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5 Diaries, Account Book and Letters of John Foss & Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle", of West Hollis, Maine (Under Construction)

1899-1904 diaries and a 1913 account book that belonged to John I. Foss (1860-1934) and Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle" (1868-1929) of West Hollis, Maine.  Accompanying these items are 6 letters addressed to Belle Foss, including one from John before their marriage.

John made many entries, Belle made a larger share of them, and a few appeared to have been penned by the Foss's older daughter, Myra Helene Foss (1892-1976).

The 1902 diary also contains some entries for 1913 in the appropriate pages.

See at the end of this post an alphabetical listing of people mentioned in the diaries, some many times and in multiple diaries.  

Surnames mentioned in the diaries - the number in parentheses represents what might be different individuals of that surname, not how many times that surname appears throughout the diaries:

?? [19]DD ? [2]MMaddox
AAbbott [3]Dearborn [2]Manson
BB ? [2]Deering [2]Mason [3]
BachelderDyer [2]Meserve
BennettEE ?Mill?
Benson [10]Edgecomb [2]NNelson
BerryFFellows [2]PPalmer [4]
Blunt [3]FletcherPartridge [2]
BohnsonFluent [4]RRicker [2]
Bolton [2]Foss [9]Ridlon
BoothbyGGilpatric(k) [5]SSawyer [2]
BowdoinGoughScribner [2]
BrackettGubtinallSmith [13]
Bradbury [5]GuptilStaples
BradeenHHaley [9]Swett [4]
BryantHamiltonTTarbox [5]
Burnham [5]Hanson [2]Taylor
BurpeeHarmon [2]Tompson/Thompson
Chadbourn(e) [8]HobsonTufts
ChapmanHolmes [2]WWakefield [3]
Chase [2]HooperWarren [5]
Clark [2]Huff [6]Watson
ColeJewett [2]White
Collins [3]Johnson [11]Woodward
LLinscott [4]
Littlefield [2]

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

John I. Foss was born about September 1860 at Saco, Maine, the son of Silas H. Foss and Lucy H. (Briant or Bryant) Foss.  Isabelle (Huff) Foss was born about 5 December 1869 at Hollis, Maine, the daughter of George P. Huff and Sarah E. (Bean) Huff.  

John and Isabelle married at Hollis, Maine, on 8 December 1890 and had two daughters:

  1. Myra Helene Foss (1892-1976), who would marry George Woodbury McKenney 
  2. Annie Evelyn Foss (1900-1988), who would marry Lewis Isaac Woodman
John worked at farming and logging for himself and others, with occasional stints at blueberry picking, butter churning and livestock trading.  Belle also picked berries and churned butter, and it's implied that she had a soap making business.  Their work seemed never-ending.

John and Belle are buried in the Riverside Cemetery at Hollis, Maine. 

If you have corrections to the information above or if you have information on any of the people mentioned below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The Diaries - check back as more months are posted


January    February    March    April    May    June    July     August     September     October  November     December

1901- missing

1902 - with some entries from 1913
January    February    March    April    May    June    July     August     September     October  November     December

January    February    March    April    May    June    July     August     September     October  November     December

January    February    March    April    May    June    July     August     September     October  November     December

