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c1900 Four Generation Photograph: Matriarch Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes of Waterford, Maine & Malden, Massachusetts; Children & Grandson

NOTE of November 17, 2020: be sure to check the comments section for extensive information on these families.

Four generation photograph:  The surname is shown as Haines, but most records shows this family as Haynes.

Although the location wasn't given, the names provided enough clues to the family's identity.
  • Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes of Waterford, Maine, and, later, Massachusetts; widow of William Mansfield Haynes
  • Mary Jane's daughter Jennie Louise (Haynes) Hammond
  • Jennie's husband Frank Hammond
  • Mary Louise Hammond, daughter of Jennie Louise (Haynes) Hammond and Frank Hammond
  • Paul Haynes Hammond, son of Jennie Louise (Haynes) Hammond and Frank Hammond
  • Aunt Louise Haynes

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes was born September 8, 1834 at Freeport, Maine, the daughter of Winthrop William Hoyt and Jane (Sawin) Hoyt.  On June 25, 1851 at Waterford, Maine, or at Greenland, New Hampshire, Mary Jane married William Mansfield Haynes or Haines, son of Samuel Haines and Eliza (Mansfield) Haines.   William was born Greenland, New Hampshire on January 26, 1824.  He served in the Civil War.

William and Mary Jane farmed at Waterford, Maine, and had at least four children, one of whom was Jennie Louise Haynes, who married Frank Sproule Hammond, son of Thomas Hammond and Mary J. (Workman) Hammond.  Jennie and Frank had, I believe, three children, one of whom, William Francis Hammond, had died by the time this photograph was taken.  The other two, both shown in the photograph, were Mary Louise Hammond and Paul Haynes Hammond.

By 1900, presumably around the time the photograph was taken, Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes was living at Malden, Massachusetts with daughter Jennie Louise (Haynes) Hammond and her family.  Mary Jane's husband William Mansfield Haynes had died in 1893; Mary Jane died in 1908.  They're buried in the Elm Vale Cemetery at Waterford, Maine.

The other person in the photograph is Aunt Louise Haines, who may have been a sister-in law, daughter, daughter-in-law or other relative of  Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes and William Mansfield Haynes.

If you have corrections, additions and/or clarifications to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. This information is essentially correct. I have a photocopy of a Bible record that includes this family. Some details differ but I can't vouch for which is correct:
    Mary Jane Hoyt married William Haynes 10 Jun 1851 (this differs from 29 Jun 1851 stated in "Deacon Samuel Haines of Westbury, Wiltshire, England and his descendants in America, 1635-1901."

    The father of Mary Jane Hoyt, according to the Bible record, was William C. Hoyt (not Winthrop William Hoyt).

    Of the children of Jennie Louise Haynes and Frank Sproule Hammond, a son William Francis Hammond died 25 Mar 1889. Another son Paul Haynes Hammond was born 18 Jun 1890. The boy in the photo looks to be about 5 or 6 years old, so the photo was probably taken about 1895-96.

    The Aunt Louise in the photo can be guessed from the family Bible records. She was Mary Jane Hoyt's half sister. Mary Jane Hoyt's mother was Jane Sawin, who m.1 William C. Hoyt. Mary Jane was their only child. He died 6 Mar 1834, and she m.2 7 May 1837 Josiah Monroe. They had seven children, including Louise Frances Monroe b. 2 Mar 1844. This would have been Jennie (Haynes) Hammond's aunt. Aunt Louise m. 13 Dec 1872 as his second wife E. Frank Wood, who died at Hyde Park, Mass. 16 Jan 1882. Aunt Louise was still living at Hyde Park, about 14 miles from Malden, until at least 1910. Although she is identified on the back of the photo as Aunt Louise Haines, she was not a Haynes but a Monroe, and her married surname was Wood.

    I am confused or uncertain about who is in fact whom in the photo. Mary Jane, as the oldest, is probably the woman on the left. The next oldest would have been Aunt Louise, possibly the woman on the right, with the boy Paul between them, but the writing in ink suggests that is Jennie. Of the two women in front, both look young, though the one on the left is blurred. The writing on the front suggests she may be Aunt Louise. But does she look 50 years old? Jennie was born 23 Feb 1863 so she would have been about 33, and her daughter Mary Louise Hammond (she is called "M. Louise" in the Bible, so she went by "Louise") was born 9 Oct 1883. She would have been the youngest woman pictured and in 1896 would have been 13--maybe the woman with the blurred face?

    Thank you for recovering and preserving this photograph!

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to provide this information!

  2. I need to amend this. What I described above is just three generations, and the back of the photo says 4 generations! The paragraph in my previous comment identifying Aunt Louise--well, that's true but I don't think she is one of those pictured because this is a 4 generation picture.

    Again this is a guess, but one possibility is that the missing generation is the oldest. That could be Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes' mother, Jane (Sawin) Hoyt Monroe. This is better than just a wild guess, because Jane (Sawin) Hoyt Munroe lived with her daughter at the end of her life and died in Malden in 1899. Following this scenario, the generations would be:

    1. Jane (Sawin) Hoyt Munroe (1813-1899) oldest woman upper left. Died in Malden.

    2. Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes (1834-1908) next oldest woman upper right. Widowed in 1893, living with her daughter Jennie in Malden in 1900.

    3. Jennie Louise (Haynes) Hammond (1863-1951) woman in front right. Married 1 Jan 1883
    Frank Sproule Hammond (1864–1938), pictured in center rear. They lived in Malden.

    4. The two surviving children of Jennie and Frank Hammond:
    a. Mary Louise Hammond (1883-1969)woman front left (referred to by the ink writer as
    b. Paul Haynes Hammond (1890-1966)boy in center

    What is confusing about this identification is that someone later identified two people as Mrs. Haines and Aunt Louise Haines. I initially dismissed the references to Haines as a misspelling of Haynes, and confusion with Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes. But Mary Jane (Hoyt) Haynes was the mother of Jenny (Haynes) Hammond, and someone who labeled the photo as Uncle Frank and Aunt Jenny would have thought of Jenny's mother as their grandmother, not as Mrs. Haines or Aunt Louise Haines.

    Another scenario is that the 4 generations refer to Frank Hammond's family, not to Jenny's family. This deserves further investigation and I apologize for possibly adding to the confusion.

    1. Again, many thanks! As to possible confusion, I know the feeling, having once posted a photograph of a man from Thomaston, Maine, that had a name on the reverse; researched him, found out he was a sea captain and made the blog post. Turns out a descendant recognized the man in the photograph, and he was NOT the person whose name appeared on the reverse, but they were colleagues. Presumably the man named on the reverse was the person intended to RECEIVE the photograph. How often does this happen? Often enough for us to be aware of the possibility...