Tuesday, January 19, 2016

c1896 CDV of Edwin and Isa (Coad) Rowe and Child, Presumably in Chile

c1896 Carte de Visite of a family, presumably taken in Chile.  The portion of the photograph dedicated to the studio imprint is partially missing, but the text of what remains is in Spanish.

Handwriting on the reverse:  Papa's mother's sister Isa Coad

Thanks to the clue, I was able to find an Edwin Rowe and wife Isa (Coad) Rowe on records of their children's births at Copiapo, Chile, in the Atacama region.   Their children:
  1. Eva Mildred Coad Rowe, born May 8, 1886
  2. Victor Georje Coad Rowe, born September 6, 1892
  3. Miriam Irene Coad Rowe, born January 25, 1894
The child in the photograph appears to be a boy, which is why I dated the photograph to 1896.  However, it's disconcerting that the two daughters would have been alive at that time, unless something happened to them in early childhood.  Perhaps the child is Eva, and the photograph dates to about 1890, before the other two children were born.  Or perhaps there was an earlier son born.

If you have information on this family, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Interestingly, the name Edwin Rowe pops up in links to Chile even today; perhaps the family stayed and grew.

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