Wednesday, November 2, 2016

c1900 Photograph of Young Woman IDed as Miss M. Bailey at Highlandville, Massachusetts

c1900 photograph of a young woman identified on the reverse as Miss M. Bailey of Highlandville, Massachusetts.  The photograph was taken at the Manhattan Studio at 29-1/2 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

I'm not sure which Highlandville is meant by the identification.  There was a Highlandville in the town of Haverhill, Massachusetts, and another in the town of Needham, Massachusetts.  Additionally, the name Miss M. Bailey is not much to go on, as there are too many possibilities.

Some possibilities, and there are no doubt many more:

  • Mary Bailey living at Boston, Massachusetts in 1900 with mother Mary and siblings, who had immigrated from Canada about 1890.  Mary was a dressmaker - if she is the Miss M. Bailey in the photograph, she most likely  made the dress she is wearing.
  • May Bailey living at Needham, Massachusetts in 1900.  According to the U.S. Census, she was born about December 1872 in Connecticut, daughter of Whitney Bailey.
  • Mary Bailey living at Boston, Massachusetts in 1900-, born about October 1869 in Massachusetts, daughter of Richard Bailey.

Perhaps a reader will recognize Miss M. Bailey from family photographs and/or research and will share information about her.

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