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Turner, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then in Oxford County; as of 1854 in Androscoggin County

Turner, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then in Oxford County; as of 1854 in Androscoggin County

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Turner in the 1820 Census: 1726 inhabitants.

Enumerator: Samuel Parris

The enumeration of Turner appears on Sheets 224-231; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Head of Household; Sheet Number
Benjamin Alden224
Chandler Alden224
Isaac Allen224
James Allen224
John Allen224
Levi Allen224
Liscomb Andrews224
Ruth Ayer or Ayers224
John Bailey224
John Bailey225
Luther Bailey225
Joseph Banks225
Joshua Barrell224
William Barrell224
Luther Beals or Beale or Beal225
Seth Beals or Beale or Beal225
Isaac Bearce224
Seth Besse224
Abigail Blake224
Daniel B. Blake224
John Blake224
Thacher Blake224
Alden Blossom224
Ichabod Bonney224
Ichabod Bonney, Jr.224
Isaac Bonney224
Isaac Bonney, 2d224
Joseph Bonney224
Caleb Bourne224
Asaph Bradford224
Calvin Bradford224
Chandler Bradford224
Dura Bradford225
Ephraim Bradford225
Ethelbert Bradford225
Ezekiel Bradford224
Ira Bradford225
Jesse Bradford225
Martin Bradford224
Martin Bradford, Jr.224
Philip Bradford224
Philip Bradford225
Seth Bradford224
Stephen Bradford224
Stephen Bradford224
William Bradford224
William Bradford, Jr.224
Ruth Bray224
Luther Brett224
Hart Briggs224
John Briggs224
Jotham Briggs224
John Brown225
Hanson Bruce225
Hezekiah Bryant225
Hezekiah Bryant, Jr.225
Ira Bryant225
William Burt - or William Bart225
Eli Butler225
Cassander Cary225
Ezra Cary225
Ezra Cary, Jr.225
Francis Cary225
Hugh Cary225
Luther Cary225
Mehetable Cary225
Benjamin Chamberlain225
Rebecca Chamberlain225
Jonathan Chandler225
Nathaniel Chandler225
William Childs226
Cyrus Clark225
John Cobb226
John Cole225
Nathan Cole226
David Colly or David Colby226
Benjamin Conant225
Benjamin Conant, Jr.225
Hooper Conant225
Silvanus Conant225
Joseph Copeland225
Cyrus Coy225
Henry Coy226
Samuel Crafts or Craft225
Samuel Crocket226
Charles Cushing225
Artemas Cushman226
Bradford Cushman226
Isaac Davis226
Thomas Davis226
Adgelon Dillingham - presumably Ajalon Dillingham226
John Dillingham226
John Dresser226
Tyrus Dresser226
Stephen Drew226
Benjamin Evans226
Joel Fairbanks226
Jonathan Fish or Jonathan Fisk226
Charles French226
Daniel French226
George French226
Henry French226
Stephen Gammon226
Caleb Gilbert226
Elijah Gilbert226
James D. Gilbert226
Josiah Gilbert226
Adna Gilmore226
Elisha Gilmore226
John Goodwin226
Abijah Gorham226
John Gorham226
Samuel Gorham226
William Gorham226
Allen Greely226
David Hale227
Silvanus Hall226
Asa Harlow227
Ebenezer Harlow227
John Harris226
Seth Harris227
William Harris227
Isaac Haskell226
Chipman Hinds227
Hollingsworth Hinds227
Richard Hinds227
Thaddeus Hinds227
Japheth Hodsdon - surname smeared - teased out with research226
Lucy Holmes227
Billings Hood227
David Hood227
Caleb House227
Caleb House, Jr.227
Joseph House226
Timothy Howe227
John Hutchinson227
James Irish227
Abijah Jones227
Abner Jones227
Africa Jones227
Asia Jones227
Benjamin Jones227
Benjamin Jones, Jr.227
Cornelius Jones227
Galen Jones227
Henry Jones227
Henry Jones, Jr.227
Hira Jones227
Isaac Jones227
Richmond Jones227
Silvester Jones227
Stephen Jones227
Tilden Jones227
Grinfell H. Keen227
Jacob Keen228
Jerusha Keen227
John Keen227
John Keen, Jr.228
Josiah Keen228
Quincy Keith227
Heber Kimball227
Samuel Kinsley227
Samuel Kinsley, Jr.227
James Lary228
John Leach228
Albert Leavett228
Cyrus Leavett228
Hannibal Leavett228
Ichabod Leavett228
Isaac Leavett228
Isaiah Leavett228
Issachar Leavett228
Joseph Leavett228
Reuben Libbey228
Caleb Lombard228
William Lombard228
Thomas Loring228
William Loring228
Joseph Ludden228
Joseph Ludden, Jr.228
Asael Marshall228
Ezekiel Martin228
Willard Mason229
Abraham Maxim228
Abel Merrill, Jr.228
Calvin Merrill228
Charles Merrill228
Humphrey Merrill228
Jabez Merrill228
Jabez Merrill, Jr.228
Jabez T. Merrill229
Joseph Merrill228
Levi Merrill228
Levi Merrill, Jr.228
Luther Merrill228
Moses Merrill228
Seraiah Merrill228
Thomas Merrill228
Israel Millet228
Solomon Millet228
Levi Mitchell228
Jonathan Moore228
Gustavus Newell229
Thomas Newell229
James Niles229
Edward Packard229
Ebenezer Perkins229
Levi Perry229
Asa Phillips229
Cushing Phillips229
Jairus Phillips229
John Phillips229
Jonathan Phillips229
Otis Phillips229
Reuel Phillips229
Richard Phillips, Jr.229
John Phinney229
Dan Pratt229
Elisha Pratt229
John Pratt229
Job Prince229
Barnard Pumpilly229
Bennet Pumpilly229
Bennett Pumpilly, Jr.229
Samuel Pumpilly229
William Putnam229
Blanchard Ramsdell229
Clements Randall229
Job Randall, Jr.229
Peleg Randall229
Calvin E. Richards229
Salmon Richards229
Charles H. Richardson229
Cornelius T. Richardson229
Leonard Richmond229
Nathan Richmond229
Warren Richmond229
Aaron Rogers229
Daniel Russell229
Abijah Sawin230
Nathaniel Sawtell230
Amos Shaw230
Nathaniel Shaw230
Abigail Smith230
Caleb Snell230
Eleazar Snell230
Samuel Snell230
Aaron Soule230
Benjamin Stafford230
Stephen Stafford230
Charles Staples230
James Staples230
John Staples230
Josiah Staples230
Samuel Staples230
Seth Staples230
William Staples230
Michael W. Stevens230
John Swett230
David Talbot230
Isaac W. Talbot230
Margaret Talbot230
Judah Teague230
Sarah Teague230
Abner Thayer230
Mary Thorp230
Reuben Thorp230
Benjamin Tobin230
James Torrey230
Salmon Townsend230
Benjamin Trow230
Abigail Turner230
Bradish Turner230
Charles L. Turner230
Ephraim Turner230
John Turner230
Daniel Tuttle230
Isaac Washburn230
Southworth Washburn231
Guy B. Waterman231
Winslow Webb231
Joshua Whitman231
Melvin Whitman231
Oakes Whitman230
Royal Whitman231
Philip Williams231

Turner, Maine, in 2020

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