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1907 Commencement Program for Ricker Classical Institute of Houlton, Maine

1907 Commencement program for Ricker Classical Institute at Houlton, Maine.  The exercises were held at the First Baptist Church on Wednesday, June 19, 1907.

Houlton Academy was founded in 1848 and renamed Ricker Classical Institute in 1887.  It became Ricker Junior College in 1932 and subsequently Ricker College and operated until 1978.  Find more information here.

Other Ricker items featured in this blog include a 1909 commencement program; a 1945 fund raising letter; and three photographs, presumably of students at Ricker Classical Institute.

The program is comprised of a single sheet, approximately 8-1/2" x 7", folded once to a final dimension of 4-1/4" x 7".  There's also a thicker stock piece inside that measures about 12-1/2" by 5" and is folded twice to a final dimension of about 6-1/4" by 2-3/4", as shown below, when unfolded once.

The piece above was printed by E. A. Wright of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Names on the facing panes above

Annie Emeline Oliver, Salutatory
John Garfield Bishop, "Progress of Japan" [shown in the list of graduates as Garfield J. Bishop]
Charles Granville Reed, "Thomas Edison"
Charles Morton Milliken, "Maine's New Railroad"
Franc Bugbee, "Anglo-Americanism"
Fred Robie Johnston, "Volcano Heralds"
Clara Sharp, "Social Settlements in America"
George William Holyoke, "The Indian Reservation Problem"
Henrietta N. Reed, "Famous Singers of Maine"
Colby Lester Estabrooke, "Farming in Aroostook"
Pansy Mary Felch, "Scenes from Dickens"
Fred Record Logan, "Life of Horace Mann"
Annie Edna Fleming, "Famous Friendships"
Frank Brick Quincy, "Choice of Companions"
Wendell Abbott Sharp, "John Wanamaker"
Guy Winifred Vail, "Prohibition in Maine"
Myrtle Blanche Niles, "The Modern Hero"
William Adelbert Tracy, "The Duties of an American Citizen"
Sadie L. Noyes, "Life Work of Pestalozzi"
Kathylene Cecilia Spain, "The Author of Baby Bell"
Leon Clive Tarbell, "Franklin, the Philosopher"
Julia Amelia Wibby, "Madame Rolan"
Thomas P. Packard, "John Hay, the Diplomat"
George Fields Dow, "The Women of America"
Geneva Richmond, "The Gifts of Nature"
Louise Newcomb Buzzell, Class History
Ray Wood Hogan, Class Prophecy
John Baptiste Pelletier, Address to Undergraduates
Renworth R. Rogers, Valedictory

Honors in Scholarship - 90% or above
John B. Bishop
Louise N. Buzzell
Annie E. Fleming
C. Morton Milliken
Annie E. Oliver
Renworth R. Rogers
Clara Sharp
William A. Tracy

The back page lists the graduates by the Course they took.  There are no new names beyond those listed on the facing pages.

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

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