1913 - see 1902 above

People mentioned in the Diaries

?Annie - not the Foss's daughter Annie Evelyn, who would not be born until April 4, 19001899
?Little Nettie, born Saturday, August 19, 18991899
?Will and Myra visited on September 10, 1899.1899; 1903
?Katie - on September 14, 1899, diarist Belle carried Katie to the Mormon meeting.1899
?Ben1900, 1902
?Brad and his wife; possibly Brad or a nickname for Bradford or Bradbury; possibly Bradford Scribner1902, 1903, 1904
?Col or Coll - perhaps Collins William Haley (1862-1927)1903, 1904
?Florodora at 4241 Folsom Avenue, St. Louis, MO; written on a back end paper1902
?Had or Had; presumably a nickname; possibly Had Smith or Hod Smith1900
?James, possibly James Benson1900
?Jed - possibly Jed Benson1902
?Joe; worked for diarist John Foss1903
?Len - where John cut pileing - piling?1902
?Leona or Leora - perhaps Leona Abbott, daughter of West Hollis Postmaster Elmer E. Abbott or Leona Mae Dearborn, daughter of Charles F. Dearborn and Elzada (Wakefield) Dearborn1903, 1904
?Lock - not sure if given name, nickname or surname1904
?Nell or Nellie - The 1900 diary mentions a Nell who stayed with the family while Isabelle recuperated from the birth of her second daughter, Annie Evelyn Foss, born in 19001900
?Sam and Kate visited on May 3, 19031903
?Tean H? - entry of June 25, 1902 notes burial1902
?Uncle George1900
AbbottLeora; presumably Leora Abbott, daughter of West Hollis Postmaster Elmer E. Abbott1900
AbbottMiss Abbott, who visited with Leona -presumably related to Leora Abbott, daughter of West Hollis Postmaster Elmer E. Abbott 1900
AbbottElmer E. Abbott, postmaster of West Hollis, Maine. John built a fence for him and dug out a watering place for cattle in 1900; his cow died in 1902; John cut on the Abbott woodlot in 1904.1900, 1902, 1904
B ?A. L. B.1899
B ?L. B.1903
BachelderJ. Bachelder whitewashed for the Foss family on April 20, 19031903
BennettMr. Bennett, mentioned in 1899; his barn suffered damage in a thunder shower on July 25, 1900; came to see John Foss while he was ill in May 1902; Bennett woodlot, 19041899, 1900, 1902
BensonBill Benson1899
BensonF. Benson - possibly Frank Benson1899, 1900, 1903
BensonFrank Benson1899
BensonJ. B. - perhaps Jim Benson or his brother Jeremiah Benson1899
BensonJed Benson1900
BensonJere Benson, or Jer Benson; presumably Jeremiah Benson, brother of James Benson1900, 1902
BensonJim Benson - occasional farmhand for the Foss family; James H. Benson (1863-1917), husband of Maud Winifred (Nelson) Benson Hoyt Whitten (1883-1970)1902
BensonMaud; presumably Maud (Nelson) Benson Hoyt Whitten (1883-1970),then wife of the Foss neighbor and farmhand Jim Benson (1863-1917)1902, 1903, 1904
BensonOlive Benson; her death mentioned in entry of March 25, 1900 and burial in entry of March 28, 1900. Olive (Gilpatrick) Benson, widow of Joseph L. Benson1903
BensonW. Benson1904
BerryDan Berrie of Cornish - presumably Daniel Berry - sold John a pair of 3 year old steers1902
BluntBlunt's sled - possibly sled of John C. Blunt. 1902
BluntJ. C. Blunt - entry of May 26, 1902 notes that diarist John Foss lent J. C. Blunt 20 dollars. Perhaps John C. Blunt. Also mentioned in 19041902, 1904
BluntCole Blunt1903, 1904
BohnsonDr. Bohnson; perhaps Dentist John C. Bohnson of Portland, Maine1903
BoltonF. Bolton - stayed at the Foss home for several nights in October 1902; possibly Frank O. Bolton (1852-1924); also mentioned in 1903 and 19041902, 1903, 1904
BoltonF. O. Bolton - perhaps Frank O. Bolton (1852-1924)1903
BoothbyBoothby family - visited on August 26, 18991899
BowdoinBowdoin's woodlot1904
BrackettFrank Brackett1900
Bradbury?? Bradbury - perhaps Lindley LaPierre Bradbury (1867-1935); possibly the ? Bradbury, either Sim or Sin or Lin or Lim Bradbury mentioned in 1903, 19041899, 1903, 1904
