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1859 letter from Mary Bates (Dunham) Cash (1833-unk) & husband Daniel Cash in Bridgton, Maine, to Mary's Parents Sylvanus & Anna (Smith) Dunham) in Madrid, Maine

November 13, 1859 letter from both Mary Bates (Dunham) Cash (1833-bef 1897) and her husband Daniel Cash 2d (1825-1903) in Bridgton, Maine, to "Parents".  

Since Daniel's father had died in 1855, I believe the "Parents" were Mary's parents Sylvanus Dunham (1807-1879) and Anna (Smith) Dunham (1804-1883) of Madrid, Maine, especially since Mary mentions her younger siblings Jane and William numerous times. 

See another post that features a letter written by Mary to her parents in 1876.

The main purpose of this letter appears to an invitation from both Mary and Daniel for Mary's parents to stay with the Cash family during the Winter of 1859/60. The letter mentions:

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Dear Parents
It is with the greatest pleasure that I seat myself to answer your letter which was joyfully received. We was glad to here that Willi got home well. I hadent began to worry any about him. I had a grand time when they was here but the worst of all they had to go home. If they could always stayed I should have been glad. I hope Willi enjoyed himself so well that he will come again soon. He said he would come again in about 4 weeks. We got a letter from Jane and Thad last week. They said that they had not seen or heard from Willi but they supposed he had started. Our healths are all good at this date and hope these lines will find you all well.
Dan sets at my elbow writing to Thad while I am writing to you and he is going to write to his papa - and marm when I get through. Willi promised me both of you should come up this winter and we want you to be sure and come. Jane will be at home and you can come jest as well as not. I don't know whether we shall stay in this house this winter or not or go back home. Dan has not desided. Annah and Charly are well. Annah wants to see Remus [?] and grandmarm very much. Uncle Aaron's folks are well. They give up moving to Naples. Orin and Elvi are well and Ada. Uncle Eleazar Dunham of Paris is dead, was buried 2 weeks ago last Friday. I must draw to a close soon so Dan can write. You wanted to know how I come on getting my stocking yarn knit. I get along nicely. Everybody wants to get it away from but I wont let them have an inch. Have you got your dress yet and how do you like it - give my love to all and come and see us this winter. Write soon and tell Willi to write. Dan and I shall be down next summer or fall if nothing happens. Be sure and come this winter. So good by - M. B. Cash.

Mary wanted me to scratch a line or two so to keep peace in the family I had to write a few words. Ma has wrote all the news so I have go to pick up what I write. business is very dull here at present. [Tanneries] are all closed up and the hands are all going into the woods if they can get a chance it is very dry here. the driest evermore for the time year. I have to give my team whole corn. we can't get it ground. it is raining here now and looks likely to have a good Sat.
We want you to come up this winter and not fail. If Thad goes into the woods and Jane goes out to your house she can keep house and William can tend the Mill so you will have nothing to hinder you. Tell William to catch me a trout and send us. tell William S. Dunham that we want him to come up this winter and bring his wife and not fail. we want to see Them all. Tell rene to come and finaly tell them all to come. we would like to see them all. I cant think of much to write and I guess that you cannot find out what I have wrote for I have scratched off in a hurry. If you can't read it, bring it up when you come and I will try it while it is warm. Yours truly
D. Cash 2d

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  1. William L. Dunham (1827-1915) was Mary's cousin, the son of Joseph and Charlotte (Mills) Dunham.

    This letter poses a bit of a mystery. Mary was the granddaughter of Joseph Dunham, who is said to have come to Maine from Carver, Mass., with two brothers: Benjamin, who settled in Leeds; and Eleazer, who settled to Paris. Unlike most "three brothers" stories, this one is true. All three are mentioned in their father Israel's 1828 will. Mary's reference to "Uncle Eleazar Dunham of Paris" is further evidence of the story's truth.

    The mystery is her reference to Eleazer's death in 1859. Her father's uncle Eleazer appears in the census of Paris taken the following spring. He died in January 1864.

    Eleazer had a son of the same name, but he died in 1868. They are the only two Eleazer Dunhams to live in this area at that time. I haven't a clue how Mary came to write of Eleazer Dunham's burial in Nov. 1859.