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c1880s Commencement Program of Maine Wesleyan Seminary & Female College at Kents Hill, Readfield, Maine

c1880s commencement program of the Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College, located at Kents Hill in Readfield, Maine.  This institution is now known as Kents Hill School.

The commencement took place at Thursday, June 7, at 10 o'clock A.M.  Music was provided by Ballard's Orchestra, with assistance from Mrs. Ada Cary Sturgis, a noted Maine contralto.

The program is comprised of one sheet of paper measuring 8-1/2" by 6"; folded once to a dimension of 4-1/4" by 6".  It was printed by A. M. Chase & Co., Printers, Bryant's Pond, Maine.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Names on the left pane above:

Pedro Gillot y Fernandez of Gibara, Cuba  [I found that he later excelled at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and spent part of his time at Wesleyan in Heidelberg, Germany.] - Salutatory
Cora A. Wilson of North Anson, Maine - essay "War"
Herbert E. Cobb of Searsmont, Maine - essay "Independence"
May E. Godding of Windsor, Maine - essay "Do This"
John W. Farrar of Searsmont, Maine - essay "English Rule in Ireland"
Phrone S. Knowles of Augusta, Maine - essay "Where Shall We Anchor?"  [Presumably Sophronia S. Knowles, born September 22, 1858, daughter of John and Sarah Ann (Wade) Knowles

Names on right pane above:

Charles W. Richards of Richmond, Maine - essay "Arthur's Administration"
Carrie L. Rogers of Belgrade, Maine - "Our Educators"
Lyman U. Cole of Livermore Falls, Maine - "Purpose in Life"
Kate E. Rollins of Vassalboro, Maine - "Triumphs of Enterprise"
Winnie F. Dutton of New Sharon, Maine - "Iconoclasts"
J. Warren Corson of New Sharon, Maine - "The Citizen"  [Presumably John Warren Corson, who moved to Seattle and practiced law there.]
Cora Grahame Knight of East Rumford,  Maine - "The Heritage of the Scholar" - Valedictory


College Course
Winnie F. Dutton
Cora Grahame Knight
Carrie L. Rogers

College Preparatory Course
Herbert E. Cobb
John W. Farrar
Pedro Gillot y Fernandez

Seminary Classical Course
Lyman U. Cole
J. Warren Corson

Seminary Scientific Course
Charles W. Richards
May E. Godding
Kate E. Rollins
Cora A. Wilson

Normal Course
Phrone S. Knowles

If you have information on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

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