Monday, January 3, 2022

c1892 Photograph of Moses King, Jr., (1832-1927) of Lewiston, Maine

c 1892 Photograph of a man identified on the reverse as Moses King, Jr., of Lewiston, Maine.  Other handwriting notes that he was 60 years old and that his anniversary was October 11.  

I found an October 5, 1858 marriage intention for Moses, then of Pittston, Maine, and Miss Lucy A. Ware of Lewiston, Maine, recorded by Lewiston, Maine, town clerk E. P. Tobie.

Since Moses King, Jr., (1832-1927) was born in 1832, this photograph was presumably taken in 1892.  Moses was actually Moses King III. 
Moses was a carpenter and brick maker; he and Lucy had, I believe, four children, one of whom died young.  Moses and Lucy Ann are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Lewiston, Maine, with two of their children.

If you have information to share on Moses King and his family, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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