Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Early 1900s Snapshot of Two Horse-Drawn Carriages with Arthur Hollander; Edna; Albert; Sadie; Ray Snapped the Photo

Early 1900s photograph of three couples on a horse-drawn carriage outing:
  • Arthur Hollander and Edna
  • Albert and Sadie
  • "Me" and Ray, who's not in the photograph, but who snapped the photograph.  The horses appear refined and in excellent condition.  
It's not definite that the three are married couples - they could be courting or be relatives or friends.

One carriage, perhaps a buggy or small surrey, is drawn by one horse and has one bench seat.  The other carriage is drawn by two horses, has two bench seats and a "fringe on top", so might be a surrey.

Hopefully readers will recognize the names of the outing participants and share theories of their identity.  And hopefully another reader will share knowledge of carriage styles.

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