Sunday, September 1, 2019

Less Populated Islands in Hancock County, Maine, in the 1820 Census

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An overview of Maine in the 1820 Census, with links to the 9 counties then existing and from there to the towns then existing, appears here.

Beech Island
  • Francis Appleton
  • Ralph Haycock
  • Asa Miller

Black Island
  • Benjamin Dorr
  • Butter Island
  • Eunadilla Weatherspoon
  • John Weatherspoon

Butter Island
  • Eunadilla Weatherspoon
  • John Weatherspoon

Duck Island
  • John Crane
  • John Hamilton

Eagle Island
  • Samuel Quinn

Great Spruce Head Island
  • James Munroe
  • Paul Walton
  • William Thomas
  • William Wright

Hog Island
  • Gray James or James Gray

Little Spruce Head Island
  • John Richardson

Long Island
  • Thomas Pomroy
  • William Pomroy
  • Asa Smith

Mark Island
  • Joshua Pendleton

Marshals Island
  • John Benson
  • James Sprague

Placentia Island
  • John Davis
  • Ebenezer Lane
  • Robert Mitchel
  • Joseph Remick
  • Elias Rich
  • John Walls

Pond Island
  • Prescott Powers

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