Saturday, November 12, 2016

Carte de Visite of Mrs. Polly Waterman, possibly from Maine

Carte de Visite of an elderly woman identified on the reverse as Mrs. Polly Waterman; she appears to be in mourning.  Sadly, no studio imprint to give a clue to locale.

The CDV came with a collection of photographs, most of which, but not all, depict people from Maine, some from the Livermore Falls area.   See the comments section for an intriguing prospect.

If you recognize Mrs. Polly Waterman from your family photographs and/or research, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. Maybe this lady, living with her son in Auburn, Maine, from 1860 to 1880.

    1860 Census, Town of Auburn, Androscoggin, Maine, United States

    Ira T Waterman M 34 Maine
    Mary A Waterman F 27 Maine
    Charles A Waterman M 3 Maine
    Herburt Waterman M 1 Maine
    Polly Waterman F 64 Maine



    1. I would love to think that, Ed, since I knew some Watermans when I lived in Androscoggin County! Will give a heads up in the body of the post to check out your comment.

    2. Just in case this is the right person:

      According to a few trees on rootsweb, Polly was the third wife of Lodowick Waterman b 1789, Auburn ME, d 29 Feb 1860, Auburn, ME. Ira, with whom she is living in 1860 to 1880, was the son of Lodowick's second wife Mary Shaw.

      here is one of the trees:

      The trees have her maiden name as Larabee, and a Polly Larabee married Lodowick on 15 April 1836, in Minot, Androscoggin Co, ME. She'd have been 40 at the time.

      Her burial record doesn't include her maiden name.

  2. There is also a Polly Smith who married Superan Waterman (1800-1859). They lived in Sharon, VT.