Sunday, October 2, 2016

1920 Photograph of the Stadig Experimental Snow Motor Car at Ashland, Maine; Patented by Francis Stadig of St. Francis, Maine

March 20, 1920 photograph taken at Ashland, Maine, of the Experimental Snow Motor Car patented by Francis Stadig of St. Francis,  Maine.

This must have been a sensation in Aroostook County in the 1920s!

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  corrections and additions requested

Francis F. Stadig was born August 22, 1888 at New Sweden, Maine, the son of Olof Lars Stadig and Ella Beda Telander (Becklin/ Backlin) Stadig.   Francis received a patent in 1913 for a sled attachment for automobiles.  His World War I draft registration card and the 1920 Census of New Sweden gives Francis' occupation as mechanical engineer.  

Francis died May 22, 1926 at Saint Francis, Maine.  I didn't see a record showing that he married or had children.

Read more about the history of the Maine Swedish Colony, founded in the 1870s.   Francis F. Stadig's parents came to Maine from Sweden, his father as a young child, and his mother as a young woman.

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