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Orrington, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Orrington, Maine, in Penobscot County, in the 1820 Census.  See the names of heads of households farther below.

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only, with a tally of everyone in the household by age range and gender.

On a page with tallies for several towns in Penobscot County, Orrington's enumerated population was shown as 1049.

The enumeration of Orrington appears on Sheets 96-101.  Use the arrows at the top left of the page to page forward and back.

This enumeration was particularly challenging for reasons of phonetic spellings and smeared and obscured names. Be advised to check the entire list for someone you believe resided in Orrington in 1820.

If you notice errors or if you have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
Richard ? - possibly Hoburn or Kaburn or ?n
Benjamin Atwood
Jesse Atwood
Jesse Atwood, Jr.
William Atwood
Done Badishal
Frederic Badishall
Benona Baker
Isaiah Baker
Joseph Baker
Joseph Baker, Jr.
Nathaniel Baker
Richard Baker
Samuel Baker
Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes, Jr.
Jesse Barret
Isaac Barstow
Amasa Bartlet
Samuel Bartlet
Samuel Bartlet, Jr.
David Bass
Widow Mary Bolton
Jeremiah Bowden
Joseph Brasier
James Brooks
Cornelius Brown
Jonathan N. Brown
Samuel Brown
Stilman Brown
Joshua Burnham
Widow Calef
Josiah Chapen
John Croel
John Dean
Jonas Dean
Amos Dole
Elisha Done ? - surname faint
Ephram Done
Oliver Done
Phineas Downs
Lemuel Drew
Eldrege Edmond
Hezekiah Elderege
Joel Fisher
Retrieve Fowler
Simeon Fowler
Simeon Fowler, Jr.
James Freeman
James Freeman, Jr.
Joseph Freeman
Samuel Freemen
Tabethy Freeman
Thomas Freeman, Jr.
Timothy Freeman
Zeruvah Freeman
Richard Fuller
Benjamin Godfrey
James Godfrey
Richard Godfrey
David Gold
Ephram Goodale
Nathaniel Goold
Jesse Harden
Knowles Harden
Elisha Hauney
John Hauney or Hawkey
Elisha Hegins
Jeremiah Hegins
Josiah Hegins
Prince Hegins
Samuel Hegins
Heniry Henereys
Nathan Hepkins
James Heriman
Barzella Hopkins
Joseph C. Jayne
Cyrus Jones
Seth Kempton
Richard Kent
Richard Kent, Jr.
William Kent
Mary King
William Lawrence
Jeremiah Marsh
William Marsh
Malachi Merrit
Joshua Moody
Israel Nichols
Aulden Nickerson
Bethiah Nickerson
Daniel Nickerson
Daniel Nickerson, Jr.
Elephlet Nickerson
John Nickerson
Nehemiah Nickerson
Paul Nickerson
Theophilus Nickerson
Warren Nickerson
Warren Nickerson
Benjamin Nourse
Paul Nye
Timothy Nye
Widow Jonna Pain
Ephram Paine
Henery Paine
Henery Paine
David Perce
Isaac Perce
Nathaniel Perce
Nathaniel Perce, Jr.
Samuel Perce
Abiel Perry
John Philips
Samuel Phips
John Pope
Benjamin Reder
Nathaniel G. Reder
Samuel Reder
Barzella Rich
Jeremiah Rich
Bethany Rider
Polley Rider
Richard Rider
Samuel Rider, Jr.
Elisha Robinson
Aminah Rogers - ?
Henery Rogers
Jesse Rogers ?
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Rogers - ?
Moses Rogers ?
Smith Rogers
Joseph Rooks
Benjamin Severance
Joshua Severance
Ruben Severance
Samuel Severance
David Smith
Dean Smith
Edward Smith
Jacob Smith
James Smith
Jesse Smith
Joseph Smith
Lemuel Smith
Luke Smith
Widdow Mehitable Smith
Thomas Smith
Zenias Smith - not sure of given name
Amery Snowe
Amery Snowe, Jr,
Colier Snowe
Cyprion Snowe
Daniel Snowe
Dillis Snowe
Jabes Snowe
Joseph Snowe
William Snowe
Benjamin Swett
Jeremiah Swett
Shebna Swett
Samuel Vesey
Warren Ware
Ephram Wentworth
Ebenezar Whealdon
Benjamin Wilder
John Wilkins
Marston William
Ephram Wintworth
John Wintworth
John Wintwoth, Jr.
Joshua Wintworth
David Wiswell
Manning Wood
Aaron Woodbry
Haman Young
Phebe Young

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