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Livermore, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Oxford County; as of 1854 in Androscoggin County)

Livermore, Maine, in the 1820 Census (would become part of the newly formed Androscoggin County in 1854).

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Changes since 1820:
  • land set off to Wayne in 1821
  • part of Chandler's Gore annexed in 1834
  • that part east of Androscoggin River set off to form East Livermore in 1843 (now Livermore Falls)

Enumerated population of Livermore in the 1820 Census: 2174 inhabitants

Enumerator: Timothy Howe

The enumeration of Livermore consists of all or parts of Sheets 56-73; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

Note: two sheets in the grouping linked above were not scanned properly; the names on those sheets were acquired from other sites.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings; be prepared to check over the entire list for the person you're researching, as different spellings may have affected alphabetization.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; Sheet Number
Joseph Abbott56*
Moses Adams57
Henry Aldrich57
Henry Aldrich, Jr.57
James Ames57
John Ames56*
Jonathan P. Ames, or Jonathan Ames, Jr.56*
Ralph Ames56*
Samuel Ames57
Robert Anderson56*
John Andrews57
Lucius Andrews57
Zephaniah Andrews57
Sylvanus Atkins56*
Hezekiah Atwood57
Charles J. Baker - middle initial might instead be P or ?59
Jonas Baker59
Seth Ballou59
Charles Barrell - or Barrett with uncrossed or poorly crossed t's59
Asa Bartlett59
Ozeas Bartlett59
Aron Barton59
John Basford57
Cushman Bassett57
Nathaniel Beals57
Samuel Beals57
Jacob Bemis59
Billy Benjamin57
David Benjamin57
Nathaniel Benjamin59
Samuel Benjamin57
Joseph Berry57
John Bigelow59
Oliver Billings59
Isaac Billington59
Cerene Biram57
Nathaniel Blackwell61
Ichabod Boothby59
Samuel Boothby59
Benjamin Bradford57
William H. Brettun57
David Bricket59
Jonathan Bryant57
Sarah Bryant59
Thomas Bryant57
Calvin Bumpus59
Luther Bumpus59
Thomas Burgess57
James Campbell59
Joshua Campbell59
Oliver Campbell60
Amos Carver66
Nathan Carver60
William Carver60
Abial Chandler61
George Chandler60
James Chase59
Mayhew Chase60
Serson Chase60
Thomas Chase60
Thomas Chase, Jr.60
William Chenery59
Anna Child60
Ephraim Child60
Gardner Child60
Sally Clough61
Joseph Cobb60
Naphthalim Coffin60
Lewis Cole60
Aron Cooledge60
Daniel Cooledge60
Thomas Cooledge60
Thomas Cooledge, Jr.60
William Cooper60
Samuel Cram66
Joshua Crocker60
Nathaniel Daily61
Nezer Daily61
Nezer Daily, Jr.61
Shubel Davice or Davies or David61
Abel Delano61
Calvin Delano61
Ebenezer Delano61
James Delano61
Samuel Delano61
Aron Doble60
Ebenezer Door61
Mary Door61
Peter Door61
Stephen Dutton61
Benjamin Edgecomb61
John Elliot61
John Fellows62
Benjamin Ferrington61
Ebenezer Ferrington62
Martin Ferrington62
James Filoon62
Elijah Fisher62
John Fisher62
Stephen Fisher61
Seth Foster61
Asa Francis62
Stephen Freeman62
Warren French62
Abraham Fuller62
Isaac Fuller62
Isaac Fuller, 2nd62
John Fuller62
Samuel Fuller62
Frank Gibbs63
Jacob Gibbs62
John Gibbs63
Jonathan Goding63
Jonathan Goding, Jr.62
Luke Goding63
Spincer Goding - perhaps meant Spencer Goding63
Joshua Graves63
Levi Grey62
Hezekiah Griffith62
John Griffith62
John Griffith, Jr.62
Seth Gurney62
Francis F. Haines63
William Haines63
John Hains64
Peter Hains63
Elijah Hall63
John Hall64
Kilah Hall - not sure of given name64
Isaac Hamlin64
John W. Hardy64
Ebenezer Harman64
Samuel Harman64
Simon Harmon64
Jacob Haskell63
Thomas Haskell64
Baley Hathaway63
Gilbert Hathaway63
John Hays64
Robert Hays64
Rufus Hewet64
Moses Hillman64
Tristum Hillman - presumably Tristram Hillman64
Ebenezer Hinds64
Ebenezer Hinds, Jr.63
Principle Hinds63
David Hinkley63
Amos Hobbs63
Josiah Hobbs63
