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St. George, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then in Lincoln County; as of 1860 in Knox County

St. George, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then in Lincoln County; as of 1860 in Knox County.

See three lists of the names of heads of households farther below.  Why three lists?
  • List 1 - heads of households on sheets with "St. George" in the margin
  • List 2 - heads of households on a half sheet in the midst of the St. George enumeration with "Warren" written in the margin.  Who knows what the enumerator intended - but I've put this list here and on the Warren page as well.
  • List 3 - heads of households living on the islands within the borders of St. George.  Sadly, the enumerator did not list the islands' names and heads of households separately, but grouped them all together, with "Islands belonging to St. George" in the margin.

Boundary changes since 1820: land set off to South Thomaston in 1865

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of St. George in the 1820 Census: 1325 inhabitants.

Enumerator: Thurston Whiting

The enumeration of St. George appears on Sheets 252-257; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

This particular enumerator's handwriting, his use of abbreviations and the smears on his sheets have made indexing his enumerations particularly difficult.  Please look over the total list to be sure you haven't missed the person you're seeking.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

 List 1 - Main List - "St. George" written in the margin
Heads of Households; Sheet Numbers
John Alexander254
John Allen256
Gideon Allen256
Samuel Alley254
Benjamin Ames253
John Andrews254
Roger Barter254
Moses Barter254
James Barter254
Mark Barter255
Jacob Barter255
Joseph Barter255
Robert Barter256
Job K. Bennett255
Benjamin Bickmore254
Adam Boyd253
Adam Boyd, Jr.253
Aaron Bryant257
Michael Chaise257
Robert Chaples256
John Chaples257
John Clark, Jr.257
Benjamin Cook - not sure of given name255
Francis Cook - not sure of given name255
Daniel Dix253
Ellis Dwolf - presumably a variant of Dewolf and Dolph255
Joseph Dwolf - presumably a variant of Dewolf and Dolph255
Andrew Elwell257
Andrew Elwell, Jr.257
Dennis Fogerty, Jr.255
Dennis Fogerty255
Samuel Fogerty255
Jeremiah Foster254
Amos Foster254
Ebenezer Foster255
Francis Foster or Frances Foster255
Richard Foster256
Michael Fountain253
Barna Fountain256
James Fuller255
Stephen Gardner254
Samuel Gardner255
Samuel Gardner, Jr.255
Alexander Gilchriest253
Samuel Gilchriest, Jr.253
Samuel Gilchriest253
John Gilchriest253
Paul Giles256
Sally Giles256
Nathaniel Graves253
Elijah Hall254
Archibald Hall254
Peter Hall254
Isaac Hall254
Elisha Hall255
James Hall256
Nathaniel Hancock257
John Harrington257
John Harris - not sure of given name255
Abraham Hart254
Ephraim Hart254
John Hart, Jr.254
John Hart, 3d254
Jesse Hart254
John Hart254
William Hart254
Avery Hart254
Alex Harthorn256
Robert Hawes257
James Harthorn254
Thomas Henderson254
Robert Henderson254
Joseph Henderson254
Eliza Henderson256
Hannah Henderson256
Samuel Hinds257
John Hooper255
Thomas Hooper255
Daniel Howard256
Nathaniel Hupper254
John Hupper254
William L. Hupper254
Haunce Johnson257
Ezekiel Jones256
William Jones256
Samuel Jones256
John S. Jones256
Ephraim Keef254
Timothy Keef257
Alex Kelloch253
David Kelloch253
Matthew Kelloch253
Thomas Kelloch256
Thomas Kenny253
Haunce Killoch - perhaps Hanse Robinson Kelloch (1778-1866)253
David Linniken253
Joseph Linniken255
Michael Long254
Madan Long254
Catharine Lovett255
? M ? - bottom of sheet, very faint; surname possibly Martin254
Benjamin Maker254
Thomas Marshal254
James Marshal254
John Marshal, Jr.255
Benjamin Marshal255
Benjamin Marshal, Jr.255
Benjamin Marshal, 3d255
James Marshal, Jr.255
Samuel Marshal255
Andrew Marshal255
Thomas Martin254
Stephen Martin254
James Mathews253
Alexander McIntyre253
Archibald McKeller253
Thomas G. McKeller257
Thomas Melony254
John Melony254
Adam Meservey or William Meservey254
Joseph Meservey255
Joel Miller254
James Mills256
Henry K. Murphy254
Susa Murphy255
Robert Murphy256
Isaac Norwood254
Isaac Norwood, Jr.254
Daniel Over - not sure of surname252
David Parsons256
David Philbrook257
George Pratt255
Michael Raleigh256
Enoch Ripley254
Dennis Rivers255
Richard Rivers255
George Robinson253
Andrew Robinson253
Joseph Robinson253
Susa Robinson253
John Robinson253
Daniel Sanbourn256
David Sevey256
Stephen Sevey256
Polly Simmonds254
Sally Simmons254
Joshua Smalley, Jr.254
Joshua Smalley255
Archibald Smalley255
Thomas Smalley255
Caleb Stover253
Thomas Sylvester255
Adam Teal - presumably a variant of Teel254
Robert Thompson255
Benjamin Thorndike252
Joshua Thorndike252
Lydia Thorndike252
Joshua Thorndike, Jr.252
Ebenezer Thorndike252
Daniel Torrey255
Nathaniel Vickery255
Lot W? - at bottom of page, faint. 253
John W ? - bottom of sheet, faint254
Ephraim Wall255
David Wall255
Joseph Watts254
William Watts255
George Watts255
Molly Watts255
William Wheeler, Jr. - not sure of given name257
William Wheeler257
David Wheeler257
Adam Wiley253
James Wiley255
Isaac Wiley255
Ephraim Wiley257
John Willard255
Phineas Wills255
William Wilson254
William Wilson255
James Young256
Alex Young256

List 2 - appears on a sheet following the sheet where Warren was tallied and St. George had begun - Warren is written in the margin to the left of these names.
Heads of Households; all on Sheet 253
? ? - bottom entry, smeared252
Reuben Alford252
Benjamin Andrews252
Zibidiah Buttler252
Job Caswell252
Wife of Thomas Cobb252
Isaac Farrington252
John Flack252
William French, Jr.252
William Hayes252
Ebenezer Jordan252
Benjamin Kelloch252
Charles Kelloch252
Henry Libby252
John Minnihan252
Simeon Noyes252
Ezekiel Parker252
Jonathan Parker252
Samuel Spear252
Jacob Stetson 252
John Thomas252
Charles Toner252
Daniel Vaughan252
Lewis Vaughan252
John Whitney252
Alexander Wylie252
Rebecca Wylie252
? Young252

List 3 - Heads of Households living on the "Islands belonging to St. George", as shown on Sheets 256 and 257.
Pelatiah Barter256
Samuel Bickmore256
Josephus Bradford257
James Shedwick - perhaps James Chadwick 257
William Clark257
John Clark256
John Davis257
John Elwell256
Daniel Elwell256
James Elwell256
Abijah Foster256
Charles Haskell256
John Lowell256
John Merrill256
John Murray256
Stephen Norton256
Jonathan Norton256
Joshua Norton256
William Rackleff256
Samuel Rackleff256
Nathaniel Sevey256
James Shedwick - perhaps James Chadwick 257
Robert Stone257
John Stone, Jr.257
John Stone256
James Stone256
James Teal256
John Teal256
Josiah Wilson256

St. George in 2020

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