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1864 Payments on Behalf of Family in Robbinston, Maine, of Civil War Soldier Benjamin C. Morrell; in 1860s/1870s Ledger of Financial Transactions of Robbinston

Benjamin C. Morrell, age 24; then serving in Company D of the 1st Regular Cavalry; payments made in 1864 on behalf of his widowed mother and his sister in Robbinston, Maine. "Discharged Nov 20/64."

Found on numbered page 23 in a ledger of Robbinston, Maine, financial transactions from the mid 1860s to the 1870s.

Payments were made on behalf of:
  • Eleanor Morrell, age 70; widowed mother - other records show her to have been 60, which makes more sense - Eleanor (Clarke) Morrell (1803-1870), widow of James Morrell (1792-1853)
  • Jemima Morrell, age 18; sister

Benjamin C. Morrill was Benjamin Charles Morrell (about 1840-1911), brother of James Morrell, who also served in the Civil War and who died in service in 1865.

Maine State Archives Collections, Military Records - Civil War: Benjamin C. Morrell
  • age 21, born in and a resident of Robbinston, Maine, at time of enlistment
  • single, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair; 6' 1" tall
  • enlisted 3 October 1861; mustered in at Augusta, Maine, on 19 October 1861; Company D, First Cavalry
  • rank of private
  • left service on 25 November 1864 - honorable discharge

1870 U.S. Federal Census - Benjamin and wife Augusta, farming at Robbinston, Maine - no children in the household at time of enumeration

  • invalid status as of 1891
  • died 2 February 1911
  • pension payable to widow Augusta P. Morrell at Hampton Station, New Brunswick

  • Benjamin and wife Augusta, living in Caribou, Maine
  • Benjamin working as a canner specialist
  • no children in the household at time of enumeration
  • married 36 years - they presumably married shortly after Benjamin's discharge from service

1911 Census of Canada - Benjamin and wife Augusta, living in Hampton, New Brunswick in the large household of Nathan Ryder.

  • address: Robbinston, Maine
  • year of birth: 1840
  • date of enlistment: 19 October 1861
  • date of discharge: 25 November 1862 [should be 1864]
  • Company D, First Maine Cavalry (U.S. Vet. Res. Corps.)

  • Augusta P. Morrell, died 20 February 1928; widow of Benjamin C. Morrell

If you have information on the family of Benjamin C. Morrell, particularly the maiden name and parents of Benjamin's wife Augusta, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The ledger measures about 13" by 8" by 1/2" and contains entries for almost 50 families and many pages of other financial transactions. About half of the 178 numbered pages have entries. The ledger is missing its covers; the first page of what remains is shown below.

Soldiers and sailors listed in the ledger
  • The numbers in parentheses indicate specific pages in the ledger.
  • Many of the men listed below were born in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia and may have returned to Canada after the War.  See the map below to see how close New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were, particularly in the Age of Sail.
  • If you have information on any of the men listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The List, Alphabetized

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