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Bethel, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Bethel, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

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Changes since 1820: part set off to form Hanover in 1843; and a part of that town annexed in 1849

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Bethel in the 1820 Census: 1267 inhabitants

Enumerator: Joseph H. Wardwell

The enumeration of Bethel appears on Sheets 129- 138; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Household; Sheet Number

Aaron Abbot132
Jonathan Abbot132
Hesekiah Andrews129
Jeremiah Andrews129
William Andrews129
Sollomon Annas, Jr.133
Benjamin Annes132
James Annes132
Sollomon Annes132
Samuel Ayer130
John Barker135
Samuel Barker134
Samuel Barker, Jr.135
Asa Bartlet137
Barber Bartlet137
Ebenezer Bartlet129
Elhanan Bartlet137
Elias Bartlet129
Elijah Bartlet130
Freeborn Bartlet138
Moses Bartlet137
Perrigreen Bartlet137
Reuben Bartlet137
Stephen Bartlet137
Thadeus Bartlet130
William Bartlet129
Abiather Bean130
Daniel Bean132
Ebenezer Bean130
Ebenezer Bean135
Edmund Bean130
Elihue Bean135
Huldy Bean130
Jesse Bean135
John Bean137
Jonathan Bean130
Joshua Bean130
Josiah Bean130
Justis Bean132
Luther Bean129
Nathaniel Bean130
Timothy Bean130
William Bean129
James Beaty131
Micajah Blake132
Samuel B. Blake137
Marshal Bonney133
Hannah Brown133
Josiah Brown130
Robbins Brown133
Simeon Brown131
Jedediah Burbank134
William Burk133
James Capen133
Mary Capen133
Samuel Capen129
Timothy Capen131
George W. Carlton136
Timothy Carter131
John Case132
Edmund Chapman136
Samuel Chapman136
Timothy Chapman136
Merril Chase132
Amasa Clark134
Betsy Clark134
Jonathan Clark134
Norman Clark134
Walter W. Clark - not sure of surname136
Thomas Coffin132
Burry Colby133
George Crawford131
Jesse Cross133
James Cummings134
John Cushman132
Thomas Cushman132
William Dillano129
Jesse Duston137
John Y. Duston137
Ebenezer Eames137
Nathan Eames138
Jacob Ellenwood133
John Ellenwood136
Benjamin Estes129
Ebenezer Estes129
Edmund Estes137
Enoch Estes129
John Estes131
Peter Estes129
Richard Estes129
Stephen Estes129
William Estes132
Elisabeth Farwell131
William Farwell131
Nathan A. Foster131
Aaron Frost137
Enoch Frost133
Ephraim Frost131
Isaac Frost, Jr.131
Amoes Gage135
Daniel Gage135
Benjamin Goodnough136
Samuel Gossom130
Ebenezer Greenwood135
Harley Greenwood136
Holica Greenwood134
Joseph Greenwood134
Nathaniel Greenwood134
Nathaniel Greenwood, Jr.134
Thadeus Greenwood135
Daniel Grout132
Elias Grover134
Elie Grover135
Elie Grover, Jr.134
Elijah Grover135
George W. Grover138
Hannah Grover134
James Grover135
James Grover, Jr.134
Jedediah Grover134
John Grover138
Otis Grover135
Peter Grover134
Thomas Hardin134
Amoes Hastings137
John Hastings133
Timothy Hastings137
Amos Hill134
James Hodsdon138
Harmon Holt131
John Holt131
Joseph Holt131
Nehemiah Holt135
Precilla Holt133
Timothy A. Holt131
William Holt - not sure of surname136
Phineas Howard, Jr.129
Jozaniah N. Howe129
Roxania Howe136
Nason Ingals130
Samuel Ingals130
Bezaleel Kendal132
Asa Kimball130
Asa Kimball, Jr.130
Clark Kimball130
Israel Kimball131
Jacob Kimball130
Porter Kimball130
Samuel Kimball130
Asa King133
Thomas Leathers133
Israel Linnel129
Luther Look138
Nathan Marble131
Samuel Martin or Samuel Mastin136
Aaron Mason136
Charles Mason138
Daniel Mason131
Moses Mason136
Moses Mason, Jr.133
Walter Mason135
John McAlster133
Jonas D. Merriam131
John Merril137
James Mills135
John Mills135
Hesekiah Moody130
Paul Morse134
Perkins Moulton135
John Oliver133
William Oliver132
Ashley Paine - middle initial J. F. or T.; presumably Ashley James Paine134
Thomas N. Paine138
James M. Pote131
Arnold Powers129
Jonathan Powers137
Paul Powers129
Silas Powers138
Job Pratt130
Ebenezer Richardson136
Edward Richardson136
Oneil W. Robinson133
Samuel Robinson135
Caleb Rowe133
Ephraim Rowe136
Abraham Russell132
Chandler Russel137
Fletcher Russell132
Stephen Russel132
Theodore Russel132
William Russel132
William Russel, 3d132
William Russel, Jr.134
Edmund Seger138
Nathaniel Seger138
Henry Sewel133
Levie Shaw131
Urbon Shory130
Isaac Spafford129
James Sprague129
Stephen Sprague130
Willliam Staples138
Calvin Sterns134
Charles Sterns136
Isaac Sterns136
John Sterns134
Joseph Sterns134
Theodore Sterns136
Thomas Sterns136
John Stevens130
Alpheus Swan131
Elijah Swan132
Foxwell Swan132
James Swan131
Nathaniel Swan131
Nathaniel Swan137
Benjamin Sweat129
Isaac Town135
Asa Twitchel133
Curatia Twitchel136
Cyrus Twitchel136
Elie Twitchel137
Elie Twitchel, Jr.136
Ezra Twitchel137
Ezra Twitchel, Jr.137
Hannah Twitchell136
Joseph Twitchel133
Martha Twitchel133
Peter Twitchel135
Simeon Twitchel136
Sylvanus Twitchel133
Thadeus Twitchel136
Isaac Twomby129
Samuel Tyler132
Jeremiah Virgin133
John Walker132
John Walker, Jr.133
Daniel Watson136
Benjamin Wheeler135
Daniel Wheeler135
James Wheeler135
Johnathan Wheeler134
Joseph Wheeler135
Joseph Wheeler, Jr.135
John Williamson131
Adam Willis137
Jonas Willis137
Isaac York131
Job York129
John York131
John York137
Peter York137

Bethel, Maine, in 2020

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