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Township No. 2, "South of Rumford", Maine, in the 1820 Census

Township No. 2 or Township 11, in Oxford County, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

Even the enumerator, Timothy Howe, wasn't sure what the proper number was, apparently, as he wrote both variations in his recap of the total populations of the several sections he enumerated.  I'm inclined to think that the proper designation is Township No. 2, and that what appears as 11 is actually Roman Numeral 2, but welcome clarifications from readers.

Also, in a followup that appears to have been done by Enumerator Joseph H. Wardwell, the area is described as Township No. 2, "South of Rumford" - with the addition of 8 more names of heads of households.  See the two lists at the end of this post.

Both Howe and Wardwell described this section as  "South of Rumford", Maine, which might include the former Milton Township and Franklin Plantation and surrounding areas.

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Boundary changes since 1820, assuming the correct designation is Township #2:
  • In 1842 part of Township #2 became Milton Township, which set off land to Woodstock in 1853 and deorganized in 1939.  Another part became Franklin Plantation, which set off land to Sumner in 1863 and then was annexed by Peru and Rumford in 1899.

Enumerated population of Township No. 2, or 11, in the 1820 Census: 97 inhabitants - although there may have been another 8 households of people.

Enumerator: Timothy Howe and possibly Joseph H. Wardwell

The enumeration of Township No. 2 [or Township 11] appears on parts of Sheets 107 and 108 [and may also contain names from Sheet 151]. Use the arrow at top left to page forward.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings; be prepared to check over the entire list for the person you're researching, as different spellings may have affected alphabetization.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Note: Two lists - one appears to have been made by Enumerator Timothy Howe and another possibly made by Joseph H. Wardwell.

First List:
Heads of Households; Sheet Number
Darius Andrews107 (renumbered from 108)
Robert Cochran107 (renumbered from 108)
Ebenezar Cob107 (renumbered from 108)
Stephen Doe107 (renumbered from 108)
Silas Door107 (renumbered from 108)
Ebenezar Door107 (renumbered from 108)
Lot Hall107 (renumbered from 108)
Samuel Harmon107 (renumbered from 108)
Hezekiah Lovejoy107 (renumbered from 108)
Jacob Lovejoy108 (handwritten)
Nathaniel Robins108 (handwritten)
Eleazar Robins108 (handwritten)
John Reading108 (handwritten)
Eleazar Robins, Jr.108 (handwritten)
William Walton108 (handwritten)
Reuben Wing108 (handwritten)

Second List - all on Sheet 151
Isaac V. Cleasby
Samuel Ackley, Jr.
William Ackley
John Godwin
Andrew Moody
James Moody
Ephraim Powers
John Twomby

The area "South of Rumford" in 2019, perhaps referring to what is now Milton Township

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