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1905 Graduation Photograph of Mary Alice Carpenter of Providence, Rhode Island; from Technical High School

1905 graduation photograph of Mary Alice Carpenter, a student at Technical High School at Providence, Rhode Island.  She is presumably the Mary A. Carpenter who enrolled at Rhode Island School of Design the following year.

The photograph is 4" by 3"; mounted, the it measures 10" by 7".  It was found with 15 other photographs of graduates of the Class of 1905 at Technical High School.  Most of the photographs were taken at the studio of Edgar K. Horton at Providence, Rhode Island.  This photograph is signed Bert. Horton.

A list of the 16 graduates in the collection of photographs appears at the end of this post.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Mary Alice Carpenter was born in Rhode Island about January 1886, the daughter of George Edward Carpenter and Eliza Kent (Barney) Carpenter.  Her father died in 1893.

I wonder if Mary Alice was the Mary Alice Carpenter who married Brown University graduate Willard Henry Bacon, born in 1878, son of Henry Cozen Bacon and Adelaide May (Baker) Bacon.  Willard Henry Bacon was an educator in New England and Pennsylvania.

If you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

List of people in the 16 photographs:
  • Ethel B. Arnold, June 1905

  • Rachel C. Arnold, T.H.S. 1905

  • Ernest Spencer Calder, Tech 05, "Giles Corey"

  • Mary Alice Carpenter, June 1905

  • Jessie Jones Colvin, T.H.S. '05

  • Florence Dombey Colwell, Class of 1905, T.H.S.

  • Edith Marcia Fairbrother, T.H.S. 1905

  • Joseph Alfred Fallows, Tech. '05

  • Farah C. Glynne, [not sure of this name], T.H.S. 1905

  • Annie Francesca Goff, Class of 1905 [died 22 March 1909]

  • Marjorie Goff, Christmas 1904

  • George Gould, T.H.S. '05

  • Ella Grace Hartman, April 26, 1905

  • Charles James Martin, T.H.S. '05 [became noted artist Charles James Martin]

  • Frank Bartlett McSoley, T.H.S. 1905

  • Mancel Talcott, T.H.S. '05

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