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1905/1906 Program of Women's Christian Temperance Union, at Willard Union in Calais, Maine

1905/1906 program for the Women's Christian Temperance Union, W.C.T.U., at Willard Union in Calais, Maine.  

Willard Union was presumably named in honor of Frances Elizabeth Willard (1839-1938), educator and temperance reformer.

One piece of cardstock folded once into final dimension of approximately 6-1/4" by 3-1/2".  Handwriting appears on all panes.

  • Mrs. E. M. Vose, President
  • Mrs. C. B. Collins, Corresponding Secretary
  • Mrs. Thomas Boyd, Recording Secretary - perhaps Margaret (Cockburn) Boyd (1844-1919), second wife of Thomas Boyd (1841-1914)
  • Mrs. J. D. Bates, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Atkinson, Vice President
  • Mrs. McKeller, Vice President
  • Mrs. Dutch, Vice President
  • Mrs. Condell, Vice President
  • Mrs. Randall, Vice President
Names above:
  • Mrs. W. S. McKellar
  • Mrs. William Woods
  • Miss Winifred Vose (1879-1976), would marry Everett Richardson (1879-1969) in 1911
  • Mrs. W. J. Fowler
  • Mrs. Emily Dutch - presumably Emily P. (Cleaves) Dutch (1846-1909), wife of Winslow S. Dutch
  • Mrs. C. B. Rounds
  • Mrs. E. M. Vose, twice mentioned
  • Mrs. F. N. Davis, mentioned twice
  • Mrs. A. H. Eaton, mentioned twice
  • Mrs. G. H. McAndrews
  • Mrs. Ashley St. Clair - presumably Mary Louise (Hanson) St. Clair (1854-1928), second wife of Ashley St. Clair (1847-1929)
  • Mrs. G. W. Lord
  • Mrs. W. H. Nichols, mentioned twice
  • Mrs. Henry Young
  • Mrs. M. Armstrong
  • Mrs. J. B. Allen - presumably Emily F. (Boardman) Lowell (abt 1833-1918)
  • Mrs. Randall
  • Mrs. E. C. Young
  • Mrs. D. A. Swain
  • Mrs. G. H. Condell - perhaps Barbara (Morrison) Condell, wife of George H. Condell
  • Mrs. Cassie Anderson - Catherine Elizabeth (Belmore) Anderson (1850-1910), widow of Arthur Fessenden Anderson
  • Mrs. C. B. Collins
  • Mrs. William Henry - perhaps Louise Mauch (Hill) Henry (1873-1934), wife of William Alexander Henry (1876-1957)

Names above:
  • Mrs. William Small - perhaps Eva Jane (Linscott) Small (abt 1852/1853-1935), wife of William Melvin Small (1849-1931)
  • Mrs. S. D. Morrell
  • Mrs. William Woods - perhaps Mary (Porter) Woods (abt 1823-1911), widow of William Woods
  • Mrs. J. D. Bates, mentioned twice
  • Mrs. Moses Young, mentioned twice - possibly Almira (?) Young (abt 1947-aft 1920)
  • Mrs. W. H. Allen
  • Mrs. G. H. McAndrews
  • Mrs. Ashley St. Clair - presumably Mary Louise (Hanson) St. Clair (1854-1928), second wife of Ashley St. Clair (1847-1929)
  • Mrs. W. S. McKellar
  • Mrs. E. A. Hallowell
  • Mrs. Thomas Boyd - perhaps Margaret (Cockburn) Boyd (1844-1919), second wife of Thomas Boyd (1841-1914)
  • Mrs. Emily Dutch
  • Mrs. C. B. Collins

If you can identify any of the women mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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