BradburyBradbury lot1900
BradburyBurt Bradbury bought two boxes of butter on March 18, 1900; perhaps Burt Allen Bradbury (1877-1949)1900
BradburyH. Bradbury1902
BradburyJim Bradbury1903
BryantAnnie Bryant1904
BurnhamL. Burnham - to whom Belle sold 8 qts of blueberries1899
BurnhamAaron Burnham - entry mentions the September 23, 1899 reception of Aaron Burnham, presumably Hollis Center Postmaster Aaron B. Burnham (1841-1917), on the occasion of his 3rd marriage - to Martha F. Thomas - on September 17, 1899.1899
BurnhamLewis Burnham; presumably Lewis Elmer Burnham, future husband of Leonora Asenath Huff, sister of diarist Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle"1900
BurnhamBurnham1902, 1903
BurnhamL. Burnham - bought 7-1/2 bushels of apples for $33.00 - perhaps Lewis Elmer Burnham, who would marry Leonora Asenath Huff, "Nora", sister of diarist Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle", in 19061902
Burpee"Myra Benson Burpee buried today"; though this is the place for an entry for January 2, 1903, diarist Belle added a note for January 2, 1913, which is the date Myrna Benson Burpee was buried. [Myra (Benson) Burpee, wife of Nathaniel Burpee and daughter of Robert and Mary (Davis) Benson, died at Hollis, Maine, on December 31, 1912.)1902
CarpenterR. Carpenter1903
Chadbourn(e)Chadborn's - Chadbourn or Chadbourne1903
Chadbourn(e)Cole Chadborn - presumably Chadbourn or Chadbourne1899
Chadbourn(e)F. Chadbourn1899, 1900
Chadbourn(e)Frank Chadbourn - perhaps Franklin Albert Chadbourne (1866-1930) of Waterboro, Maine1902
Chadbourn(e)Fred Chadbourn1903
Chadbourn(e)G. Chadbourne1904
ChadbourneLucy Chadborn - perhaps Lucy G. (Johnson) Chadbourne (abt 1819-1906)1903
ChadbournePaul M. Chadbourne - his obituary tucked into the diary, but he died May 4, 1899. [Born 15 December 1872, son of Darling H. Chadbourne and Lizzie J. (Hamilton) Chadbourne, and husband of Bertha M. (Warren) Chadbourne, with whom he had a son born on October 1, 1896. Paul and Bertha married on November 27, 1895.]1904
ChapmanF. Chapman1904
ChaseGeorge Chase - perhaps George P. Chase (1851-1928) of Waterboro and Sanford, Maine; insurance agent1899
ChaseMr. Chase, beef peddler1904
ClarkCharles Franklin Clark (1844-1917) and Mary Abbie (York) Clark (1851-1910; lumber dealer, storeowner; entries throughout the diaries1899, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904
ClarkW. Clark - perhaps Walter Ellery Clark, son of Charles F. Clark; perhaps the W. Clark who went gunning with John Foss and Dearborn on December 25, 19001900, 1903
Coffin"John had Dr. Coffin" - entry of May 8, 1902. Another entry in 1903, Perhaps Dr. Martin Coffin of Buxton, Maine1902; 1903
ColeF. Cole - bought oxen from diarist John Foss in 1899; bought cow from Collins in 1900; mentioned in 19041899
CollinsCollins; sold a cow to Frank Cole1900
CottonCotton home or building, where Belle and Myra attended a meeting1899
CottonCotton's oxen1902
CottonJohn Furber Cotton, Waterboro, Maine, farmer - entry of June 25, 1902 notes his marriage to teacher Susie Emma Abbott, a native of Buxton, Maine, at Waterboro, Maine, on that date.1902
D ?Leona D. - possibly Leona May Dearborn, daughter of Charles F. Dearborn and Elzada (Wakefield) Dearborn1904
D ?C. D. - possibly Charles F. Dearborn, husband of Elzada (Wakefield) Dearborn1904
DearbornDearborn1902, 1903
DearbornC. Dearborn - possibly Charles F. Dearborn, husband of Elzada (Wakefield) Dearborn1904
DeeringW. B. Deering - perhaps William Brooks Deering; mentioned in all diaries1899, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904
DeeringDeering - store or farm that sold grain - possibly William Brooks Deering1904
DyerJoseph Dyer visited1900
