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Hebron, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Hebron, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

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Changes since 1820: land set off to form Oxford in 1829

Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Hebron in the 1820 Census: 1727 inhabitants.

Enumerator: Samuel Parris

The enumeration of Hebron appears on Sheets 216-223; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

Some sheets do not show the Sheet number or the town's name, but they can be determined from context.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Head of Household; Sheet Number
? ? - name at bottom of sheet and mostly obliterated216
Isaac Abbot216
Abel Allen216
Samuel Allen216
Dean Andrews216
John Andrews216
Loved Andrews216
Benjamin Barrows217
Benjamin Barrows, 2d216
Eleanor Barrows216
Ephraim Barrows216
Jabesh Barrows - possibly Jabez Barrows (1786-1871)216
Joseph Barrows216
Nathaniel Barrows216
William Barrows216
Daniel Bartlett216
Flavel Bartlett216
Nathan Beale216
William Beale216
Alvan Bearce217
Asa Bearce217
Charles Bearce217
Daniel Bearce216
Enoch Bearce217
Gideon Bearce216
Isaac Bearce216
Levi Bearce216
Polly Bearce216
Rebecca Bearce217
Seth Bearce216
Caleb Benson216
Elnathan Benson217
Samuel Benson216
Cyrus Bicknell216
David Bicknell216
John Bicknell216
Rebecca Bicknell216
Paul Bowker216
Samuel Bridgham217
Samuel Bridgham, Jr.217
Samuel Brown216
George Bryant217
Ichabod Bryant216
Lucy Bryant216
Zebulon Bryant216
Calvin Bucknam216
Daniel Bullen216
Alden Bumpus217
Hannah Bumpus216
Morice Bumpus216
Samuel Bumpus216
Silas Bumpus216
William Bumpus216
John Burns216
John Caldwell217
William Caldwell217
Robert Carr217
Squier Caswell217
Zebulon Chadbourn217
Joshua Chipman217
William Chipman217
Sarah Churchill218
John Clifford217
Lewis Clock217
William Cobb217
Josiah Cole217
Benjamin Cox217
Rebecca Cox217
Samuel Craft or Crafts217
Samuel Crocket217
Lemuel Crooker218
Seth Crooker217
Ashley Curtis217
Ashley Curtis, Jr.217
Andrew Cushman217
Caleb Cushman217
Caleb Cushman, Jr.217
Gideon Cushman217
Gideon Cushman, Jr.217
Hosea Cushman217
Isaac Cushman217
Isaac Cushman, Jr.217
Joseph Cushman217
Nathaniel Cushman217
Zebedee Cushman217
Simeon Dannon - not sure of surname218
Simeon Dave218
Simeon Dave, Jr.218
Abraham Deane218
Abraham Deane, Jr.218
Henry C. Deane218
Jacob Deane218
Jacob Decoster218
Jacob Decoster, Jr.218
Rogers Decoster218
John Dow218
Alpheus Drake218
Ebenezer Drake218
Nathan Dudley218
Nathan Dudley, Jr.218
Ebenezer Dunham218
James Dunham218
James Dunham218
Thomas Dunham218
Joshua Dunn218
Hezekiah Faries - perhaps a variant of Farris, Ferris218
James Faries - perhaps a variant of Ferris, Farris218
William Faunce218
William Fogg218
Sumner French218
Barzillai Fuller218
Ira Fuller218
Jesse Fuller218
John Fuller218
Nathaniel Fuller218
Nathaniel Fuller, Jr.218
Robert Fuller218
Robert Fuller, Jr.218
Moses Gammon219
Wilmot Gammon218
John Gardner218
Jonathan Glover219
Joseph Glover219
John Greele or Greale - perhaps a variant of Greeley218
William Greel or Greal - perhaps a variant of Greeley218
