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Buckfield, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Buckfield, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

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Note: the 1820 Census lists the names of heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of everyone in each household by age range and gender.

Enumerated population of Buckfield in the 1820 Census: 1501 inhabitants.

Enumerator: Samuel Parris

The enumeration of Buckfield appears on Sheets 232-238; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Head of Household; Sheet Number
Nathanial Alden232
Jacob Allen232
Joshua Allen232
Richard Anderson232
Percy Andrews opr Perez Andrews232
Samuel Andrews232
Ebenezer Austin232
Silas Austin232
Zebediah Austin232
Josiah Bailey232
Stephen Benson233
Obadiah Berry232
Thomas Berry233
William Berry232
John Bicknell, 3d233
John Bicknell, Jr.233
Rebecca Bicknell233
Ansel Bisbee232
James Bonney232
James Bowker232
Robert Bradman233
George Bridgham232
William Bridgham232
Daniel Briggs233
Nathaniel Briggs232
Daniel Brock232
John Brock232
John Brock, Jr.232
Polly Brock232
Samuel Brock232
William Brock232
Amos Brown232
Caleb Brown232
John Brown232
Samuel F. Brown232
David Bryant232
Levi Bryant or Lewis Bryant232
Pelham Bryant232
Abijah Buck232
Abijah Buck, Jr.232
Elisha Buck232
John Buck, 3d232
Jonathan Buck232
Moses Buck232
Nathaniel Buck232
Samuel Buck232
William Buck233
Jonathan Bullard233
William Campbell233
John Chaffin233
Daniel Chase233
Joseph Chase233
Nathaniel Chase233
Joseph Chesley233
Asaph Churchill233
Bela Churchill233
Jabez Churchill233
Shepard Churchill233
Sampson Cole233
William Cole233
Oliver Curtis233
Caleb Cushman233
Caleb Cushman233
Nathaniel Cushman233
Don D. Dagget233
Jonathan Damon233
Jonathan Damon, Jr.233
Joseph Damon233
Gershom Davis233
Joseph H. Davis233
Joshua Davis233
George Day233
Lewis Day233
Samuel Decoster233
Robert Delap233
Abial Drake233
John Drake233
Stephen Drew233
John Faries - perhaps a variant of Ferris or Farris234
Bela Farrar234
David Farrar234
Nathan Farrar234
Philip Farrar234
Daniel Faunce234
Thomas Faunce234
Samuel Fernald234
Arza Fobes234
Jonah Fobes234
Zadock Fobes234
Samuel Fogg234
Phebe Foster234
David Gammon234
Nathaniel Gammon234
Ira Gardner234
Jonathan Gardner234
Calvin Gelson234
Alva Gilbert - not sure of given name234
Samuel Gilbert234
Joseph Greenleaf234
Enoch Hall234
Jonah Hall234
Nathan Hall234
Noah Hall234
Ephraim Harlow234
Nathaniel Harlow234
Ephraim Hatheway234
Richard Hatheway234
Josiah Hines234
John Hodge234
Miles L. Holmes234
James Hussey234
Daniel Hutchinson234
Henry Hutchinson234
Samuel Hutchinson234
Stephen Hutchinson234
Nathaniel Ingalls234
Ebenezer Irish235
Elkanah Irish235
John Irish234
Silvanus Irish235
Thomas Irish235
Samuel Jenkins235
Benjamin Jordan235
Elijah Jordan235
Elijah Jordan, Jr.235
Josiah Keen235
Timothy Keith235
Abijah Lapham235
Barzillai Latham235
Joseph Lothrop235
Abraham Lathrop235
Nathaniel Leonard235
James Lewis235
Ebenezer Lincoln235
Thomas Long235
John Loring235
David Low235
David Low, Jr.235
Bezaleel Lucas235
Sarah Maxim235
John Mayhew235
Nathaniel Mayhew235
William Mayhew235
Daniel Merrill235
Giles Merrill235
Lydia Milliken235
Alfred Monk235
James Monk235
Lewis Monk235
Apollos Osgood235
Daniel Packard236
Eliphalet Packard235
Job Packard236
Moses Packard236
Josiah Parris235
Aaron Parsons236
Eleazar Parsons235
William Parsons235
Barnabas Perry235
James Perry236
Stephen Phelps235
Enoch Philbrook236
Job Prince235
Dominicus Record236
Oren Record236
Cyrus Records236
David Records236
David Records, Jr.236
Ezekiel Records236
Jonathan Records236
Jonathan Records, Jr.236
Simon Records236
Timothy Records236
Joseph Rice236
Mary Rice236
John Richardson236
Ephraim Ricker236
Tobias Ricker236
Tobias Ricker, Jr.236
George Robards236
Joseph Robbins236
Loami Robinson236
Levi Rogers236
Abner Rounds236
John Rounds236
Amos Shaw236
Caleb Shaw236
Jesse Shaw236
Jotham Shaw236
William Shaw236
George Smith237
Benjamin Spaulding236
Increase Spaulding236
Jonas Spaulding236
Leonard Spaulding236
Ichabod Spencer236
Larnard Swallow236
John Swett236
Jabez Taylor237
Richard Taylor237
Asa Thayer237
Esther Thayer237
John Thayer237
Levi Thayer237
James Thompson237
John Tobin237
Isaac Tucker237
Samuel Tucker237
Samuel Tucker, Jr.237
Jesse Turner237
Jesse Turner, Jr.237
Levi Turner 237
Luther Turner237
William Tuttle237
Richard Waldron237
Thomas Waldron237
John Walker237
Andrew Warren237
Edmund Warren237
John Warren237
James Waterman237
Thomas R. Waterman - not sure of middle initial237
Samuel Webb237
Simeon Wescott237
Jacob Whitman237
Joshua Whitman237
Amos Winslow237
Thomas Wood237
Benjamin Woodbury237
Collins Woodbury237
Benjamin Young237
Caleb Young237
Moses Young237

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