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1895 Photograph, Possibly Graduation Photograph, of Lizzie A. Rowe, Graduate of Eastern State Normal School at Castine, Maine

Note of January 9, 2016:  Lizzie A. Rowe has been identified by a relative as Elizabeth A. Rowe, "Lizzie", of Charleston, Maine, daughter of Charles A. and Mary J. (Lavery) Rowe.  She was reportedly a very strict teacher.

c1893 photograph, possibly a graduation photograph, of Lizzie A. Rowe, presumably taken while she was at Eastern State Normal School at Castine, Maine.  The photograph was taken by the Tuttle studio of Belfast, Maine, presumably at its Castine branch.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

From brief online research and with help from a reader:

Lizzie A. Rowe was born about July 1868 at Charleston, Maine, the daughter of Charles and Mary J. (Lavery) Rowe.   By 1900, she was working as a school teacher in Charleston or the area.  She was still teaching and living with family members at the time of the 1910 Census, after which I lost track of her, until her death in 1931.

Lizzie is buried, as Elizabeth A. Rowe (1868-1931), with her brother George A. Rowe and his wife Clara A. (Rollins) Rowe at Corinthian Cemetery at Corinth, Maine.

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