Abraham Hodgdon64
Elizabeth Holman63
James Hosley64
Joseph Hosley63
Charles Howard64
Perez Howard64
Simeon Howard64
Sally Humphry64
Lewis Huntoon63
Joseph Jackson64
Apollos Jones65
Sylvester Jones65
Daniel Judkins65
Ebenezar Keith65
Alpheus Kendall65
Jesse Kidder65
Alexander Kingcade65
Elisha Kinney65
Ebenezar Knight65
Stacy Knock - middle initial possibly D - possibly Stacy D. Knox65
Jeremiah Knox65
Joseph Lake66
Thomas Leadbitter65
Mary Learned66
John Leavitt65
Joseph Leavitt65
Rouse H. Leavitt66
Daniel W. Libby66
Jonathan Libey65
Isaac Livermore65
Samuel Livermore65
Thomas Lord66
Cyrus Lothrop66
John Lovejoy65
Isaac Lovwell66
Asa Luce65
Francis Lyford66
Joseph Lyford65
Joseph M. Lyford66
Nathaniel Lyford66
Oliver S. Lyford66
Samuel Lyford65
Theodore Marstin67
Isaac Marston67
Benjamin Merrill66
Jonathan Merrill66
Joseph Merrill67
Levi Merrill67
Richard Merrill67
Samuel Merrill67
Richard Merrit66
John S. Merritt67
Melzer Mitchell67
Joseph Morrell67
William Morrill67
James Morrison67
Samuel Morrison67
William Morrison67
David Morse66
David Morse, Jr.66
Elias Morse67
Elijah Morse67
Henry Morse67
Horace Morse67
Jonathan Morse67
Moses Morse67
David Moulton67
Abel Munroe66
Abijah Munroe66
Isaac Munroe66
John Munroe66
Elias Nelson67
Samuel Norris68
WIlliam Norris67
Heber Norton68
James Norton68
Jethrow Norton68
Ransom Norton68
Zebulon Norton68
Manson Packard - not sure of surname68
Moses Page68
Benjamin Park68
Alfred Parker68
Phebe Parker68
Ebenezer Parlee - not sure of surname69
Israel Paul68
Sarah Pearpoint68
? Perham - smeared - not sure of either name; given might be Bryton69
Amos Perley69
Nathaniel Perley - not sure of surname68
Elisha Pettingill - smeared, not sure of either name69
Micah Philbrick68
Stephen Philbrick68
Edmon Philips68
Zeri Pike68
Ebenezer Pitts68
Philip Pitts68
Stephen Polard68
Ephraim Prey68
Otis Prey68
Samuel Randall69
David Read69
Isaac Record69
Thomas Rich69
Samuel Richardson69
Daniel Rickards69
West Robertson69
Zebedee Rose69
Abijah Rowell69
John Sanders70
William Sanders69
Abijah Sawin70
Samuel Sawin70
Samuel Sawin, Jr.71
Medad Sawtell70
Ebenezer Scofield70
Richard Scofield71
Leonard Shaw71
Edward Shepherd70
Jeremiah Sias71
John Sias71
William Sias 70
Elisha Smith70
Jesse Smith70
John Smith71
Josiah Smith70
Laban Smith70
Nathaniel Smith71
Aron Snelling70
Alexander Soper70
Alexander Soper, Jr.70
Elli Soper70
Gad Soper70
Nathaniel Soper70
Nathan Soul69
David Springer - middle initial F. or T.70
Nathaniel Springer70
Daniel Staples69
Elijah Stephens69
Solomon Stinchfield70
William Stinchfield69
Jesse Stone - smeared - not sure of surname69
Hastings Strickland70
William Swett70
Charles Swift69
Nathaniel Swift69
Benjamin Thombs - not sure of surname71
Ira Thompson71
William Thompson - smeared surname71
Robert Tilson71
Tristum Tilton71
Ward Tilton71
James Timberlaik71
Abiah Turner, Jr. - or perhaps Abial or Uriah71
Ebenezer Turner71
John Turner71
Jesse Wadsworth72
Ebenezer Wait - smeared - not sure of surname72
Dexter Walker72
Elijah Walker72
James Walker, Jr. 72
Jason Walker72
Mary Walker72
Benjamin Walton or Watton - "t" goes through both letters71
Ephraim Walton72
Josiah Ware72
David Washburn71
Israel Washburn71
Simeon Waters72
Elijah Wellington72
Walter Wells71
Jonas Weston73
Henry White72
Ebenezer Whitemore72
David Whitman71
Adam Wilber - not sure of given name - faint72
Obed Wing72
Reuben Wing72
Scotto Wing72
Benjamin Winslow72
Gilbert Winslow72
John Winslow72
John Wyman72
Thomas Wyman72
William Wyre72
Benjamin S. Young73
John Young73
Moses Young73
Moses Young, 2nd73
Noah Young73


  1. Both Nathaniel Blackwell age 61 and James Campbell age 59 might have been great-great grandfathers, my James was married to Sarah McConkey and then a Malinda George.

    1. Glad you happened by! Thanks for the information on the wives.