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1905/1906 Eastport, Maine: Report of the Superintending School Board

1905/1906 City of Eastport, Maine, Annual Report of the Superintending School Board.   

Booklet, 7-3/4" by 5-1/4", 31 pages; printed in 1906 in Eastport, Maine, by the Sentinel Job Print.

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Notice the moose on the seal below; Moose Island, on which Eastport is situated, is described as having the shape of a moose.

School Committee

Walter F. Bradish, term expires, 1906
Charles E. Capen, Term expires, 1907
Henry N. Paine, Term expires, 1908

Officers of the Board
W. F. Bradish, Chairman
Charles S. Sewall, Secretary

Superintendent of Schools
Charles S. Sewall

Truant Officer
Daniel Mealey

Statistics of Attendance, 1905-1906

F. W. Hilton, Principal, High School
J. J. Ryan, Sub Master, High School
Susan B. Cutts, Asst., High School
Emma Paul, Asst., High School
Marjorie Nutt, Stenographer, High School
Austin Joyce, IX
Jennie Damon, VIII
Estelle Damon, VII
Clara Andrews, VII-VIII
Augusta Bibber, VI
Caroline Kane, VI
Grace Drummond, V
Alice Oliver, V
Sarah Whelpley, III
Ida Coggins, IV
Maggie Rice, Asst.
Jane Todd, I
Caroline Kemp, Asst.
Marion Guptill, III
Emma Paine, II
Alice Milliken, Asst.
Cecil Crossett, II-III
Carrie Heath, I
Mary Kehoe, III
Alice Gilligan, Asst., II
Gertrude Murphy, I
Estelle Ramsdell, I-V

Athletic Association

Mr. Hilton, President
Leo T. Creary, Vice President
Byron H. Seaverns, Secretary
E. L. Wadsworth, Treasurer
M. S. Bradish, Business Manager
J. J. Ryan, Chairman of the Executive Committee
Mr. Russell, '06, Executive Committee
Mr. Holmes, '07, Executive Committee
Mr. Lord, '08, Executive Committee
Mr. Lawler, '09, Executive Committee

Class Officers

1906: E. Russell, President; M. Donaghy, Vice President; K. Pike, Secretary; F. Capen, Treasurer; M. Bradish, Marshal

1907: B. Seaverns, President; C. Martin, Vice President; F. Leeman, Secretary; M. Ward, Treasurer; J. Hall, Marshal

1908: I. Martin, President; E. Quigley, Vice President; E. Wadsworth, Treasurer; H. Hodgkins, Treasurer; A. Joseph, Marshall

1909: A. Palmer, President; M. Robinson, Vice President; A. Barrett, Secretary; A. Kehoe, Treasurer; Harry Lawler, Marshal

Holmes Medal Recipient
Miss Katharine F. Leighton

Roll of Honor - not absent during the school year 1904-1905
Julia Preston
J. F. Fearebay
C. E. Martin
M. E. B. Ward
G. A. Diffin
I. G. Martin
F. A. Murphy

Graduation Exercises, Class of 1905

Rev. T. E. St. John, Prayer
Helen Doris Loring, Salutatory
Clifton Boyden Dow, Presentation of Gifts
Hon. Harrison Hume, Address
Katherine Fisher Leighton, Valedictory

Inez M. Bibber, Music for Class Ode
Mary C. Murphy, Class Ode


Inez Maude Bibber
Ray Odin Bibber
Vera May Bogle
Thomas Emmet Boyd
Mary Cassidy
Clifton Boyden Dow
Mina May Fearebay
Wilhelmina Elizabeth Goulding
Mary Theresa Lavin
Church Leighton
Katharine Fisher Leighton
Helen Doris Loring
Daniel Wallace MacLean
Mary Catherine Murphy
Sherman Rogers Paine
Jean Isabelle Ray

Class Officers, 1905
Daniel Wallace McLean, President
Katharine Fisher Leighton, Vice President
Inez Maude Bibber, Secretary
Wilhelmina Elizabeth Goulding, Treasurer
Clifton Boyden Dow, Marshal

Directory of Teachers

Boynton High School
  • Fred W. Hilton, Shackford Street (Nichols Latin School, 1892; Bates College (A.B.) 1896
  • John J. Ryan, Water Street (Public Schools, Holbrook, Massachusetts; Boston University (A.B.) 1899)
  • Emma O. Paul, Washington Street (Public Schools, Somerville, Massachusetts; Tufts College, A.B. 1902)
  • Susan R. Cutts, Water Street (Lynn Classical School; Boston University (A.B.) 1902
  • Marjorie Nutt, Washington Street (Boynton High School 1900; Bryant & Stratton Business College)

Grammar School
  • Austin Joyce, Water Street (Kents Hill two years; Farmington Normal School, 1904)
  • Jennie B. Damon, Shackford Street (Boynton High School 1901; Gorham Normal School, 1903)
  • Edith H. McKusick, Washington Street (Calais High School; Summer Schools, 3 years)
  • Clara B. Andrews, Key Street (Boynton High School, 1892)
  • Augusta M. Bibber, Water Street (Boynton High School, 1863)
  • Caroline S. Kane, Washington Street (Boynton High School 1894; Farmington Normal School, one term)
  • Grace E. Drummond, Water Street (Oak Grove Seminary, 1899; Farmington Normal School, 1904)
  • Alice A. Oliver, Water Street (Castine Normal School, 1905)

Brooks School
  • Ida M. Coggins, Key Street (Boynton High School, 1871)
  • Maggie Rice, Broadway (Boynton High School)
  • Sarah Whelpley, Key Street (Boynton High School, 1896)
  • Jane Todd, Water Street (Calais High School; Providence Normal School, one year)
  • Caroline C. Kemp, Water Street (Boynton High School, 1896)

Memorial Hall School
  • Emma L. Paine, Key Street (Boynton High School, 1877)
  • Alice E. Milliken, High Street (Boynton High School, 1899)
  • Marion Guptill, Madison Street (Cherryfield Academy, 1902; Farmington Normal School, 1905)

South End School
  • Cecil A. Crossett, High Street (Calais High School; Summer School, Summer 1902)
  • Carrie B. Heath, High Street (Calais High School)

North End School
  • Mary J. Kehoe, Water Street (Boynton High School, 1902; Gorham Normal School, 1905)
  • Alice Gilligan, Washington Street (Boynton High School, 1902; Gorham Normal School, 1905)
  • Gertrude L. Murphy, Washington Street (Calais High School)

Out Island School
  • M. Estelle Ramsdell, Washington Street (Boynton High School, 1892; Kents Hill, one year)

Directory of Janitors

Frederick Call, McKinley Street - Boynton High School
Frank Beale, Pearle Street - Eastport Grammar School
John Hunter, Washington Street - Brooks School
Frederick Call, McKinley Street - Memorial Hall School
Charles Spear, High Street - South End School
Samuel Berryman, Capen Avenue - North End School
Oliver Emery, County Road - Out Island School

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