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1907 Photograph of the Grand Jury Panel of Washington County, Maine

1907 photograph, measuring 5" by 7", of the members of the Grand Jury of Washington County, Maine, taken in front of the Calais Court House.

The names of the men appear on an accompanying paper, image below, but only as a list, not matching names to faces.

If you recognize any of these men from your family photographs or research, please leave a comment or contact me directly, in the hope that the men can eventually be identified by face.


Grand Jury for Washington County, Impanelled October Term, 1906.
Clement B. Donworth, County Attorney
Elisha T. Holbrook, Foreman, Vanceboro
Scott P. Bradish, Clerk, Eastport
George P. Bogue, East Machias
Earl L. Bridges, Pembroke
Jotham S. Buzzell, Cherryfield
George E. Carle, Princeton
George B. Gray, Robbinston
Samuel W. Hill, Machias
John L. Norton, Jonesport
Elden N. Palmer, Machiasport
Walter D. Ramsdell, Harrington
Lester C. Selwood, Perry
Edmund B. Sheahan, Dennysville
Nathaniel A. Smith, Edmunds
George Stanwood, Steuben
John F. Tracy, Addison
Robert B. Tyler, Calais
Fred E. Wallace, Talmadge
Frank Whalen, Lubec

This photograph was taken in front of the Court House at Calais, Wednesday, April 24, A.D. 1907.  Juror Bogue does not appear in the picture, he having been unable to attend Court at the April Term on account of sickness.

Some of the towns mentioned

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