Dyer"Joe Dyer died in the night" - entry of Tuesday, July 19, 1904. Blacksmith Joseph A. Dyer (abt Aug 1850-July 19, 1904), son of Joseph A. Dyer and Jane (Gerry) Dyer and husband of Eldora (Gilpatrick) Dyer. His bural noted in entry of July 21, 1904.1904
E ?C. D. E. - possibly a store owner1904
EdgecombEdgecomb was taken sick1900
EdgecombSarah Edgecomb1902
FellowsDr. Fellows - On December 21, 1899, John Foss went to get Dr. Fellows to see Clara Linscott. Presumably Dr. John A. Fellows1899
FletcherFletcher - John took a load of logs to Fletcher's1900
FluentMr. Fluent - diariest John Foss bought oxen from Mr. Fluent in August 1899; also mentioned in 1902, 1903, 19041899, 1900, 1903, 1904
FluentEd Fluent - perhaps Edwin Augustus Fluent or Edgar Roy Fluent1900, 1904
FluentFluent family1902
FluentHiram and Ella - presumably Hiram H. Fluent and wife Ella F. (Smith) Fluent1903
FossMyra, daughter of diarists John Foss and Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle"; diary mentions her birthday on May 15; she was born in 18921899, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904
FossMrs. Foss - presumably diarist John Foss' mother, Lucy H. (Bryant) Foss (1837-1901)1899
FossJohn Foss and wife Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle", diarists of West Hollis, Maine; John wrote his name on front end paper1900
FossAnnie Evelyn Foss (1900-1988), daughter of diarists John Foss & Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle'; Annie's birth noted in the entry of March 4, 19001900, 1902
Foss"Father died today"; entry of April 29, 1902. Silas H. Foss (1819-1902), John Foss' father1902
Foss"Henry went home"; entry of May 2, 1902. J. Henry Foss (1854-1924), Silas H. Foss' son and John Foss' brother. Henry lived in Massachusetts.1902
FossMyra - Myra Helene Foss, daughter of diarists John Foss & Isabelle (Huff) Foss, "Belle"1904
FossH. Foss - possibly John Foss's brother Henry Foss1904
GilpatricJoe Gilpatric - perhaps Joseph Henry Gilpatrick (1874-1924)1899
GilpatricW. Gilpatric1899
GilpatricJoseph Gilpatric; perhaps Joseph Googins Gilpatrick (1832-1908)1900
GilpatrickOrin Gilpatric - John and Isabelle visited in the evening of December 2, 1900; perhaps Orin Gilpatrick (1835-1917) of Hollis, Maine1900
GilpatrickWilliam Gilpatrick - John Foss visited to see if Gilpatrick would sell timber, and they came to a deal; perhaps William Gilpatrick (1843-1920) of Hollis, Maine1900
GoughTrafton and Gough1900
GubtinallMr. Gubtinall - entry of Friday, September 2, 1904 notes that Mr. Gubtinall was around with tin cart.1904
GuptilMr. Guptil; came to dinner on April 29, 18991899
Haley? Haley - possibly Annie Haley; perhaps the Annie B. (Mason) Haley married to Collins W. Haley of Hollis, Maine1899, 1903
HaleyC. H. - perhaps Charles Haley1899
HaleyCecil - presumably Cecil Leighton Haley, who would marry Eva Mahala Smith in 19031900, 1902, 1903
HaleyCharles Haley; possibly Charles E. Haley (1857-1939)1903, 1904
HaleyColl Haley - perhaps Collins William Haley (1862-1927) - diarist John Foss started cutting timber for Coll Haley in early December 19031904
HaleyElmer Haley1904
HaleyEva - Eva Mahala Smith, who married Cecil Leighton Haley in 19031904
HaleyCecil; working on his Masonic degree; possibly Cecil Leighton Haley, who would marry Eva Mahala Smith in 19031900
HamiltonG. Hamilton - either a butcher or someone who helped diarist John Foss kill a hog1899
HansonFrank Hanson - perhaps the constable/collector for the town of Hollis1899
HansonHanson1903, 1904
HarmonE. Harmon1904
HarmonEd Harmon1904
HillMrs. Hill - presumably Hannah (Seavey) Hill, widow of Jeremiah Hill, Mrs. Hill would die on November 7, 1903, as noted in the 1903 diary. Daughter of James and Mary (Bean) Seaver and widow of Jeremiah Hill.1899, 1900, 1902, 1903
