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Paris, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Paris, Maine, in the 1820 Census

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Changes since 1820:
  • 3 lots set off to Norway in 1859 and partially reannexed in 1861
  • 2 lots annexed from Woodstock in 1825 and another in 1827, partly returned to Woodstock, with another piece, in 1841; a portion of the piece that was annexed in 1827, and subsequently returned, was again annexed in 1880
  • half lot set off to Oxford in 1838
  • part of Buckfield annexed in 1928
  • portion set off in 1957 to form town of West Paris

Enumerated population of Paris in the 1820 Census: Free Whites - 1888; Free Blacks - 6; Total 1894; 520 engaged in agriculture

Enumerator: Levi Hubbard

The enumeration of Paris consists of all or parts of Sheets 24-41 use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings; be prepared to check over the entire list for the person you're researching, as different spellings may have affected alphabetization.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; Sheet Number

Abiezer Andrews38-39
Alpert Andrews - possibly Albert Andrews28-29
David Andrews34-35
Edward Andrews38-39
John Andrews32-33
Asa Barrows38-39
Levi Rawson38-39
Allen Bartlett34-35
Amos Bartlett26-27
Josiah Bartlett36-37
Asa Barton24-25
Abijah Bates38-39
Asa Beane, Jr.32-33
Daniel Becklar26-27
David Bemis32-33
Jonathan Bemis24-25
Catharine Benson24-25
Joseph Benson40-41
Seth Benson34-35
Otis Bent34-35
William Bent34-35
George Berry36-37
Levi Berry36-37
William Berry36-37
Anthony Bessee32-33
John Bessee30-31
John Bessee, Jr.30-31
Joseph Bessee30-31
Warren Bessee30-31
Mary Bisco38-39
Richard Blake30-31
Stephen Blake28-29
Abraham Bolster28-29
David Bolster32-33
Isaac Bolster28-29
Isaac Bolster28-29
John Bonney28-29
James Bowker30-31
Alanson Briggs32-33
Jessee Briggs32-33
Simeon Briggs28-29
Thomas Briggs38-39
Luther Britt26-27
Martin Britt26-27
Rufus Britt30-31
Josiah Brown24-25
Amos Bryant30-31
Aradas Bryant28-29
Joseph Bryant28-29
Solomon Bryant26-27
Austin Buck26-27
Nathaniel Bumpus30-31
Phillip Caldwell28-29
John Carpenter26-27
Joshua Carpenter24-25
Sara Carpenter24-25
Ebenezer Cary40-41
Benjamin Chandler24-25
Josiah Chandler34-35
Reuben Chandler34-35
Peter Chase34-35
Thomas Chase24-25
Timothy Chase34-35
Nicholas Chesley32-33
Samuel Chesley32-33
Simeon Chipman26-27
Benjamin Chisley32-33
Ellis Churchell38-39
Perez Churchill30-31
Sprague Churchill32-33
Thomas Clerk24-25
David Clifford28-29
Nathan Cloutman28-29
Solomon Cloutman26-27
Jonathan Colbourn38-39
Calvin Cole32-33
Gasham Cole30-31
Jonathan Con36-37
Benjamin Cooper32-33
John G. Crafford; presumably John G. Crawford38-39
Thomas Crocker24-25
Daniel Cummings32-33
Isaac Cummings36-37
Jesse Cummings24-25
Jonas Cummings24-25
Jonathan Cummings24-25
Simeon Cummings24-25
Daniel Curtis36-37
Bartholomy Cushman30-31
Caleb Cushman36-37
Ebenezer Cushman30-31
Ebenezer Cushman38-39
Levi Cushman30-31
David Daniels28-29
Ebenezer Daniels28-29
James Daniels28-29
John Daniels28-29
John Daniels, Jr.28-29
Joseph Daniels32-33
Edmond Dean34-35
Edmond Dean, Jr.36-37
Noah Dean36-37
John Deering36-37
Samuel Deering36-37
Ebenezer Drake34-35
David Dudley36-37
Asa Dunham34-35
Eleazer Dunham36-37
Sebre Dunham36-37
Daniel Dunn38-39
David Durall28-29
Peter Durall32-33
Barzilla Dwelly32-33
Stephen Emory24-25
Isaac Estis36-37
Thomas Farrar32-33
Barnabas Faunce38-39
Galan Field34-35
Zebeon Fields34-35
Reuben Flavour32-33
Billing Fobes26-27
Daniel Fobes26-27
John Fogg34-35
Lewis Follet38-39
Jacob French38-39
Aaron Fuller34-35
Aaron Fuller, Jr.34-35
Caleb Fuller34-35
Isaiah Fuller40-41
Mark Furnal38-39
Moses Gammon28-29
Alpert Gates or Algert Gates, but perhaps Albert Gates28-29
Ebenezer A. Goss36-37
Gustavus A. Goss36-37
Abel Gossom34-35
