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Lewiston, Maine, in the 1820 Census; then in Lincoln County; as of 1854 in Androscoggin County

Lewiston, Maine, in the 1820 Census; then in Lincoln County; as of 1854 in Androscoggin County.
See a list of the names of heads of households farther below.

Boundary changes since 1820:
  • one lot annexed from Greene in 1852
  • part of Webster (now part of Sabattus) in 1852
  • land set off to Webster (now part of Sabattus) inn 1895

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Lewiston in the 1820 Census: 1312 inhabitants.

Enumerator: Luke Lambard

The enumeration of Lewiston appears on Sheets 228-238; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

The enumerator's occasional use of phonetic spellings may have affected alphabetization of the list below.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; Sheet Numbers
Daniel Ames228
Winslow Ames228
Robert Anderson228
William Atkinson228
William B? - possibly William Bond228
Cyrus Barker229
David Barker229
Jacob Barker229
John Barnes229
Abraham Batten229
Stephen Bennett229
Walter R. Blasdell229
William B? - possibly William Bond228
Andrew Booby229
Christopher Booby229
Mark Booby228
Samuel Booby229
Elijah Briggs229
William Brooks229
John Carvel230
William Carvel230
Sewall Carvell229
Henry Carver230
Thomas Chadman229
Daniel Clark229
Jeremiah Clough230
Abigail Coburn229
Reuben Coburn229
Benjamin Cole230
Jeremiah Cole230
Reeves Cole230
Samuel Cole230
Samuel Cole, Jr.229
Isaac Cotton230
John Curtis230
Josiah Cutler229
Nathan Cutler229
? ?, very faint - possibly Catherine Dyer231
John Daisey230
Aaron Davis230
Amos Davis230
Daniel Davis230
David Davis230
John Davis230
Nathaniel Davis230
Eben Dennett230
Abigail Dill230
Joseph Dill230
William Dingley231
Alexander Dwelly230
? ?, very faint - possibly Catherine Dyer231
Edward Estes231
Nathan Farrar231
James Field231
Joseph Field231
William Ford231
William Ford, Jr.231
Loring Freeman231
Dean Frye231
David Fuller231
Joseph Fuller231
James Garcelon232
James Garcelon, Jr.232
Mark Garcelon232
Peter Garcelon232
William Garcelon231
Israel Glidden232
Abel Goddard231
William Goddard231
Jacob Golder232
John Golder231
William Golder232
Calvin Gorham232
Benjamin Graffam231
David Graffam232
John Graffam 232
Samuel W. Graffam232
John Grover231
Benjamin Hackett232
Ezekiel Hackett232
Mary Haley232
James Ham233
Thomas Ham233
Stephen Hart232
Elihu Hatch232
Elihu Hatch, Jr.232
John Hatch233
John Henderson232
John Herrick232
Oliver Herrick232
Jonathan Hodgkins233
Thomas Hodgkins233
John Holland233
John Holland, 2d232
Lemuel Jackson233
Bradbury T. Jepson233
William Jepson233
Ephraim Jones233
Josiah Jones233
Levi Jones233
William Jones233
James Jordan233
Jeremiah Jordan233
Joseph Larrabee234
Lovet Lincoln234
Luther Litchfield234
Noah Litchfield234
Noah Litchfield, Jr.234
Wade Litchfield234
Zaccheus Litchfield234
Thomas T. Little234
Edward Lowell233
James Lowell234
John Lowell233
Stephen Lowell233
William Lowell233
James Maxwell234
Leavi Meader234
John Merrill234
John Merrill, Jr.234
Joshua Merrill234
Andrew Mitchell234
Josiah Mitchell235
Josiah Mitchell, Jr.235
Thomas Mitchell234
Robert Moody234
Benjamin Moore234
John Moore234
Nathan Moore234
Samuel Moore234
Jedediah Morrill235
John Nash235
David Nevens235
Josiah Parsons235
David Paul235
Charles Percy235
David Pettingill235
John Pettingill235
Nathaniel Pettingill235
Thomas Piper235
George Proctor235
David Purinton235
Ezra Purinton235
Barzillai Rand236
Thomas Rand235
Ezra Randall235
Ezra Randall, Jr.236
James Randall235
John Randall236
Dan Reed236
Ichabod Reed236
Jacob Reed236
John Reed236
Lemuel Reed236
Oliver Reed236
Samuel R. Reed236
Nathan Reynolds236
Thomas Skelton236
John Skinner236
Nathan Sleeper236
Jeremiah Smith236
Jeremiah Smith, Jr.236
Samuel Staten236
Stephen Stetson236
Benjamin Stevens236
Edward Stewart236
Josiah Straw236
Seth Tarr237
Thomas Taylor237
Cornelius Thompson237
Joel Thompson237
Joseph Thompson237
Samuel Thompson237
Benjamin Thorn237
James Turner237
Joseph Webber238
Joseph Webber, Jr.238
Eben Whitham237
Samuel Whitten237
David Wilkins237
George Williams238
Francis Wright237
James Wright237
Jesse Wright237
Joel Wright237
Joel Wright, Jr.237
John Wright237
Lang Wright238
Phineas Wright237
Timothy Wright237
Zebulon Wright237

Lewiston, Maine, in 2020

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