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Hampden, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Hampden, Maine, in Penobscot County, in the 1820 Census.  See below for a list of the names of heads of households.

Note: some online sources have mistakenly assigned two sheets of Newberg (now Newburgh, Maine) to Hampden, with the residents on those sheets attributed to Hampden.

The 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only, with a tally of everyone in the household by age range and gender.

The enumerated total population of Hampden, Maine, in 1820 was 1493.

The enumeration of Hampden appears on Sheets 62-70.  Use the arrows at the top left of each image to page forward and back.  In some sources online, more sheets for Hampden are indicated, but one such sheet has no names on it and, again, two are actually for Newberg (now Newburgh).

Note: the enumerator used phonetic spelling in many instances and even varied spellings within what appears to be the same family - i.e. Samuel Patterson and Samuel Paterson, Jr.  If a name is missing, check the ? surnames and any possible alternate spellings throughout the entire list.

If you notice errors or if you have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households
William ? - perhaps William Simon or something similar
? - extremely faint - surname might end in "an" or "am"
Entire name very faint - could be Jacob Dean or Sarah Dean
Jesse Arey - not sure of either name - very faint.
Robert O. ? - surname possibly Stronder or Sh*r
Dorson ? - perhaps Dorson Lincoln
Charles Whitney ? - both names very faint
Benjamin Goen or ?
John Ward or ?
Daniel ? - possibly St*er or St*es
Widdow Clarecy Ba? - possibly Clarissa (Bartlett) Barrows
John Abbot
Timothy Adams
Jesse Arey - not sure of either name - very faint.
Christopher Atwood
Ebenezar Atwood
Ezekiel Atwood
Joseph Atwood
Jeremiah Baker
Moses Baker
Widdow Clarecy Ba? - possibly Clarissa (Bartlett) Barrows
Jonathan Blasdel
Moses Blasdel
Richard S. Blasdel
Samuel Body or Samuel Bodg
Otis Brigs
Enoch Brown
Samuel Bugby
Joseph Carey
Robert Carey
Joseph Carter
James Cary
Josiah Cates
Samuel H. Cobb
Widow Nancy Cobb
William Cobb
Joshua Cole
Seth Cole
William Cornish
W? Mary Covell - possibly Widow Mary Covell
Solomon Covel
John Cowen
Jonathan Cowen
Benjamin Crosby
Ebenezar Crosby
James Crosby
John Crosby
William Crosby
Jacob Curtis
Entire name very faint - could be Jacob Dean or Sarah Dean
Freeman Dean
Jesse Dean
Amos Done or Amos Dore
Elisha Done or Elisha Dore
Amos Dow
Elias Dudley
Robert Duning
James Dunton
Benjamin Emerson
Nathan Emerson
Samuel Emerson
Benjamin Emery
Daniel Emery
John Emery
Nahum Emery
Widdow Mary Emery
William Farrington
Gorham Flag
William Fogg
William Foss
Widow Salley Fowler
Richard Garland
John Godfrey
John C. Goodale
Daniel Goold
John Goold
James Gorden
Prince Gorham
Simeon Gorton
Andrew Grant
Daniel Grant
Elisha Grant
Gooden Grant
Perez Hamlen
Austen Harden
Harford Harden
Read Harding
Amos Hardy
Benjamin Hardy
Samuel Hardy
Solomon Hardy
Benjamin Hegins
Cyrus Hegins
John Hegins
Seth Hegins
Widdow Jerusha Hegins
Widow Hannah Higins
William Hegins
Jedediah Herrick
Widdow Ruth Holebrook
Levi Holt
Allen Hopkins
Benjamin Hopkins
Isaac Hopkins
Isaac Hopkins
Joel Hopkins
Jonathan Hopkins
David Hues
Elisha Hues
David Jackson
Gabriel Johonnet
Jonathan Kindal
Nymphris Kinsley ?
Martin Kinsly
Freeman Knowles
George Knowles
James Knowles
Jonathan Knowles
Joshua Lain
Salvinus Leonard
Salvinus Leonard, Jr.
Daniel Lethers
Jesse Libby
Dorson ? - perhaps Dorson Lincoln
Widow Lydia March
William March or Marsh
Nathanial Mayhew
Elisha Mayhue
Esra Mayo
Hues Mayo - presumably Howes Mayo
Israel Mayo
James Mayo
James Mayo, Jr.
Joseph Mayo
Nathaniel Merick
Henery Miller
Henery Miller
James Miller
John Miller
John Miller
Robert Miller
Robert Miller, Jr.
Benjamin Murch
John Murch
Walter Murch
Joseph Myrick
Solomon Myrick
Ruben Newcomb
Jonathan Nickerson
Widdow Nource
James Nucomb
Daniel Packard
Ephram Packard
Jonathan Packard
Charles Page
Chace Parker
Nathaniel Parker
Andrew Paterson
Samuel Paterson, Jr.
David Patten
James Patten
Samuel Patten
Thomas Patten
William Patten
William Patten, Jr.
Samuel Patterson
William Pebody
James Philbrook
John Philips
Benjamin Porter
Asa Porter
Aaron Prowty
Arad H. Pumroy
James Pumroy
John Pumroy
William H. Reed
Cyrus Rice
Amos Rider
Isaac Robinson
Allen Rogers
Prince Rogers
Salvenas Rogers
Stephen Sawyer
Samuel Scott
William ? - perhaps William Simon or something similar
Jeremiah Simson
Jonathan Simson
Jonathan Simson, Jr.
Daniel Smith
Samuel Smith
Simon Smith
Asa Snowe
Freeman Snowe
Harden Snowe
Hennery Snowe
Micajah Snowe
Myrick Snowe
Salvinus Snowe
Thomas Snowe
William Snowe
James Stanly
Simeon Stetson
Simeon Stone
Ebenezar Stubs
Eldad Stubs
Ephram Stubs
Richard Stubs
Benjamin Swett
Andrew Tarr
Mordica Thayer
Nathaniel Turner
Sephus Turner
David Vose
Aaron Walker
Benjamin Walker
John Walles
Ebenezar Ward or Ebenezer Ware
John Ward or ?
Josiah Ware or Josiah Ward
Samuel Webber
Obediah West
Daniel Wheeler
Joel Wheeler
John Wheeler
Robert Wheeler
James White
Simon Whitmore
Charles Whitney ? - both names very faint
Daniel Whitney
Joseph Whitney
Nathan Whitney
Thomas Whitney
Oliver Wiswell
Bangs Young
Ebenezar Young
Ruben Young
Zebelon Young
Zebelon Young, Jr.

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