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1897 Exhibition of Thomas N. Hart School at South Boston, Massachusetts

Eighth Annual Exhibition of the Thomas N. Hart School of South Boston, Massachusetts, held on Monday, June 28, 1897 at 7:30 o'clock P.M.

One sheet of paper, approximately 12" by nearly 9", folded into a final dimension of 6" by nearly 9".

Some of the names on the inside pane consist of partial initials. To find out the given name, sometimes with the middle name added, please refer to the list of graduates at the end of this post.

Names mentioned on the cover:

Division Committee
William T. Eaton, Chairman
William H. Bowdlear
Archibald T. Davison
William J. Gallivan
Gustav Liebmann

Miss M. J. Stewart

Below, left inside pane

Names on the page above:

Walter F. Curtis, original address, Salutatory
John J. Noonan, reading "The American Citizen" by Eugene Davis
John J. Conley, reading "The Piece of Red Calico" by Anonymous
John F. Plunkett, reading "Erin's Flag" by Father Ryan
F. W. Stockemer, reading "The Weather" by Mark Twain
W. P. Higgins, reading "The Race" by E. W. Wilcox
Harry C. Curtis, piano piece "Piano Polo" by Edgecomb
J. F. Mahar, reading "Tribute to Boyle O'Reilly" by Austen
A. W. Bosworth, reading "The Old Bachelor" from Harper's Magazine
George Mulford, performing solo, "Angus Macdonald", by Roekel
Isaiah Snow, reading "The Black Brigade" by Pickett

Singing "The Wishing Song":
J. Green               W. Riley              George Greene
W. Curtis             F. Moore            G. Sullivan
T. Furlong            S. Belmont          J. Conley

Below, right inside pane:

Names on the page above:

John Green, reading "The Women of Mumbles Head", by Anonymous
F. V.  Moore, reading "The Old Lady's Troubles", by George Kyle
L. P. Blanchard, reading "The Drummer Boy", by Rexford
George Wilkinson, reading "Signing the Declaration", by Anonymous
J. E. Collins, reading "How Father explained the question", by Anonymous
J. T. Wiswell, piano solo of a Polish Dance by Scharwankar

Dialogue recited and sung by 13 boys representing the 13 original states and historical figures, including those named below:

Sidney A. Belmont - Massachusetts
J. J. Coholan - George Washington
J. H. Skillings, Lafayette
G. E. Carroll - Steuben
W. F. Chase - General Stark
George J. Greene - Virginia
O. E. Webber - General Gates
H. G. Lyons - General Wayne
J. C. Meehan - Paul Jones
J. P. Fitzgerald - General Marion

William J. Riley, delivering his original address, the Valedictory

William T. Eaton - presentation of diplomas

Teachers on the staff

John F. Dwight, Principal
John D. Philbrick, Sub-Master
Miss M. J. Stewart, First Assistant
Miss J. F. McKissick
Miss M. B. Powers
Miss L. I. Provan
Miss E. J. Channell
Miss A. G. Hyde
Miss B. Peirce
Miss F. Harlow
Miss C. L. Prescott

List of Graduates, Class of 1897

Sidney Alpheus Belmont
Harry N. Belt
Harry A. Berg
Amasa Westcott Bosworth
Reginald L. Brown
Luther P. Blanchard
George E. F. Carroll
Abraham H. Caro
William F. Chase
John J. Coholan
Joseph E. F. Collins
John J. Conley
Frank J. Cooke
Harry C. Curtis
Walter F. Curtis
John P. Fitzgerald
William H. Forbes
Thomas J. Furlong
George J. Greene
John F. Greene
William P. Higgins
Fred A. Hull
Herbert G. Lyons
John T. Mahar
John C. Meehan
Francis V. Moore
George A. Mulford
John J. Noonan
John F. O'Keeffe
Alfred E. Perkins
Edward H. Phillips
John F. Plunkett
William J. Riley
James H. Skillings
Isaiah F. Snow
Frederick W. Stockemer
Arthur Sullivan
Frank T. Sullivan
Osmon E. Webber
Alfred H. Whitney
George J. Wilkinson
Ellerton T. Williams
James Tilly Wiswell

If you have stories to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

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