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1833 Deed, Saco, Maine: William Dearing of Waterboro, Maine, to Cornelius Boothby of Saco, Maine

Deed signed on November 11, 1833 where William Dearing and wife Eunice Dearing of Waterboro, Maine, sold a parcel of land at Saco, Maine, to Cornelius Boothby of Saco.  

The deed was witnessed by Isaac Dearing and Orinda Dearing and was signed in the presence of Isaac Dearing, Justice of the Peace.  The deed was recorded with Jeremiah Goodwin, Register of Deeds for York County, Maine.

The description of the parcel notes that it was about sixty acres in size and was the same lot that Cornelius Boothby had purchased from Joseph Scammon 3 in 1820.  Whether the Dearings had a lien on the land or whether Cornelius had sold it previously to William Dearing and was purchasing it back, I don't know.  The description further mentions that the 1820 deed contained a more particular description of the parcel.

Eunice Dearing signed the deed to extinguish her dower interest in the parcel.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

William Dearing, Jr., was born March 24, 1776 at Waterboro, Maine, son of William Dearing and Sarah (Rumery) Dearing.  On September 24, 1806 at Waterboro, Maine, William, Jr., married Eunice Harper, daughter of Samuel Harper, Jr., and Sarah (Godfrey) Harper.    William died February 7, 1860 and Eunice on January 10, 1865. They're buried in the Deering Cemetery at Waterboro, Maine.

The Orinda Dearing who witnessed the deed was presumably the daughter of William Dearing and Eunice (Harper) Dearing.  Orinda was born May 20, 1808 at Biddeford, Maine.

The Isaac Dearing who witnessed the deed and was perhaps also the Justice of the Peace was a brother to William Dearing, Jr.  Isaac married Clarissa Harper in 1825.  Clarissa was a sister to Eunice (Harper) Dearing, so this was a case of two brothers marrying two sisters.

Isaac Dearing died December 16, 1872, and Clarissa not far behind, on January 3, 1873.  They're also buried in the Deering Cemetery at Waterboro, Maine.

Cornelius Boothby had more than a business relationship with the Dearing family.  He married Margaret [or Margery] Dearing, a sister to William Dearing, Jr., and Isaac Dearing.  Cornelius was born November 18, 1777, son of Samuel and Margaret Boothby.  Cornelius may have been the Capt. Cornelius Boothby, who died on February 25, 1849, and whose birth year was estimated to be 1774.

According to the Wentworth Genealogy, English and American, Volume 1, Jeremiah Goodwin was born July 1, 1786 in Eliot, Maine, son of Daniel Goodwin and Sarah (Hobbs) Goodwin.  He was a paymaster in the War of 1812 and was later a postmaster at Alfred, Maine, and the York County Register of Deeds for 20 years.  He died July 31, 1857 at Great Falls, New Hampshire.

If you have corrections and/or additions, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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