Alexander Greenwood219
John Greenwood219
Lucy Greenwood219
Simon Greenwood219
Thomas Greenwood219
Reuben G. Griffin218
Jacob Gurney219
John M. Hack219
Isaac Ham219
Simeon W. Hawke219
John Herring219
Robert Hilborn219
Thomas Hilborn219
William Hill219
Jeremiah Hodgdon219
Henry Holbrook219
Bartlett Holmes219
Ebenezer Holmes219
James Holmes219
Alfred Hood219
Joseph Hutchinson219
Simeon Irish219
Samuel Jenkins219
Joshua Keen, 2d219
Joshua Keen, 2d219
Nathaniel Keen219
Seth Keen219
Snow Keen219
Samuel Littlefield219
Richard Lombard219
Asa Loring219
Percy Loring219
John Lovejoy219
Jonathan Lucas219
Joshua Lunt219
Henry Madock219
John Marshall220
Moses Marshall220
Robert Martin220
Ezekiel Merrill220
Giles Merrill220
Jabez Merrill220
Moses Merrill220
Joseph Mixer220
Elias Monk220
Charles Moody220
Elisha Moore219
Solomon Morgan220
James Morse219
Job Morton220
Richard Morton220
Thomas Morton220
Timothy Morton220
James Murdock220
Jonathan Muzzey220
Barnabas Myrick220
Stephen Myrick220
Nathan Nelson220
Nathan Nelson, Jr.220
Seth Nelson220
William Newman220
Elnathan Packard221
Ephraim Packard221
Lewis Packard221
Reuel Packard221
Samuel Parris [presumably the Enumerator]221
Ebenezer Perkins221
Isaiah Perkins220
Joseph Perkins220
Joseph Perkins, Jr.220
Luther Perkins220
Oliver Perkins220
Benjamin F. Perry220
Dan Perry220
James Perry220
Stephen Perry220
Robert Pike221
Samuel Pike221
William Pike220
David Poole221
Aberdeen Pratt220
Andrew Pratt220
Barnabas Pratt220
Benjamin Pratt220
Cyprian Pratt221
Josiah Pratt221
Ruth Pratt221
Stephen Pratt220
Thaddeus Pratt221
William Pratt221
Zebedee Pratt220
William Prince220
Judah Randall221
Andrew Record or Records221
Isaac Record or Records221
John Record or John Records221
John Record, Jr., or John Records, Jr.221
Percy Record or Percy Records221
Winslow Record or Records221
Benjamin Richards221
Eliab Richmond221
Samuel Rich221
Calvin Robbins221
Samuel Robinson221
Benjamin Rowe221
Dimmie D. Rowe - presumably Dimick Day Rowe221
John Rowe221
Joseph Rowe221
Joseph Rowe221
Nathan Rowe221
Samuel Rowe221
Simeon Rowe221
Zaccheus Rowe221
Abner Shaw222
Cyrus Shaw222
Joseph Smith221
James Soule221
James Soule, Jr.221
William Spaulding222
Andrew Staples222
David Staples222
Enoch Staples222
Simon Staples222
John Stedman221
William Stedman222
Eliphalet Sturtevant222
Francis Sturtevant222
Francis Sturtevant, Jr.222
Joseph Sturtevant222
Samuel Swift222
Lemuel Tarbox222
Jacob Tewksbury222
Isaac Thayer222
John Thayer222
Peter Thayer222
Elisha Thomas222
Daniel Thompson222
John Thompson222
John Tripp222
Shubael Tripp222
Elias Tubbs222
Adam Turner222
Alvan Turner222
Paul Twombly222
Isaac Warren222
Eli Washburn222
Isaac Washburn222
James Washburn223
Manassah Washburn222
Peleg Washburn223
Abel Webber222
David Webber223
John Wells223
Benjamin Whitehouse222
Calvin Whitman223
Daniel Whitney222
William C. Whitney222
Isaac Whittemore222
Isaac Whittemore223
Samuel Whittemore223
Samuel Whittemore, Jr.223
Seth Whittemore223
Jacob Willis223
Jesse Witham222
Ezra Wright222
Samuel Wright222
Samuel Wright, Jr.222
Jeremiah York223

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