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1909 Commencement Program for Ricker Classical Institute at Houlton, Maine

1909 commencement program for Ricker Classical Institute at Houlton, Maine.  The program was held at the First Baptist Church at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, June 16. 1909.

Houlton Academy was founded in 1848 and renamed Ricker Classical Institute in 1887.  It became Ricker Junior College in 1932 and subsequently Ricker College and operated until 1878.  Find more information here.

Other Ricker items featured on this blog include a 1907 commencement program; a 1945 fund raising letter; and three photographs, presumably of students at Ricker Classical Institute.

The 1909 program featured in this post measures approximately 6-3/4" by 4-1/2" and consists of an outer jacket and four pages. There's no printer's marking.  Click on any image to enlarge it.

Names on the facing pages above:

Violet Eveleen Robinson, Salutatory  [above 90% scholastic average in the College Course]
Pansy Helen Taylor, "Norse Myths and Legends"  [English Course]
Marion Evelyn Smith, "Our Naturalists"  [Vice-President of the Class; College Course]
Charles Wilmot Ford, "The American Citizen"  [College Course]
Florence Bernice McElwee,  " Shakespeare's London"  [Normal Course]
Ethel Luella Bamford, "Self-Education"  [English Course]
Roy Frederick Good, "Aerial Navigation"  [English Course]
Percy E. McGary, "The World Cruise"  [College Course]
Anna Cummings Berry, "Chinese Women"  [Latin Scientific Course]
Grace Currier, "A Plea for the Common Schools"  [Normal Course]
Mae Adella Sawyer, "Perils of Success"  [English Course]
William Olin Buzzell, "A Trained President"  [Latin Scientific Course]
Ida Josephine White, "A Life of John Ruskin"  [English Course]
Lelia B. Smith, "Homes of Famous Poets"  [Latin Scientific Course]
Hal Caldon Cushman, Class History  [Latin Scientific Course]
Plooma Putnam Crowther, Class Prophecy  [College Course]
Glenwood G. Tilley, Address to Undergraduates  [President of the Class; Latin Scientific Course]
Florence Ingersoll, Valedictory  [Secretary and Treasurer of the Class; above 90% scholastic average in the College Course]

Above, the "Class Ode", written by F. I., in '90, which might be Florence Ingersoll '09, rather than '90.

If you have stories about any of the graduates listed above, please leave a comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

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