlefield
Joseph Littlefield
Joseph Littlefield, Jr.
Eliphalet Lowel
Josiah Lowel
Stephen Lowel
M Abigail MacIntire
John Marks
Adam McCaslin
Alexander McCaslin
Reuben McCaslin
David Montgomery
O Sarah Orcutt
David Ordway
P Oliver Parker
Nathaniel Patten
Abraham Perkins
Charles Perkins
Daniel Perkins
Edward Perkins
George Perkins
Isaac Perkins
John Perkins
Mary Perkins
Olive Perkins
Pelatiah Perkins
Richard Perkins
Sparks Perkins
Stephen Perkins
Thomas Perkins
Timothy Perkins
Eben Plaisten
John Pray
R George Roberts
S Edward Saunders
Robert Sellers
Mary Snow
Charles Snowman
James Snowman
John Snowman
William Snowman
William Snowman, Jr.
James Stover
Jeremy Stover
Jotham Stover
Lucksford Stover
Rufus Stover
William Stover
T Samuel Thomson
Samuel Turner
V Dolly Varnum
Nathaniel Veasie; presumably the Nathaniel Feasie enumerated
William Viles
W Daniel Wardwell
Daniel Wardwell, Sr.
Ebenezer Wardwell
Eliakim Wardwell
Jeremiah Wardwell
Jeremiah Wardwell, Jr.
Josiah Wardwell
Lewis Wardwell
Robert Wardwell
Samuel Wardwell
Samuel Wardwell Jr
Stephen Wardwell
William Wardwell
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster, Jr.
Josiah Webster
Andrew Wescott
Archibald Wescott
Peletiah Wescott
William Wescott
Abigail Wight
Edward Wight
John Wight
John Willins
Josiah Wilson
John Winslow
John Witham

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