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Jay, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then in Oxford County; as of 1838 in Franklin County)

Jay, Maine, in the 1820 Census; then in Oxford County; as of 1838 in Franklin County

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Changes since 1820:
  • land set off to form Canton in 1821; part of that returned to Jay in 1823 and then returned to Canton in 1825
  • other parts of Canton annexed in 1824 and 1831

Enumerated population of Jay in the 1820 Census: 1614 inhabitants

Enumerator: Timothy Howe

The enumeration of Jay consists of Sheets 84-96; use the arrow at top left to page forward.  Two sheets were not scanned properly; names of heads of households on those sheets were obtained from a subscription site.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings; be prepared to check over the entire list for the person you're researching, as different spellings may have affected alphabetization.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; Sheet Number
John Abbot84
Abraham Adams84
Joseph Adams84
Alexander Alden84
Joseph Alden84
Silas Alden84
Aron Allen84
Stephen Allen84
Thomas Allen84
Thomas Allen, Jr.84
Abiathar Austin84
Abiathar Austin, 2nd84
Daniel Austin84
Joel Austin84
Peter Austin84
John Axtell84
Josiah Bacon85
Peter Bartlett85
Solomon Bartlett85
Ebenezer Basford85
Benjamin Bean85
Israel Bean85
James Bean85
Jeremy Bean85
Mehetable Bean84
Reuben Bean85
Sally Bean84
Samuel Bean85
Henry Bell86
Josiah Bennet84
Asa Benson85
Hosea Benson84
Daniel Blasdell85
Daniel Blasdell, Jr.85
Ivri Blasdell - presumably Ivory Blasdell (abt 1794-1859)85
John D. Blasdell85
Mehetable Blasdell85
Ralph Blasdell85
Joshua Bond85
Simeon Bret85
Aron Brown84
Joseph Brown85
Lewis Bryent86
Timothy Bryent86
Uriah Capen86
James Carver86
Alanson Cary86
Jacob Chandler86
William Chase86
William Chenery86
Daniel Child or Childs86
Daniel Child86
Howland Child86
Thadeus Churchell87
Hannah Clark87
John Clark87
Samuel Cole87
Martin Conant87
Jesse Cooledge87
Joseph Cooledge86
Joseph Cooledge, Jr.86
Hadasah Crafts86
John Crafts86
Joseph Crafts86
Nathan Crafts86
Rhoda Crafts86
Samuel Crafts86
John Darling87
Alexander Dascomb87
Thomas Dascomb87
Caleb Delano87
Fuller Dike87
Nathaniel Dike87
Joshua Dunn87
Timothy Eastman87
Zephaniah Edy87
Philip Ellis87
Martin Ellis88
George Washington Eustice87
Samuel W. Eustice87
William Eustice87
Mercy Fenno88
Jabez Ferrington88
Ithemar Finney88
Samuel Foss88
John Foster88
Bethiah Freeman88
Nancy French88
William French88
William French, Jr.88
Charles Fuller88
Ezra Fuller88
Hilton Fuller88
John Fuller88
Joseph Fuller88
Oliver Fuller88
Thomas Fuller88
Thomas Fuller, Jr.88
William G? - possibly William Goding89
Palatiah Gibbs89
Isaac Goding89
Jonas Goding88
Jonas Goding, 2nd88
Peter Goding89
William G?, possibly William Goding;89
Uriah H. Gray89
Reuben Gross89
William Gross89
David Hagar89
Keziah Hammond; very faint89
Thomas Hanniford89
Ivri Harlow - presumably Ivory Harlow89
William Harlow89
Abial Harris90
Gilbert Hathaway89
Henery Hawkins90
Elisha Hayden89
Gustavus Hayford90
Zeri Hayford90
James Hill90
Samuel Hill90
Ruel Hinkley90
Cornelius Holand89
Daniel Holand or Daniel Hoband90
