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Waterford, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Waterford, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Waterford in the 1820 Census: 1035 inhabitants.   

Enumerator: Thomas Webster

The enumeration of Waterford appears on Sheets 199-209; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Head of Household; Sheet Number
? ? - possibly Solomon Stevens - not sure of either name202
Roswell H. Adley203
Crumbria Arthurton - variant of Atherton201
Joel Arthurton - variant of Atherton200
John Arthurton - variant of Atherton200
Richard G. Bailey200
Edward Baker201
John Baker201
Luke Baker205
Daniel Barker206
James Barker200
Joseph Barker207
Charles Billings200
Daniel Billings200
Abel Bisbee203
Luther Bisbee203
Moses Bisbee203
Robert Bisbee203
Luther Brigham202
Abijah Brown207
Adonijah Brown206
Heman Brown208
Jabez Brown202
Marbury Brown or Mabbury Brown202
Samuel Brown204
Thaddeus Brown202
William Brown202
George Bryant204
Isaac Burgin201
Samuel Burnell208
John Carter200
Ephraim Chamberlain202
Daniel Chaplain203
David Chaplain204
Henry Cooledge200
Orlando Cooledge201
Ephraim Davenport207
Deliverance Davis201
William Delvin201
John Dodge208
Joseph Dudley207
Joseph Emerson207
Jonathan Fairbanks202
Beersheba Farrar201
Josiah Farrar199
Joseph Farrington205
Peleg Gasey or Peleg Garey207
Daniel Green203
Joseph Green207
Thomas Green205
Benjamin Hale204
Benjamin Hale208
Charles Hale206
Israel Hale208
America Hamlin206
America Hamlin, Jr.206
Eleazer Hamlin206
Luther Hamlin206
Polydore Hamlin205
Susan Hamlin200
Artemas Hapgood207
Ephraim Hapgood199
Ephraim Hapgood209
Nathaniel Hapgood199
Sprout Hapgood205
John Haskell200
Samuel Haskell200
Moses Hawe - could be Howe208
Charles Hay202
Moses Hopson205
Abraham Horr204
Isaac Horr203
Abel Houghton206
Henry Houghton203
Jonathan Houghton206
Jonathan Houghton208
Joshua Howard208
John Jewell205
Lewis Jewell200
Nathan Jewell209
Samuel Jewell201
Ebenezer Jewett203
Ebenezer Jewett, Jr.204
Nathan Jewett203
Asa Johnson202
Sulllivan Jones207
Benjamin Kilgore200
Benjamin Kilgore, Jr.200
Gabriel Kilgore201
Reuben Kilgore201
David Kimball201
Jonathan Kimball204
Jonathan Kimball205
Joseph Kimball207
Nehemiah Kneeland206
Eli Longley201
Jonathan Longley207
Stephen Morse or Moore or ?203
George McAllister208
David McWane201
William Monroe199
Stephen Moore or Stephen Morse203
Eliphalet Morse - not sure of surname, as there's a dot over a letter207
Jonathan Morse201
Stephen Morse or Stephen Moore or ?203
William Morse206
William Morse, Jr.199
Moses Nelson205
Moses Nurse203
Samuel Nurse203
Sarah Nurse203
Chandler Perry207
Enoch Perry206
Nathaniel Pike208
Jonathan Plummer204
Samuel Plummer204
Sarah Plummer204
Joseph Pratt201
Benjamin Pride209
Josiah Pride209
Benjamin Proctor204
John Proctor204
Josiah Proctor204
Eber Rice203
Elijah Richardson208
Lincoln Ripley204
James H. Robbins - not sure of name; faint206
Jonathan Robbins202
James Russell205
Jonathan A. Russell201
Solomon Russell206
T. B. Russell200
Dudley ?; perhaps Dudley Sawen208
Benjamin Sampson203
Amos Saunders204
Ezekiel Saunders204
Humphrey Saunders209
Stephen Saunderson209
Dudley ?; perhaps Dudley Sawen208
Henry Sawen205
Martha Sawen205
William Sawen206
Josiah Shaw208
Jonas Stevens205
Joseph Stevens202
Solomon Stevens - not sure of either name202
David P. Stone200
David Stone207
Joel Stone209
Jonathan Stone, Jr.205
Joseph Stone207
Oliver Stone205
Theodore Stone205
Moses H. Treadwell204
Oliver Wakefield206
Abijah Warren208
Peter Warren205
Samuel Warren203
William Warren208
Colman Watson - middle initial perhaps B or R202
Ebenezer Watson202
Isaac Watson202
Stephen P. Watson200
Judah Weatherbee202
Samuel Wheeler207
Abraham Whitcomb208
Abraham Whitcomb, Jr.208
David Whitcomb205
John Wilkins201
Barzillai Willard207
Lewis Willard207
William Willard199
Daniel Wood202
James Wright209

Waterford, Maine, in 2020

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