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Hartford, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Hartford, Maine, in the 1820 Census

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Changes since 1820:
  • part of Chandler's Gore annexed in 1834
  • land set off in 1838, 1839 and 1850 to Canton
  • 8 estates in "The Gore" set off in 1856 to Buckfield
  • more land set off to Buckfield in 1862

Enumerated population of Hartford in the 1820 Census: 1133 inhabitants

Enumerator: Timothy Howe

The enumeration of Hartford consists of Sheets 74-83; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

The enumerator used phonetic spellings; be prepared to check over the entire list for the person you're researching, as different spellings may have affected alphabetization.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households; Sheet Number

Daniel or David ? - surname possibly Burton, Barton or Baston75
Samuel Ferris or Farrow or ?76
Nathaniel Gammon - not sure of either name, very faint76
Solomon Shaw - not sure of surname, possibly Sloan81
Benjamin Allen74
Edmun Allen74
Nathaniel Allen74
Thomas Allen74
Thomas Allen, Jr.74
Samuel Alley or Samuel Allen74
Abel Ames74
John Ames, Jr.74
Joseph Ames74
William Banks75
Andrew Barrows74
? Barrows - given name very faint74
Reuben Bartlett74
? Bartlett - possibly Ira Bartlett or Ora Bartlett75
John Bartlett74
John Bartlett, Jr.74
Joseph Bartlett74
Nathaniel Bartlett74
Daniel or David ? - surname possibly Burton, Barton or Baston75
Robert Bates75
William Beard74
? Bicknell - given name faint; possibly Noah Bicknell75
James Bicknell75
Nathaniel Bicknell75
William Bicknell75
Hopestill Bisbee74
Edward Blake74
Noah Bosworth74
Solomon Briggs74
Simeon Brown74
Abijah Bryent75
James Bryent75
Daniel or David ? - surname possibly Burton, Barton or Baston75
George O. Chickering75
Joseph Child76
Christian Christianson75
Jabez Churchell75
Joab Churchell75
Joseph Churchell75
William Clark75
Jacob Cobb75
Lemuel Cole75
Edward Cox75
Moses Craft75
Josiah Cushman75
Wiliam Cushman75
Benjamin Dearborn76
Richard Dearborn76
Chandler Decoster76
Leonard Delano76
Paul Doton76
Silas Doton76
Cornelius Dunham76
Moses Dunham76
James Edgecomb76
Benjamin Ellis76
Perez Ellis76
Isaac Elwell - not sure of given name76
Samuel Ferris or Farrow or ?76
Samuel Ferris or Farrow or ?76
Moses Fletcher76
Nathaniel Fogg76
Harvey Fuller76
Isaac Fuller76
Isaac Fuller, Jr.76
Joseph Gammon77
Nathaniel Gammon - not sure of either name, very faint76
Samuel Gammon77
Thomas Gammon76
Joshua Glover77
Nathaniel Glover77
Solomon Goodell77
Seth Gurney77
Jonathan Harman78
Eli Hathaway78
Arvida Hayford77
Gad Hayford77
William Hayford77
William Hayford, Jr.77
Thadeus Hines77
Barzilla Hollis77
Joseph Hollis77
Nathan Hollis77
Nathan Hollis, Jr.77
Warren Hollis77
Caleb Holmes77
Eleazar Holmes77
Jonathan Holmes77
Jonathan Holmes, Jr.77
Barnebas Howard77
Daniel Hutchinson78
Edmun Irish78
Stephen Irish78
Freman Keen78
James Killbrith78
David Neland - presumably David Kneeland79
Abial Leach78
Isaac Leach78
Chisley Leighton78
Amasa Lucas78
Isaac S. Lucas78
Lazarus Lucas78
Willard Lucas78
David Marshall78
Walter Marshall78
John Mayson78
Jonathan McKenny78
Silas McKinny78
William Mellikin78
John Millet79
Zenas Mitchell - not sure of given name; smeared79
Moses Morrell78
Elisha Morton79
James Moulton79
John Moulton78
David Neland - presumably David Kneeland79
Ira Norton79
Edward Parker79
Joseph Parker79
Daniel Parsons79
David Parsons79
George Parsons79
Philmon Parsons79
Robert Pierce79
Sylvanus Poland79
Isaac Proctor79
Reuben Proctor79
Uriah Proctor79
James Putnam79
Joshua Ramsdell80
Sampson Read80
Charles Record80
Simon Record80
Adam Richardson80
Stephen Richardson80
James Ricker80
William Ripley79
Asa Robinson, Jr.79
Ephraim Russell80
James Russell79
Jeremiah Russell80
John Russell80
Solomon Russell80
Consider Sampson81
Moses Sampson81
Nathan Sampson81
Daniel Shaw80
? Shaw - possibly Joseph Shaw, Job Shaw or Joel Shaw80
Solomon Shaw - not sure of surname, possibly Sloan81
David Skinner81
Israel Smith81
Beza Soul80
Jonathan Soul81
Joseph Soul80
William Soul80
William Sparrow81
James Starbird80
James Starbird, Jr.80
Scammon Starbird81
Lemuel Stephens80
Sylvanus Stephens80
Elisha Stetson81
Tilson Stetson81
Samuel Stockwell80
Jonathan Stubbs81
Nathan Stubbs81
Josiah Swett81
Benjamin Thomas82
Daniel Thomas82
Jedediah Thomas82
Lemuel Thomas81
Nathaniel Thomas81
Samuel Thomas81
William Thomas82
Zebedee Thomas82
Cyrus Thompson82
John Thompson82
Jonathan Thompson82
Oaks Thompson82
Uzza Thompson - not sure of given name82
Stephen Thurlow81
John Tilson82
Josiah Tilson82
Ephram Tinkham81
Joseph Tobin82
Samuel Tobin81
Peter Tower82
Thomas Towne82
Osborn Trask82
Ephraim Waistcoat82
Joshua Waistcoat82
David Warren82
Ebenezer Washburn82
Martin Washburn83
Luther Whiting83
Charles Wood83
Heman Wood83
Rufus Woodsum83
Benjamin Young83
Ebenezer Young83
Isaac Young83
Job Young83
Richard Young83

Hartford, Maine, in 2019

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