Joseph Holand89
Samuel Holand90
Daniel Howard90
Joel Howard89
Beriah Howland; middle initial G or J90
Ebenezer Humphrey89
Israel Humphrey90
Timothy Huntress90
Joseph Hyde89
Sebes Hyde89
Nathaniel Jackson90
Nathaniel Jackson, Jr.90
Samuel Jackson90
Samuel Jewet90
Richard ? - possibly Richard Knock90
Ebenezer Keyes90
Elisha Keyes90
James Knock90
Richard Knock - not sure of surname, but there was a Richard Knock90
Luke Leach - very faint so not sure of either name91
John Lake - not sure of surname; smeared, but there was a John Lake91
Ariel Lamkin - not sure of surname91
Elijah Lathrop91
Jacob Lathrop91
Peter Laurence91
Joseph Lawrence91
Jacob Leach91
Luke Leach - very faint so not sure of either name, but there was a Luke Leach91
Margerete Leach91
Royal Leach91
Henry Leeman91
Moses Loker - not sure of surname91
Jacob Ludden91
John B. Ludden91
Joseph Macumber91
Thomas Macumber91
Winchester Macumber91
Thomas McColister91
Isaac Mehuren92
Daniel Merrill or Merritt92
Moses Meserve91
Asa Moore92
John Morse92
Nathan Morse92
Solomon Nash92
Nehemiah Noles92
Silas Noles or Noyse92
Enoch Noyse92
Silas Noyse or Silas Noles92
Stillman Noyse92
Zachariah ? - possibly Zachariah Pike93
Moses Pain92
Solomon Pain92
Sylvanue Pain - not sure of surname92
Thatcher Pain92
Thatcher Pain, Jr.92
Thomas Pain92
Hannah Parker - not sure of surname92
Isaac Parkhurst92
John Parsons93
Richard Peabody92
? Peterson - possibly Patience Peterson or Patrick Peterson93
Benjamin Peterson93
John Peterson93
Hezekiah Pike93
John Pike93
Zachariah ? - possibly Zachariah Pike93
Betsey Porter92
Moor Powers - presumably Moore Powers93
Timothy Pratt92
John ? - surname smeared, but starts with R93
? R? - both given name and surname are smeared; given name ends in "n"94
Daniel Reynolds93
Simeon Reynolds93
? Richardson; perhaps Jona for Jonathan Richardson93
Edward Richardson93
Edward Richardson, Jr.93
Ezekiel Richardson - surname smeared93
John Roach93
Isaac Robertson93
Stephen Rollings93
Luther Ross - not sure of surname93
Daniel Rowell93
? - given name perhaps Allen; surname appears to start with "Sta"94
Daniel Shackley94
Susanna Shackley94
John Simmons94
Samuel Simmons94
Samuel Small94
Elijah Soul94
James Starr94
James Starr, Jr.94
Jeremiah Stephens94
Jeremiah Stephens, Jr.94
Elijah Stone94
Moses Stone94
Jacob Strout94
Joseph Strout94
Joshua Strout94
Bela Townsend - not sure of surname94
Ezekiel ?; surname starts with T94
James Tailor95
Benjamin Tainter - not sure of surname95
Samuel Tainter95
Elisha Thomas94
Alexander Thompson95
Galen Thompson95
Ira Thompson95
Thomas Thorn94
Bela Townsend - not sure of surname94
Enos Turner95
Jonathan Walton96
Benjamin Warner95
Jonathan Warner95
Marshall Warren96
Moses Warren95
Ebenezer West96
Isaac West95
Timothy West95
Dominicus Weymouth96
Francis White96
Jedediah White95
Jedediah White, Jr.95
Joel White96
Arnold Whitemore96
Martin Whitemore96
Sophia Whitney95
Goan Willson95
Mark Willson95
Samuel Winslow95
Thomas Winslow96
Thomas Winthrop96
Abel Wood95
Timothy Wood96
Oliver Wright95
Robert Wyley96
William Wyman96
Benjamin York96

Jay, Maine, in 2019; has been in Franklin County since 1838


  1. Bela Townsend is correct. He is one of my connections for the DAR.