HobsonWill Hobson; perhaps William Deering Hobson1899
Holmes"Aunt Asenath died in the morning" - entry of May 24, 1902. Asenath S. (Huff) Holmes (1826-1902), wife of John Holmes and sister of Belle's father George P. Huff. Another entry notes Asenath's burial on May 26, 19021899, 1902
HolmesUncle John - Uncle John may have been John Holmes (1827-1906), widower of recently deceased Asenath S. (Huff) Holmes, Belle's paternal aunt.1902, 1903, 1904
HooperN. Hooper1899
HuffAlmira Huff; possibly Almira (Hearl) Huff, wife of Eben S. Huff, a brother to diarist Belle's father George P. Huff1899
HuffAunt Mira; possibly Almira S. (Bean) Palmer, wife of Charles H. Palmer and sister of Belle's mother Sarah (Bean) Huff; or Almira or Elmira (Hearl) Huff, sister-in-law of diarist Belle's father George P. Huff1899, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904
HuffCarl Huff - entry of Monday, August 22, 1904 notes his funeral. Portland fireman Carle M. A. Huff (1887-1904), son of Frank A. Huff and Martha M. (Knight) Huff]1904
HuffG. P. Huff - John lent hm $45 on September 9, 1902. Presumably Belle's father George P. Huff (1830-1913)1900, 1903, 1904
HuffMother; Sarah E. (Bean) Huff (1841-1909), mother of diarist Isabelle (Huff) Foss1899, 1902, 1904
HuffNora; presumably diarist Isabelle (Huff) Foss's sister Lenora Asenath Huff, "Nora", who would marry Lewis Elmer Burnham in 19061904
JellersonSam and Lill Jellerson - possibly Samuel W. Jellerson and sister Ida Lillian (Jellerson) Jellerson1899
JewettJewett's Brook1900
JewettMay Jewett1904
JohnsonCharlie and Lena - presumably Charles Hiram Johnson and Elena S. (Tarbox) Johnson, "Lena"1899
JohnsonEva and Gracie Johnson1899
JohnsonJ. C. Johnson house burned; entry of February 11, 19021900, 1904
JohnsonJohn visited the Johnson place.1900
JohnsonJohnson boys - presumably from whom John bought stumpage1900
JohnsonJohnson meadow1900
JohnsonJohnson woods, where John Foss went to see about logging with Will Deering and C. E. Warren1902
JohnsonMrs. Johnson1903
JohnsonS. Johnson1904
JohnsonSeth Johnson - John Foss helped him get steer out of pasture; entry of October 11, 19001904
JohnsonSith Johnson - Seth Johnson ?1904
JohnstonF. P. Johnston - presumably Freedom P. Johnston1902
LinscottMrs. Linscott - accompanied Belle to the Center1899
LinscottClara Linscott - On December 21, 1899, John Foss went to get Dr. Fellows to see Clara Linscott. Presumably Clara (Gilpatrick) Linscott (1867-1916), wife of Charles J. Linscott1899, 1900, 1903
LinscottJoseph Linscott chopped1900
LinscottJoe Linscott - went hunting with John Foss on November 29, 19001900, 1903, 1904
LittlefieldByram Littlefield; presumably Byron S. Littlefield1900
LordMyra Lord, perhaps the daughter of John and Catherine Lord and future wife of Eugene Doe1902, 1903
MaddoxMrs. Maddox - her burial mentioned in entry of July 18, 1900, but her mention is crossed out. Possibly Emily Jane (Gowen) Maddox, who died on July 17, 1900 at Standish, Maine; wife of Daniel A. Maddox1900
MansonC. Manson - came to see John Foss while he was ill in May 19021902
MasonMason place - a farm where John was often working1899, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904
MasonMr. Mason and wife; perhaps owner or absentee owner of the Mason Place, where John Foss frequently farmed1900
MasonMason place1899, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904
Meserve"Katie and Mrs. Meserve were here" - entry of May 25, 1902.1902
Mill?Evy Mill?1904
NelsonJ. Nelson1900
PalmerAunt Almira Palmer - Almira S. (Bean) Palmer, wife of Charles H. Palmer; sister of diarist Belle's mother Sarah (Bean) Huff; word of her death came on January 6, 1904. Daughter of Jeremiah Robinson Bean and Sarah (Cammett) Bean1902
