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1834 Letter from Eastport, Maine, to District Attorney John Anderson in Portland, Maine; Listing Goods Repossessed from Mr. Bradley

March 2, 1834 from J. W. R? at Eastport, Maine, to the Hon. John Anderson (1792-1853) in Portland, Maine, listing the items taken from a Mr. Bradley to settle costs.

Bradley is described as "rather an object of pity but he is an incorrigible". Among the goods confiscated were two yoke of oxen in Calais, Maine.

Transcription - if you can identify the writer, J. W. R? or corrections to the transcription, please leave a comment

Eastport, March 2, 1834
Dear Sir,
I have only time before the ___ closes to acknowledge the receipt of your favor from Wiscasett and to forward you the following items of cost, of seizure in the cases before the Court at Wiscasset last week, viz
5 bundles Sheet iron - cost $3.50
3 bbls Oil - $2.00
1 ___ broad cloth or  - $5.50
2 yoke oxen, ___ at Calais - $15.00
3 rolls carpeting - $8.25
1 pce broad ____ - $6.00
1 pce carpeting, broad cloth - $5.00
1 _____ of spikes - $2.00

Have the goodness to ask Mr. ___ [Mussey ?] what amount of cash is in his hands for me - after deducting recpts - blanks or

Bradley is rather an object of pity but he is an incorrigible  ___ & it is a pity Mr. ___  could not agree, as the case was so pitifully clear.
Mrs. R's best respects to you & lady, as well as my own. 
_____ yours
J. W. R?
Address side:
Costs seizure
March 2d 1834
Hon. John Anderson
District Attorney

The map below shows land routes, but in 1834, no doubt, letters would have traveled by sea.

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