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Fryeburg, Maine, in the 1820 Census

 Fryeburg, Maine, in the 1820 Census.  Includes "Fryeburg Addition" found many Sheets later.

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Changes since 1820:
  • portion known as "Texas", in Fryeburg and Denmark, set off to Bridgton in 1847

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Fryeburg in the 1820 Census: 1057 inhabitants on Sheets 169-177*, with an additional 129 inhabitants tallied on Sheets 209 and 210 for Fryeburg Addition.  

* The total, at the bottom of Sheet 177, is cut off in the image provided by a free online service; the figure 1057 comes from an image of the same sheet in a subscription service.]

Enumerator: Thomas Webster

The enumeration of Fryeburg appears on Sheets 169-177; with the addition of Sheets 209 and 210 for "Fryeburg Addition"; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Just to be sure that Fryeburg and Fryeburg Addition aren't two separate communities, the two lists appear separately.  Be sure to check both lists for your ancestor.

Heads of Household; Sheet Numbers 169-177
Asa Abbot174
Caleb Abbot174
Isaac Abbot175
Abraham Andrews, Jr.175
James Atwood173
Daniel Babb172
David L. Ballard174
Uriah Ballard169
John Barker173
Richard Barker169
Reuel Barrows175
Josiah Batchelder176
Joseph Bemis173
Thaddeus Bemis177
William Bennett172
David Bradley173
John Bradley175
Robert Bradley173
Joseph Butterfield171
Samuel F. Carter170
Daniel Chandler169
John Chandler169
Joseph Chandler177
Moses Chandler175
Isaac Charles176
James Charles175
John Charles176
Peter Charles177
Russell Charles174
Samuel Charles170
Simeon Charles174
John S. Chase173
Josiah Chase171
Seth Chase - middle initial appears as S; could be P or ?173
Stephen Chase173
Thomas Chase174
Daniel Clement176
Joseph Colby170
Robert Colby175
George Cole170
Amos Jones Cook177
Judah Dana174
George Davidson173
Benjamin Day171
Daniel Day171
Moses Day177
Thomas Day169
Elizabeth Dresser176
Peter Dresser174
Joshua Durgin175
Jeremiah H. Eastman173
Philip Eastman173
Solomon Eastman173
William Eaton177
Samuel Emerson174
John Evans171
William Evans169
Jacob Farrington171
John Farrington, Jr.177
Philip Farrington171
Steven Farrington172
Vear R. Farrington172
Ebenezer Fessenden170
Ebenezer Fessenden, Jr.170
Joseph Fessenden177
Nancy Fessenden177
William Fessenden170
John Fifield171
Isaac Foye or Isaac Frye171
John H. Foye or John H. Frye172
Frederic Frye174
Isaac Frye or Isaac Foye171
John H. Frye or John H. Foye172
Joseph Frye177
Nathaniel Frye172
Richard Frye171
Joshua Gammage169
Joshua Gammage, Jr.177
Henry Gordon174
John Gordon174
John Gordon, Jr.174
Stephen Gordon174
Oliver Griswold170
Thomas Haley169
William Haley or William Hally170
William Halley or William Haley170
William Hapgood172
David Hardy170
Elbridge Harnden172
Barnes Hazeltine175
Bradbury Hill174
Thomas P. Hill173
William Holt, Jr.170
William Holt176
Apollo Howe176
Henry D. Hutchins175
Jeremiah Hutchins170
Nathaniel Hutchins175
Ebenezer Irish172
Stephen Irish172
William Johnston172
Eliphalet Knight174
Joseph Knight175
Moses Knight175
Oliver Knight174
Jesse Lewis171
Joseph Lewis176
Daniel McAllister177
Mary McCalley175
John McIntier171
Phinehas McIntier169
Robert McKeen177
Samuel McKeen169
Mehitable McMillan176
Moody M. Merrill171
Solomon More174
Abigail Osgood169
Henry Y. B. Osgood173
James Osgood169
Susanna Osgood177
Timothy Osgood173
Philip Page169
Robert Page175
David Pattee170
Job Pike - middle initial K or H - possibly Job Knight Pike172
John Pike172
Daniel Pilsbury170
Joseph Quimby176
James W. Ripley173
William Russell176
Joseph F. Sargent171
James Sawyer172
Samuel Sawyer172
Edmond Shirley172
Jonathan Shirley169
William Shirley169
Jacob Smith172
Thomas Smith175
Samuel Souther169
John Stanley173
Ebenezer Stevens176
John Stevens, Jr.170
Samuel Stevens176
Jeremiah Stickney175
Davis Stiles172
Joseph F. Swan170
Benjamin Walker175
Charles Walker170
James Walker171
Nathaniel Walker170
Peter Walker171
Samuel Walker177
Jonathan Ward169
Gilbert Warren171
Isaiah Warren169
Edward Weston176
Ephraim Weston176
Almon Whiting176
America Wiley176
Benjamin Wiley177
George Wiley or George Willy171
George Willy or George Wiley171
John Wiley176
Benjamin Woodman173
Abiel Wyman177

Heads of Household for "Fryeburg Addition", Sheets 209 and 210
James Abbot - a mark after his name, either Jr. or a smear210
Micah Abbot210
Moses Abbot210
Simeon Abbot210
John Farrington210
Samuel Farrington210
Stephen Farrington, Jr.209
Thomas Farrington210
Jonathan F. Fifield210
George Gordon209
William Gordon209
Amos Hastings, Jr.209
Samuel D. Huntress209
Andrew Johnson210
Andrew Johnson, Jr.210
Stephen Johnson210
John Walker, Jr.209
Samuel Walker, 3d210
Oliver Whiting210
William Wiley or William Willy210
William Willy or William Wiley210

Fryeburg, Maine, in 2020

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