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Norway, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Norway, Maine, in the 1820 Census

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Changes since 1820:
  • Rust's Gore, also known as Phillips Gore, annexed in 1821
  • 3 lots in Paris annexed in 1859; partially returned in 1861

Enumerated population of Norway in the 1820 Census: 1330 inhabitants
Enumerator: Levi Hubbard

The enumeration of Norway consists of all or parts of Sheets 40-51; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings; be prepared to check over the entire list for the person you're researching, as different spellings may have affected alphabetization.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; Sheet Number

Elisha Allen42-43
Elisha Allen48-49
Baker Ames40-41
Samuel Ames40-41
Moses Ayers42-43
Jacob Bancroft44-45
Polly Bancroft46-47
Icabod Bartlett40-41
Malachi Bartlett46-47
Rufus Bartlett48-49
Sylvanas Bartlett46-47
Ezra F. Beals 42-43
Isaac Bennit46-47
Nathaniel Bennit46-47
John Bird42-43
Josiah Blanchard42-43
Bailey Bodwell48-49
Alvin Boyden46-47
Adam Bradbury46-47
Joseph Bradbury50-51
Abram Briant46-47
Ephraim Briggs50-51
James Buck48-49
Jerid Buck46-47
Peter Buck50-51
Joseph Cammon - possibly Gammon48-49
John Case44-45
William Churchill42-43
Charles Cleves50-51
Cyrus Cobb48-49
Ebenezer Cobb48-49
Isaac Cobb46-47
William Colwell46-47
William Corson50-51
William Cox40-41
Sophi Creary or Sophi Creasy42-43
Ephraim Crocket46-47
James Crocket46-47
Joshua Crocket46-47
Lewis Crocket42-43
Daniel Cumming42-43
Joanna Cumming42-43
Amos Cummings48-49
Joseph Daley46-47
Thomas Davis46-47
Benjamin Eastman48-49
Job Eastman48-49
John Everitt50-51
Peter Everitt, Jr.48-49
Alijah Flint44-45
Benjamin Flint44-45
James Flint48-49
Nathan Foster42-43
Nathan Foster, Jr.42-43
William Foy, or William Toy46-47
Levi Frank46-47
Benjamin French44-45
James French44-45
John French50-51
Jacob Frost44-45
Joel Frost44-45
John Frost50-51
Peter Frost50-51
Zephaniah Frost44-45
Benjamin Fuller44-45
Joseph Gallison40-41
Joseph Cammon - possibly Gammon48-49
Samuel Gordon48-49
David Gorham50-51
Stephen Greenlief42-43
Abijah Hall48-49
David S. Hall48-49
Hatevil Hall44-45
Isaiah Hall48-49
Jonathan Hall48-49
Thomas Hall48-49
Benjamin Herren50-51
Benjamin Herren, Jr.50-51
Asa Hicks40-41
Consider Hill46-47
Josiah Hill50-51
Reuben Hill50-51
Robinson Hobb48-49
Amos Hobbs42-43
Anna Hobbs42-43
Jeremiah Hobbs42-43
Jerimiah Hobbs, Jr.50-51
William Hobbs50-51
Daniel Holt40-41
Darias Holt42-43
Uriah Holt42-43
John Horr - not sure of surname42-43
Moses Houghton48-49
Samuel Howe42-43
Thomas Jedkins48-49
Benjamin Jenkins50-51
Cad F. Jones44-45
Abraham Jordon - presumably Abraham Jordan46-47
Alijah Jordan46-47
Daniel Knight46-47
Enoch Knight46-47
John Knight46-47
Paul Lambard50-51
Matthew Lassell42-43
Daniel Leighton44-45
Samuel Lord50-51
William Lord50-51
Asa Lovejoy48-49
Enoch Lovejoy44-45
Frye Lovejoy44-45
Isaac Lovejoy50-51
Lemuel Lovejoy44-45
William M. Lovejoy50-51
Bracket Mastin - or Brackett Martin48-49
James M. Mastin - or James M. Martin50-51
Silas Meriam44-45
Edmond Merrill44-45
Enoch Merrill, Jr.44-45
John Merrill46-47
Israel Millet46-47
John Millet46-47
John Millet50-51
Nathaniel Millet50-51
Solomon Millet50-51
Elexander Mills48-49
Edward Mitchell40-41
Jerimiah Mitchell40-41
David Morse46-47
Nathan Morse46-47
John Needham44-45
Nathan Noble48-49
Simon Nobles44-45
Asa Noyes50-51
Bela Noyes42-43
Bela Noyes, Jr.48-49
David Noyes42-43
Ward Noyes44-45
John Odway40-41
Benjamin Peabody44-45
John Perry48-49
Jacob Persons50-51
John Persons50-51
William Persons50-51
William Pierce44-45
Charles Pike50-51
Dudley Pike50-51
Jacob Pike46-47
John Pike50-51
Hayt Pingree - perhaps Hoyt Pingree46-47
Hezekiah Pingree42-43
Samuel Pingree44-45
Stephen Pingree46-47
Stephen Pingree, Jr.44-45
William Pingree48-49
Thomas Pool46-47
William Pool46-47
Jonathan Pottle50-51
William Reed40-41
John Richards40-41
Increase Robinson40-41
John Robinson40-41
Benjamin Rowe50-51
Henry Rust40-41
John Rust40-41
Ruth Rust - not sure of given name40-41
Willis Samson48-49
Jonathan Saunders44-45
Aaron Shaeley40-41
Joseph Shaeley40-41
Samuel Shaeley50-51
John Shead44-45
Jonathan Shead44-45
Nathaniel P. Shead44-45
Silas Shead44-45
William Shead44-45
Joseph Small48-49
Daniel Smith42-43
Joshua Smith40-41
Martin Stetson42-43
Joseph Stevens42-43
Benjamin Stevens46-47
Joel Stevens48-49
Joel Stevens, Jr.48-49
Jonas Stevens42-43
Jonathan Stevens42-43
Joseph Stevens, 3d44-45
Abner Stubbs42-43
Amos Towne44-45
Daniel Towne42-43
Joel Towne44-45
Peter Towne48-49
William Toy, or William Foy46-47
Charles Tubbs46-47
Jacob Tubbs48-49
Samuel Tubbs48-49
Benjamin Tucker42-43
William Twombly48-49
Amos Upton44-45
Amos Upton, Jr.44-45
Michal Upton50-51
Daniel Watson48-49
Edward Wells42-43
Alijah Whiting46-47
Levi Whitman40-41
Ebenezer Whitmash50-51
John Whitmash42-43
Phinias Whitney44-45
Darias Wilkins42-43
Benjamin Witt48-49
John Witt46-47
Jonathan Woodman50-51
Daniel Young42-43
Nathaniel Young42-43
William Young42-43

Norway, Maine, in 2019

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