PalmerC. Palmer - perhaps Charles Henry Palmer, Jr., stepson of Belle's maternal aunt Elmira or Almira S. (Bean) Palmer1903, 1904
PalmerJohn Palmer - perhaps stepson of Belle's maternal aunt Elmira or Almira S. (Bean) Palmer1904
PalmerPalmer's house burned on January 4, 1902 or January 5, 19021904
PartridgeMrs. Partridge1899
RickerRicker family1899
RickerFanny Ricker1899
RidlonF. Ridlon - they bought a pig from him in July1899
SawyerSawyer - owned a woodlot1904
SawyerMr. Sawyer1904
ScribnerB. Scribner - perhaps Bradford Scribner (1845-1910) of Hollis and Waterboro1899, 1900, 1903
ScribnerMrs. Scribner1904
SmithC. Smith1899
SmithC. W. Smith; presumably Charles W. Smith1899
SmithCon Smith - perhaps storeowner Constine D. Smith (1851-1917)1899, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904
SmithH. Smith1899
SmithH. Smith timber lot1899, 1900
SmithHod Smith or Had Smith - came to see John Foss while he was ill in May 19021900, 1902, 1903
SmithL. D. Smith - possibly Lorenzo D. Smith - John got beef from him on February 26, 1902; and who killed his pig on April 14, 19021900
SmithLaura Smith1900
SmithLen Smith or Lin Smith - perhaps Linwood A. Smith1902
SmithMelville Baxter Smith - his death noted in entry of September 10, 1899 and funeral noted in entry of September 13, 1899. Melville Baxter Smith (1845-1899), died at Hollis, Maine; son of Clement M. Smith and Phoebe Blake (Whitney) Smith and husband of Sarah Josephine Johnston1902
SmithMrs. Smith - diarist John Foss hauled wood to her place1902
SmithSmith place1904
SmithWill Smith1904
StaplesL. T. Staples or S. T. Staples - John bought steers from him. Perhaps Loring T. Staples of Parsonsfield1902
SwettSwett family - John and Isabelle Foss went to dinner at the Swetts' place1900
SwettGeorge Swett; went with John Foss to look for oxen for sale1899; 1904
SwettIda Swett - several possibilities1903
SwettMrs. Swett1903
TarboxEd Tarbox - presumably Edward A. Tarbox, husband of Jennie B. (Hooper) Tarbox1899
TarboxDiary mentions the September 25, 1899 reception of George Tarbox, presumably George Henry Tarbox (1856-1923) on the occasion of his marriage to second wife Marietta or Etta Davis on September 17, 18991899
TarboxEd Tarbox - presumably Edward A. Tarbox, husband of Jennie B. (Hooper) Tarbox1900
TarboxJ. B. Tarbox - his barn suffered damage in a thunder shower on July 25, 1900. Perhaps James Blaisdell Tarbox1900
Tarbox"Mrs. J. B. Tarbox buried"; entry of January 29, 1907 (fitted into the 1904 diary1904/1907
TaylorFrank Taylor of Cornish or Limington, Maine- John Foss bought a pair of oxen from him1904
Tompson/Thompson"The Tompson house blowed tonight"; entry of Saturday, February 24, 19001900
TraftonTrafton and Gough1900
TuftsElmer Tufts - perhaps Elmer E. Tufts of Limerick, Maine1899
WakefieldFrank Wakefield - bought apples from the Foss farm on October 13, 19001900, 1903
WakefieldJ. E. Wakefield - perhaps South Hollis Postmaster John E. Wakefield1903
WakefieldT. Wakefield1904
WarrenC. E. Warren - perhaps Charles E. Warren - and perhaps Charles Elmer Warren1899, 1900
WarrenElmer Warren - perhaps Charles Elmer Warren1900
WarrenFrank Warren - John Foss fixed boots for Frank Warren. Frank may have been James Franklin Warren, husband of Loantha C. (Bennett) Warren1902
WarrenMrs. Warren - her house burned on March 15, 18991903
WarrenWarren place1904
WatsonIda Watson - entries note September 3, 1899 death and September 6, 1899 funeral. Ida (Deering) Watson (1860-1899), died at Waterboro, Maine. She was the daughter of Ezekiel Deering and Abby (Brooks) Deering and the wife of Roscoe Gilbert Watson1899
WebberW. Webber1903
Elmer West - perhaps Elmer Frank West (1883-1951) of Waterboro, Maine
WhiteW. White1902
WoodwardJ. Woodward1903
YorkJ. York1904

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