John Gray38-39
Nathaniel Green26-27
Richard Green24-25
Ozen Gurney34-35
Samuel Gurney28-29
Abijah Hall28-29
Abijah Hall, Jr.26-27
Cyprian Hall26-27
Fradrick Hall28-29
Haven Hall30-31
Solomon Hall24-25
Cyrus Hamblin24-25
Benjamin Hammon30-31
Joseph Hammon30-31
Moses Hammon24-25
Samuel Hammon38-39
James Hanna40-41
Amariah Harris34-35
Hiram Hathaway26-27
Lazarus Hathaway32-33
Lazarus Hathway, Jr.34-35
Elexander Hill32-33
Henry Hill32-33
Thomas Hill26-27
Thomas Hill, Jr.28-29
Moses Hodgdon26-27
James Hooper26-27
Joseph Horsley34-35
Jacob Howe38-39
Levi Hubbard24-25
Russell Hubbard24-25
Joseph Irish36-37
Benjamin Jackson36-37
Calvin Jackson30-31
Jacob Jackson30-31
Joseph Jackson24-25
Josiah Jackson28-29
Lemuel Jackson36-37
Susan Jackson24-25
Sylvanas Jackson36-37
Tammy Jackson24-25
George King or George Ring26-27
Samuel King30-31
Asahel Kinsley30-31
Asaph Kittredge24-25
Edmond Knight28-29
Isaac Knight28-29
Isaac Knight, 2nd32-33
James Labarron32-33
Jacob Labroke38-39
Luther Lambert32-33
Francis Lane - not sure of given name40-41
Isaac Lane34-35
Samuel Larrabee36-37
Stephen Latham32-33
William Lethbridge30-31
Mary Libey38-39
Joseph Linsey24-25
Isaac Mann24-25
Nathan Marshal34-35
Silas Maxwell30-31
Daniel Maycumber24-25
McAllester - apparently no given name or MC Allester38-39
Alanson Mellen24-25
Isaac Merrill30-31
Jeremiah Merrill34-35
John Merrill34-35
Joseph Merrill34-35
William Merrill30-31
William Mixter or Miseter28-29
Seth Morse26-27
Seth Morse, Jr.32-33
Daniel Noble26-27
John Noyes38-39
Dennis Obrian40-41
Stephen Paine34-35
Elias Partridge26-27
Joseph Penley40-41
Asa Perry26-27
Caleb Perry34-35
Job Perry38-39
Joseph Perry32-33
Henry R. Persons26-27
Simeon Pirkins26-27
Daniel Pond34-35
Simeon Pond34-35
Charles Porter36-37
John Porter36-37
Benjamin Pratt32-33
Calvin Pratt38-39
Luther Pratt38-39
Nathaniel Pratt38-39
Abraham Pray24-25
Caleb Prentice30-31
Henry Prentice40-41
Dareus Prince26-27
David Rand38-39
Abner Rawson24-25
Artimus Rawson36-37
Ebenezer Rawson or Ebenezer Dawson32-33
Emmor Rawson36-37
Samuel Rawson24-25
John Rial32-33
John Rice36-37
Jacob Richards or Rickards or ?30-31
George Ring or George King26-27
Ransom Ripley28-29
Uriah Ripley26-27
Uriah Ripley, Jr.30-31
Sylvanas Robins38-39
Asa Robinson28-29
Joel Robinson28-29
Stephen Robinson28-29
Susan Robinson36-37
Jonathan Rowe36-37
Nathaniel Russell30-31
Abigail Ryerson26-27
George Ryerson24-25
Luke Ryerson26-27
William Ryerson26-27
Gilbert Shaw30-31
Javis Shaw36-37
Orin Shaw36-37
Solomon Shaw30-31
Alvin Shirtlief - not sure of surname30-31
Jonathan Shirtlief32-33
Isaac Smith30-31
Josiah Smith28-29
Josiah Smith, Jr.28-29
Nicholas Smith24-25
Nicholas Smith, Jr.24-25
Timothy Smith38-39
Mary Staples24-25
Samuel Stearnes34-35
William Stearnes34-35
Eleazer Stephens34-35
Cyprian Stevens26-27
Sally Stevens - not sure of surname, partially obscured32-33
Daniel Stowell28-29
Daniel Stowell, Jr.28-29
Elias Stowell26-27
Rufus Stowell26-27
William Stowell30-31
Joseph Sturdavant30-31
Joseph Sturdavant, Jr.30-31
John Stutson32-33
Caleb Swift36-37
John Swift36-37
Joseph Swift32-33
Abiather Tewell40-41
Ebenezer Tewell40-41
John Thurstin28-29
Isaac Titcomb40-41
Adna Triboo30-31
John Tuttle30-31
David Twitchell26-27
Jacob Twitchell32-33
Moses Twitchell26-27
John Valintine26-27
Micah Walker38-39
William Walker38-39
Benjamin Walton or Watton32-33
Simeon Walton or Watton38-39
Abijah Warren38-39
William Warren38-39
Stephen Washbourn34-35
Stephen Washbourn, Jr.34-35
Samuel P. Weeks28-29
John Weston26-27
Isaiah Whitamore36-37
John Whitehead32-33
William Whittemore38-39
Hannah Willis24-25
Isaiah Willis36-37
Patience Willis24-25
Bela Wiman38-39
Martha Winship34-35
Jacob Winslow38-39
William C. Witham36-37
Randal York36-37
Nathaniel Young, Jr.26-27

Paris, Maine, in 2019

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