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1902 Program of Founder's Day at Nute High School at Milton, New Hampshire

Program for Founder's Day at Nute High School at Milton, New Hampshire, on February 14, 1902.  The program, which measures approximately 6-3/4" by 5-1/2", is comprised of a jacket and 4 pages.

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Debate topic:  Resolved, that the Ship Subsidy bill (s. 727) introduced by Senator Frye of  Maine is the most economical theory yet advocated to promote the commerce and to increase the foreign trade of the United States and to provide auxiliary cruisers, transports, and seamen for government use when necessary.

A November 23, 1901 article in the Lewiston Daily Sun of Lewiston, Maine, notes a lecture U. S. Senator William Pierce Frye of Lewiston gave in Boston on "National Legislation Concerning Steamship Subsidies, and New England's Interest in the Country's Increasing Foreign Commerce".

Names, in order of their appearance on the facing pages above:

Katherine Molly Jones, Milton
Ruth Lyman Fall, Milton
Robert Edmond Jones, Milton
Ethel Shepard, Kittery Point, Maine
Robert Everett Muttart, Union
Annie May Jenkins, Milton
Clarence William Hall, Milton
Blanche Brown Pineo, Ossipee
Lawrence Corson Hayes, Milton
Charles Eugene Putnam, Milton

Piano Solo
Mark Shumway Dickey, Milton

Names, in order of their appearance on the final page of text above:

The Misses Chase; Edgerly; Eldridge; FellowsFoss; Getchell; Horne; Jenkins; Lowd; MeiklePikePlummer; Tuck; Warren; and Wentworth

Misses Calkins; Dore; Fall; Huse; Jones; Pineo; Runnels; and Shepard

Messrs Geyer; Hall; G. Hayes; L. Hayes; W. Hayes; Hersam; Jones; Muttart; Peacock; Pike; Pinkham; Putnam; Scott; Shorey; Tarbell; and Tuck

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