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Canaan, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Canaan, Maine, in Somerset County, in the 1820 Census.

Canaan set off a portion to Milburn (later Skowhegan) in 1823 and annexed portions of Warsaw (now Pittsfield) three times between 1824 and 1841 and annexed a portion of Hartland in 1849.

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only, with a tally of everyone in the household by age range and gender.

The enumeration of Canaan consists of Sheets 108-119; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings, which may have affected alphabetization.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households - phonetic spellings may have affected alphabetical order
? Too faint to decipher - perhaps E? B?
? A? - very faint - possibly ? Ames or Annis
? - too faint to decipher; possibly John Ames
A ? Adams - given name too faint to decipher
Isaac Ames - middle initial possibly F.
Jonas Ames
? Austin ? - too faint to decipher; possibly John Austin
Daniel Austin
B John Bagger
Betsey Bailey, Widow
Rebecca Bailey, Widow
Widow Annie Barrett
Abraham Baston or Barton
Joseph Baston or Barton
John Beal
Thomas Berry
Samuel Bickford
Dudley Blake
Charles Booker
Isaiah Booker
Joseph Booker
John Bowker
James Brawn or Brown
Reuben Brawn or Brown
William Brawn or Brown
Francis Brock
John Brock
David Bunker ?
Hull Burrill
Humphrey Burrill
Humphrey Burrill, Jr.
James Burrill
Ziba Burrill
Elisha Buzzel
Ezekiel Buzzel
Joseph Buzzel
C David Chandley
Benjamin Chase
Varnam Chase
John Clark
Aaron Colman
Aaron Colman, Jr.
Isaac Corson
John Corson
Seward Corson
William Corson or Carson
Morrell Currier
Thomas Currier
James Curtis
D Thomas Darlin
Ebenezer Doan
Jacob Doyen
John Dudley
Asa Dyer
E Benjamin Eaton, Captain
Benjamin Emery
Jonathan Emery
F Benjamin Fairbanks
James Fairbrother
George Fish
Daniel Foster
John E. French
Eliot Frost
James Frye
G Ebenezer Gardner
Joshua Gardner
Christopher F. Gerald
Daniel F. Gerald or David F. Gerald
George F. Gerald
Briant Gleason
David Goodridge
Eben Goodridge
Jeremiah Goodridge
Jonathan Goodridge
Noah Goodridge
Oliver Goodridge
Samuel Goodridge
James Goodwin
James Goodwin, 2nd
Jeremiah Goodwin
Samuel Goodwin
William Graves
John Greenough
H John Haines
Joseph Haskell
Alpheus Hayden
Andrew Herrin
Daniel Herrin, Jr.
Henry Herrin
Samuel Herrin
Timothy Herrin
William Herrin
George Hobs
Levi Hobs
Stephen Hobs
Joseph Hodgdin
Levi Holman
Stephen Holman
Alva Holt
Asa Holt
Isaac Holt, Captain
Jonathan Holt
Jonathan Holt, Jr.
Abel Homsted
Daniel Homsted
Timothy Homsted
Sarah Hook, Mrs.
Joseph Hubbard
Nathaniel Hubbard
Samuel Hutcherson
I Jeremiah A. Ireland
Joseph Ireland, Captain
Samuel Ireland
J Joseph Jenkins
Enos Jewel
Edmund Joy
Jeremiah Joy
K Peltiah Keay
David Kidder, Esq.
Jacob Kimbal
Benjamin Kindall
David Kindall
L John Lambert
Sherebiah Lambert
Abial Lancaster
David Levitt
James Levitt
Susan Levitt, Miss
Benjamin Libby
Windsor Lord
James Lowe
Butler Lumber
Jonson Lunt
Dudley Lyford
M Moses Manson
Samuel Mastin or Martin
Andrew McCrillis
William Mckinney
James Merrill
Joseph Merrill, Elder
Joseph Merrill, Esq.
Stephen Moor
Joseph Morrison
N David Nayson
Nahum Nayson
William Nayson
Daniel Nelson
William Newland
Joseph Noble
Dorothy Norton, Mrs.
M. P. Norton
P Daniel Parkman
Daniel Parkman, Jr.
Joseph Pattin
Josiah Parlin
Abigail Pattin, Miss
Joseph Pattin, Captain
Joseph Peavey
Samuel Peavey
William Pettigrove
Sophia Pollard, Mrs.
Timothy Pollard
John Pooler, Captain
Joseph Pooler
Adam Powers
Jacob Pratt
James Pratt
Jedediah Pribble
R William Rand
Benjamin Read
Levi Richerson
Samuel Richerson
Reuben Ricker
Trustom Ricker
Elizabeth Rines, Mrs.
George Rines
Peter Robinson
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson, Jr.
Benjamin Rowe
Calvin Russell
James Russell
S Newell Samborn
Stephen Saulsburary - presumably variant of Salsbury
Willard Sears
Nathaniel Shaw
Henry Sibley
Peter Sibley
Gideon Simons
Jonathan Sinkler
Hugh Smily
Abraham Smith
Gillman Smith
Josiah Smith
Gideon Soule
William Soule
William Soule, Jr.
Thomas Spaulding
Daniel Steward, Esq.
John Steward
John Steward, Jr.
Josiah Steward
Thomas P. Steward
Dudley L. Swain
T Robert Thomas
Ebenezer B. Turner
Asa Tuttle
Eli Tuttle
Levi Tuttle
Sarah Tuttle, Sarah
Wintoth Tuttle, Esq. - presumably Wentworth Tuttle
W Daniel Waldon
Isaac Waldon
Edward Walker
Gideon Walker
Jonathan Walker
Ephraim Ward
John Waymouth
John Webb
Sally Weston, Mrs.
Samuel Weston
Jonas Wheeler
Jonas Wheeler, Jr.
Samuel Wheeler
Benjamin Whidden
James Whidden
James Whidden, Jr.
John Whidden, 2nd
Benjamin White
Benjamin White, 2nd
James White
Nathaniel B. White
William White
John Whitman
John Whitten
Samuel Wilshire
Jonathan Woodman
Daniel Wyman
James Wyman
John Wyman, Colonel
Y Samuel Young
Stephen Young


  1. "Briant" Gleason, Canaan, ME, is listed as "Bryant" Gleason in Family Tree.
    (Born 1794 in Oakland, Maine, USA. Died 28 Jan 1873 in Canaan, Maine, USA)

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to comment! Yes, it was probably meant to be Bryant - but maybe the owner and/or the enumerator wasn't aware of how most people spelled it - and I chose to use it the way it appeared on the original form, with a caveat at the beginning of the list. And, also, many thanks for the additional information - glad he got to live a long life, hopefully a happy and productive one.