Sunday, November 27, 2016

CDV of Woman IDed as L. A. Carlton; Photographed by Hinds of North Vassalboro, Maine

Carte de Visite of a woman identified on the reverse, in contemporary handwriting, as L. A. Carlton.

This CDV was found with the CDV of E. H. Cook, by Charles C. Hartwell, also of North Vassalboro, Maine.

L. A. Carlton may have been Lydia A. Carlton, who was enumerated in the 1850-1870 Censuses of Vassalboro, Maine, and was presumably the Lydia Ann Carlton who married George B. Hoyte on September 12, 1872 at Vassalboro, Maine.  Another record is indexed with the marriage date as September 11, 1872, and the groom's name as George B. Hoyt.  Lydia was born about 1822, possibly the daughter or granddaughter of Thomas Carlton.  Lydia A. Hoyt died at Augusta, Maine, in 1908.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or an alternative theory for L. A. Carlton, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

  • U.S. Federal Censuses
  • Maine Marriages, 1771-1907
  • Maine Death Records, 1617-1922 


  1. Lydia Ann Carleton born Woolwich in 1806 who married John L. Gray was my great, great grandmother. Even tho the chin is somewhat of a family trait, I think this picture was too late to be her. She married young and would have been L.A. Gray.

    1. Perhaps they're aunt and niece or related some other way. Thanks for commenting!